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Ethan Jenkins


Section I: My Role in My Education

I am near the end of my bachelor’s degree at DeVry University. I

have successfully completed two years at DeVry University when I
complete this session and my G.P.A holds a solid 3.0. Though this is
not the end of my educational plan, it is just one huge
accomplishment that will lead me into my Master’s Degree and several
other certificates. One day I will be high up in the Network Industry
leading many engineers of my kind. The goal overall is to be a man
filled with joy and achievement living happily with my wife.

I know there will be obstacles that come in my path; I have tried

to predict a few of them and already have a plan to deal with them.
The first problem is that my working schedule and DeVry University do
not always get along. I have to tweak and change my work schedule
to be sure I am available to take the classes offered. I have found a
way to do this by becoming the manager of my work. I have to keep
my sales up and operationally comply with standards at work to
maintain the position, which I can do by trying hard. This gives me
the ability to make my own schedule and be readily available to attend
a class I need to take to complete my degree plan.

Though the ultimate obstacle that is going to come in my way is

going to be finances. When going to a private college, money is the
only thing that is keeping you there. I alone do not have enough
money to attend a DeVry University. I need to have the funds
available that will cover any of the fees at DeVry University. I do this
by getting help from the Government in the forms of loans and grants.
There is still a balance left over that Government does not pay for and I
have to consult my Uncle for the additional funds. My Uncle has
helped with the additional funding after my first semester, and has
been willing to help me up until the end of my education. This is
absolutely amazing because it allows me not to have to take out
additional students loans from a private vendor who charges over 20%

Any hidden obstacles that come into my path, I have the

confidence that I will not allow it to ruin or delay my education. I have
the ability to do extremely well in all areas of education. I also have
the ability to learn and accept new things and ideas. I can also quickly
Ethan Jenkins

adapt to many environments. I have the ability and skills to make it

through this life with much accomplishment.

Section II: Problem Solving for Success

Step 1: Research and Define the Problem Using Present State and
Desired State

In my present state I work full time to pay for bills, I do not

make enough to pay for the private education I have committed to.
My desired state would be to be able to have all of my educational
expenses paid for.

Step 2: Determine the Causes of the Problem

• What- The problem is that my income is under budget for my private


• Why- This problem is faced by many, and that is because the cost for
a private education is expensive.

• Who- I am being affected by the problem a good education means a

good future is used proficiently.

• Where- My school is the one that is going to where the drain of my all
my money ends.

• When- Each semester when we have to renew our schedule and pay
more to continue our education.

• How Much- Tuition is as much as $7,770 USD for a third of the year
because DeVry University runs three semesters. I take 12 credit hours
each time so my Pell Grant will not get cut (go below 12 credit hours it
gets cut in half). After Pell Grand and Government Loans I end up
Ethan Jenkins

with a remaining $1500-$3000 USD in addition I need to come up


Step 3: Generate Solutions by Brainstorming

There are many solutions that could solve my entire problem.

1. I could down grade my college maybe West Wood, or another place
that could offer a Bachelor’s Degree for less money.

2. Find a job that pays me a lot more and dedicate the additional money
to my schooling.

3. I could start an illegal business and scam/rob/sell for the additional


4. Find someone or something to pay for the additional money needed to

attend DeVry University.

Step 4: Decide on the Best Solution

Now let’s break down the brainstorming ideas. I don’t want to

downgrade my college. It could result in downgrading my future,
which is something I don’t want to mess up. In this economy it would
be hard to find a job that pays more than what I make right now for
my age group. I make around 30-40k a year and I am 20 years old. I
could do it but it would a struggle that could take my mission off of its
tracks. I could do the illegal business but that again could mess up my
future. The last idea is the best idea, finding something or someone to
pay for it.

Step 5: Implement the Solution

Ethan Jenkins

I would first need to find something or someone to pay for my college

education. I know that my uncle wanted to help me in college so I
could confront him and request for him to pay for my schooling. I
could try to get grants and scholarships.

Step 6: Evaluate the Solution

So far my uncle has been willing and has paid for all the additional
cost of attending a private school. I am very thankful for what he has
done and I do plan on paying him back one day. He has helped me
accomplish and achieve my dreams of going to college and one day

Section III: My Role in Leadership

At my work I have to lead my team everyday of the week. I am

dedicated and have the skills I need to lead my team of salesmen to
beat any goal. I am very young for what I do, and I compete with
several other stores in the Dallas area, mainly north, and I rank high
in the 24 stores in our district. I know that I have the ability to
maintain a successful running store, which continues to beat sales
goal, and a successful student at DeVry University. I plan to inspire
ever member of my team whether it be a team at work or a group
during a class activity. I have dreams of one day becoming a great
leader of a company in the top 500 companies in America.

There is a high demand for people in the workforce that I am going

into. As I have proved to myself many times I will be successful and
be on top of any project I encounter.

Section IV: Personal Mission Statement

In the past two years here at DeVry University I have acquired much
knowledge, in what was once just an interest, turned into a passion.
When I have passion behind my goals I know that they will lead to
future success. I have the ability to learn and grasp new concepts to
Ethan Jenkins

give me the skills I need to become a leader in my industry. As I grow

to become a man, I have set plans to achieve my dreams. In my
dreams, my passion will bring me joy and wealth that I can come
home and live a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle with my wife, who
I fell for in high school.

-Ethan Jenkins