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Flogger Influence on Youth in Bolivia


Some years ago began that nowadays we know the flogger stile or other

urban tribe, it`ve not been too observed, it was such just like a other stile.

Since 2007 the flogger tends started to entering in the Argentina’s fashion,

it was the dress of the high social class, for that they were discriminated, in

2008 the flogger stile became the way to see of the fashion through the

youth when they started to uploading photos of themselves for the people to

discussed in the page FOTOLOG.COM , flogger come form the word fotolog,

is the person who raised several photos in this page.

In Bolivia started like an opposite trend of the emos but specific for the



I choose this topic because the influence of the floggers in Bolivia are too

dangerous through the teenagers, is a stile that leads to the teen to look

the superficial face of the people around them, they think if they look in or

fashionable they can have more friends and be popular but it is just other

kind to call the attention of the people when they really are insecure, this

causes that are less self-esteem.

For this I want to show my points of view and how avoid this kind of

problems through the society.



Show the youth that is not proved necessary to belong to an urban tribe to

be admired or have friends, you just have to be yourself and not use ways to

attract attention, because today flogger Style becomes a way of life and

has no ideology, only to call the attention of people.


Show people that you can follow the trends become nesecidades flogger no

surface, only to feel a little better with itself, but not even lie to parents to

get clothing or the like, as in recent years saw such cases.

Show that it must become a way of life, just a hobby, since I'm not against

the flogger trends, but trying not to affect the psychological or emotional

activities, and above all to lead a good life inside the society.


Flogger is a teenager fashion originated in Argentina at the end of 2004,

which is closely related to Fotolog, a photoblog web site. Emerged from the

glam fashion, and merged with elements of several other styles, it has
become very popular among young people, to almost become a craze. The

style is principally composed of tight trousers on males and females alike,

broad V-neck T-shirts, fluorescent colors, canvas sneakers or skate shoes,

blonde or black hair, long fringe brushed to one side of the face or over one

eye, straight hair and horn-rimmed glasses. It is common to call "floggers"

to any adolescent followers of this style.

This fashion has also developed a particular way of dancing electro house and

techno music, called Electro - although this term already had the same

meaning it has in English in reference to the electronic music in general. The

moves, related to the French tecktonik , Belgian jumpstyle and the

Australian shuffle, consist of rapidly spreading one leg, hitting the floor

with the heel, and drawing the other leg backwards, and then quickly

changing the position of the legs.

The ideology that shares the floggers is not characterized by particularly

deep roots. The ideals that particularize this tribe have to do with the

physical image, the necessity to have many admirers, and to be recognized as

famous. They are usually indifferent to social issues in general to focus on

themselves most of the time, and are not violent.

The find of popularity is the central aspect and is accomplished with a

camera, a couple of poses and the continued rise of these images to the site

for others to leave you message and value within the group. Consolidated into

a 'lifestyle' rejected parameters, such as the superficiality, narcissism and

excessive devotion to the image.


Today you have rooted a series of new "Young Fashion" which have adopted

different names. Emo, Floggers, Pokemon, etc. etc. And still to be invented.


However, the special meeting or similarity between each other are factors

such as age, hair, extreme thinness and the exchange of clothing between

the sexes which tends to inhibit the differentiation of the sexes. While

young people define this type of movement as a form of expression and will

sooner or later. Many are engaged in them and do not change their way of

being. Also, many suffer the consequences as the phobia that can have other

groups, even insults, beatings, and in extreme cases death. And be more

careful now because this creciendop in Bolivia.

That both can influence a "fashion" in the personality of a human. I believe

that everything must be measured and parents should not neglect their

children because they take refuge in this type of current as they express

themselves. Yet many young people have experienced problems such as

anorexia and bulimia to be within the standards allowed as they have their

rules as well grounded in the physical and dress size. Trademarks are

important. Were established brands such as Nike, and other element that

has high preciosdentro the market. Seem influenced by current fashion

capitalist neo-liberal thinking that all you want is scarce pockets of parents

since many young people are at an advanced age to pay for their tastes. It is

an age that is affected by hormonal changes.

It is good that it is not considered some kind of sickly or narcissistic

movement, however, and opponents and many tenen discriminate. Like the

whites against blacks, now is given in terms of fashion. Such movements seek

to primarily focus on how to see, feel good in appearance. Where they feel

valued social groups. It seems very plastic and superficial. My view is

somewhat problematic because more than seek a solution and give you a

guide with values to young people about the problems that exist today,

seeking an escape and ignore more important things such as study, work,

curiosity and the desire to research, and pastimes profitable. And learn to

be themselves without having to belong to a group "or a" current trend "

Lately floggers have included clothing, dances, Style and other things to call

the attention of people the bad news is that the movement flogger is more

expensive for foreigners here in Bolivia, then afford them are a great loss

of money, and when parents see their children depressed, they turn to give

them money, but the only thing is to make them more harm.

This issue is to solve those problems, which are not only social but emotional

among young people, which leads us to have a great concern of how it will be

after a few years, and as we have seen the excesses that came other trends

such as emos and chetos who came to suicide or be killed.


1 -I issued the young player appearances is not proved necessary to be

something they are not, but love for what they are and what they have.

2 -Inside the culture flogger, mark well that is good and so bad for not have

problems later.

3 -Kicking costubres within this urban tribe that will improve young people's


4 -I issued my opinion that is not bad dress so bad is that it becomes a way

of life and thinking.

5 -Show that aspects can benefit here in Bolivia to this new urban tribe is

going strong, to avoid problems later.