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Innovation A to Z

We have validated that there is value for the

customer, and that it’s also viable. Now the project
is ready to enter the agile development phase. All
In this phase we dive deeper into the We gained a lot of new data; it’s Time has come to diverge again Now that the critical assumptions This phase is all about going back to your Now that we have established that there is value for the users, we need to We need to test this solution on a bigger scale to the previous phases, which should happen at a fast
world of the user through research time to sort through and choose and ideate on possible solutions have been defined, it’s time to make users and gathering their feedback around the make sure it’s sustainable as well. Apply various tools to help you get understand if it’s only our neighbour and mother pace, have de-risked the chance of failure of
methods and empathy exercises. what we want to focus on. to solve the challenge at hand. them testable. solution you designed for them. more clarity on how to commercially capture value from your solution. who thinks this is a good idea. investments in the development phase.

3 lenses of innovation Desirability Viability Feasibility

Innovation fit Strategy fit Problem fit Solution fit Market fit

Design thinking Understand Empathize Define Ideate Prototype (Qualitative) test (Scaled) test

Lean startup Build Measure Learn Build Measure Learn

Agile (SCRUM or SAFe) Plan / Sprint / Review / Retrospective

This could be a good This could be a good Executive pitch: here you’ve
moment to share your moment to share your validated user desirability and
findings! Have you selected findings! Have you tested business viability. Up to

Have you a concept solution your solution

technical feasibility?

Have you Have you Have you Have you done identified and and defined the Have you made a Do you have an Have you quantitatively
Does your Does the defined a user interviewed at discovered new Have you several ideation outlined the critical low fidelity Have you Do you have a clear idea of the ROI Have you tested them to validate Have you Congratulations! You’re ready to make
Do you have a challenge challenge group you want least 10 users from useful insights formulated a rounds to come most promising assumptions from prototype to test tested the Has the understanding of Do you have a you’ll achieve mapped the with the right desirability and gotten buy-in this concept a reality. Work with your
clearly defined involve or affect contain a to solve the the user group you through the key insight to up with lots of concept the user’s these prototype with solution been the business clear value with your business model people in your willingness to from key agile team to develop your solution,
challenge? end users? solution? problem for? identified? research? focus on? ideas? solutions? perspective? assumptions? users? validated? model? proposition? solution? assumptions? ecosystem? pay? stakeholders? and continue to refine it as you go.
Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes, exactly! Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Start here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21

No, I can’t choose! No, let the ideation begin! No No No No, plan the testing and No No No No No No No No
No. You might want to collect feedback
No, it’s a Yes No? Focus is key: dive into the No consider conducting more
technological issue, understand phase to know who user research
Consider a co-creation Consider hiring a digital
not involving users. you’d like to serve.
session with your users. prototyper if needed.

We’ve identified 12 archetypes of innovators within the corporate context. It
Design 2.1 Is it a digital 3.1 Have you Don’t forget to “How Might Opposite Concept Assumption Prototyping Business Business Ballpark Assumption You’ll need to test with Go for scaled testing: Great pitching
challenge We” builder thinking card mapper tools model kit model canvas figures mapper min 10 users to validate you need to test this
checklist &
challenge? interview a couple
highlight that each phase requires a different set of skills and mindset thus
ST validated the of extreme users! AN DE DE EX EX EN EN MA BU your assumptions.
 solution on a bigger EN
encouraging different archetypes of innovators to step up and lead the team. selector Gather your team and This tool makes you A 1-page overview of Time to put it on paper Choose the type of Identify the key Get a 1-page snapshot of Get a first idea of your Time to put it on paper 
 scale to understand if

SC Gather your team and map underlying Persona Empathy

prioritise which
insights are most
challenge your
assumptions by
a concept solution, to
increase clarity and
what needs to be true
for your concept to
prototype that fits your
needs the best: Feedback
stakeholders and
values exchanged
your business model ROI what needs to be true
for your concept to
Go and get creative on the it’s only our canvas
how to test with more neighbour and mother
out all the possible
problem? AN
Use the Persona tool Interviews interesting to continue imagining a different ease comparison. succeed - or what you Wireframing, Wizard of
grid succeed - or what you people: events, flyers, etc. who thinks this is a
These tools help you find
challenges you have to help you define a AN with. Use "How might version of reality. assume will fail your Oz, role-play, … assume will fail your a winning structure for
Use the Empathy Capture learnings from good idea
before prioritising the one group based on needs we..?” as a tool to get a concept. concept. your pitch.
Designer and only for this project. No, only physical No Interview template to your user testing
ST Strategist DE good starting point.
The one who defines the The one who generates bring structure that
vision & aligns it with the ideas & defines first user interview and
You might want to We suggest you to nail it Brain Idea Experiment Innovation Experiment Feedback
capabilities of the
Scoping canvas get another set of keep moving
eyes on this and get through this checklist
writing shopping picker battlefield picker grid
Fill out the scoping canvas DE DE EX BU
SC to map out what you already technicians & and validate the Use the collective cart EX
Browse more than 20 Once you’ve defined and Browse more than 20
Capture learnings from
FU Futurist EX Experimenter know versus what you’re Yes engineers involved. Yes problem first. Customer Fragment power to spark more
With the idea experiment types to validated a clear value
Feedback experiment types to your user testing.
The one who’s able to The one who validates the curious to find out more Journey Map cards ideas.
shopping cart, you choose the one that fits proposition of your solution,
decision tree
choose the one that fits
forecast changes in the most critical assumptions about. It’s a tool to align and AN AN your needs the best. it’s time to continue the your needs the best.
Map out the experience ease the selection of EX
context of the organization. via prototyping & testing. 21 10 Use the Fragment card iteration journey of features You’ve received customer
get team members onboard. Hurray! You can Hurray! You can the best concepts.
of your persona when to undercover the by using this tool. feedback, now what? Find
jump to step 21: jump to step 10
using a specific product underlying needs of out what to do next by
you can apply an and progress
or service. your user using the feedback
GU Guardian CA Catalyst Agile approach to with solution
The one who protects the The one who makes sure solving your validation. Analogy How-Now- Experiment decision tree.
there is internal support & digital challenge.
initiative from the corporate
antibodies. the platform to launch the DE
thinking Wow matrix card card
first pilot. Linear Which key success Place your ideas on Use the experiment Use the experiment
factors can we copy this matrix to prioritize card to define exactly card to define exactly
unpacking from successful the ones that are most how you’re going to how you’re going to

SC Scout EN Entrepreneur Use Linear unpacking to businesses, and apply validate these critical validate these critical
impactful and easy to
The one who explores the The one who brings people share the stories you’ve them to our domain? implement. assumptions. assumptions.
unknown to discover together to bring a concept heard with your team and
problems worth solving. to market. let them help you
discover what you didn’t
notice before
AN Anthropologist MA Tool
The one who observes The one who can connect & A concrete instrument you DE
human needs & behaviour inspire a relevant client can use to find answers to A set of cards with
to translate into insights. base. the relevant questions of societal, technological
innovation. and customer trends,
that will increase the
relevance of ideas.
AL Analyst BU Builder Tip
The one who can prioritize The one who develops the Additional tips & tricks.
the most valuable problems first solutions.
to solve.

About this tool

“Innovation A to Z” is a decision tree that
guides innovation teams through the
complete process of innovation, from
opportunity scan to development.