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Child/Tama: Abdulrahman. Teacher/ Kaiako: Naema.

Date: 17th September/ Mahuru 2018.

Abdulrahman Asalam-o-Alaikum, kia Ora your last story was about

how you have been developing the social skills and learning to respect
other children space and point of view. This is the start of your
developing relationship and you need to build friendship skills.
Therefore during the last few weeks we have been encouraging you to further develop the
strategies to play in a co-operative and creative manner. We have been scaffolding you to
gain more confidence in manipulating toys
alongside other children in a small group.
We also encouraged you to participate in
tidy-up so you could get familiar with centre

Abdulrahman on the last few occasions we

noticed that you had wonderful time
running around with Fareeha and sharing
giggles when you were on the swing and Fareeha came to give a push to the swing. You have
so much fun playing with her. I notice that you were quite when Fareeha did not came to
centre this week. However you developed interest in the yellow slide it gave you the
opportunity to find friends. You sat at the end of the slide and waited for someone to slide
down to push you while sliding down the slide. This act made you happy and you enjoyed it
big time, you giggle and got attention of other children. In last two days you had big
enjoyment as got along with Ayah. You both has so much fun playing on the slide climbing
up and sliding down many times.

Then you both start playing on the pole climbing the ladder and slipping down the pole. In
the meantime Arazu also got attracted while she was nearly started climbing the ladder you
moved her away not realizing she was also climbing the ladder. You were very excited and
quickly got up on the ladder and waited for Ayah. I draw your attention that Arazu was
climbing the ladder and you should have waited for her to climb the ladder before you. When
you ignored me I asked Ayah to call you and wait for your turn and how to be kind to Arazu.
I was very surprised you came down and rubbed Arazu’s back and wait for her to go up on
the ladder and then gave a big smile to Ayah and continue with slide fun game. During play I
noticed you were repeating the words like careful, gentle and turn whenever you were
guided. Ka pai to mahi (good job Abdulrahman.)
What is happening?
Abdulrahman! Observation shows your further developing social skills
and understanding of showing empathy for young children. It is evident
that you are looking for friend and with guidance and encouragement, you
have been developing the capability of treating others fairly and including them in your play.

How can we extend this learning?

We will continue supporting you with the learning pathways Contribution/ Mana tangata
and will encourage you to strengthen your social skills and the ability to take responsibility
for fairness in your interactions with others. We will set up environments to involve you in
small group activities like kei a wai? game, baking, building blocks and reading stories that
foster your friendship with Ayah and other children.

Parent’s contribution:
Fun time learning with teacher
Liz and my preschool friends
Karam, Bukhari, Samira, and