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2OO4., afler decades of helping students

learning problems. with

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grves ACT and SAT tests
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rroucahonal Developmerrt) tcsts to helo

, The Y9;Yq Man has them all. Dave Turner
began,with l1l"r" yn9 need it.
people who
don.t have
**.u.o_oy, and
yo_yos io
\ the Saturday ,it"";;;*'
O""u.r, oppot-tuntties. people who care,
but need
matin"" *o"i", r1elp.

ffi il*1i:iiJ:"'Jl#:.:onte.t blt*l"e; tl;'" Dave started collecting_yo_yos

15 years ago.
"Everywh.ere we go,
jy"'d all go_up
_ruffrer on stage,,,
wil\spik$ that spin ro a cluster of yo_vos
_ I ilieck i,, store,
yo-yos now' Dave said. .Not tii."'
said, wholives in manv store.q.ejl
"'he them an)anore. and mosi
west Greeley,',and they'd
lave us do the
uog,'.and'Rock the Baby,,
3.3,ft r+[:,|n:.*"n
rnerr srnngs snaried in a baJil
*tj;i;j*'; cheap plastic ones."
He looks for older vo-
untangle them.
H! #U n"i"" ,'g rh."1*;tri ;il:ji Jij;anfique

trj;ff ?':lfr'li,T""iiqrilj and Connie Turner have been Dry.likes the history of rhe yo_vo.
-_ ?1I mar_ $.nd
y",l*" to.ll"lt doing loop_ Mike n9o +-Q years. They mer
when ,t*y,i.l* U"n ,. *39
hrst a weapon, where the hunter.,
philippines) wouid *tt, it"y"i#l"ra PETERS
ffi:t$:i$'"?'e:Tfl jfr .8"ff**;',xd:t"il' hid;i" ih; il,
k"."k ;;';; kiii
neep ootngthem until the YfueTr*fuwffis f,o"T,:imf :r::_1",,1

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2OO4; after decades of helping

students wjth
learning problems.
tI":;;ff$ff:r#",#:k'#,rf*rf :t?'*:;#;.,*_ . '-
He now gives ACT and SAT
tests ai. LINC.
#l'#Jfr 'n"*5"TH_:3ljf,
, The Yo{o Man has them all. Dave Turner
tresan with the yo_yos in o""""r,
rnose wno need it. people rvho
don.t have
.h";il"' People *h" *r". U"i"'*i
ilffi:Hjff;:"}:;:,Ht?r,in*:""ni:". Dave started coilectir
'WeA all go.up on -;""**h"i;U:i'ft"?ilH:i#3?:l'"
^lumer said, who livesiLse;,
iri *lftf:]kloin_to a cluster ofyo_yos
yo-yos ..Not
now Dave said. many storessell
west Greeley, ..and they'd gotliom the Fllrig W Ranch iin Colorado he rucrrr anymore. a:rd most
ofthemare just the
Springs. cheap plastic ones."
have us do the Walk the ?Pnngs. That
I hat cluster has 46 yo_vos.
vr wirh He looks for older vo_
tnerr stnngs
Dog, and 'Rock the Babvj
and Around tt
ings ssnaried in a ball.
untangle them.
H; u,ill never
baJll lrL n;i #l ,,a ,h;;;tI ffiJj Jij;anrique
'Ke3ch Worta,'urra
Dry" likes the history ofthe yo_vo.
and Connie Turner have been
For the Moon.,"ihen -. ?y:
4l years. T'hey mer rvhen ,t
mar_ f.nd
p#[hs lgd
i:,:':6! :,',ri;jili,jl"#; 3l:rdirlg Coloradb sure Coilege,'no":i#"'
unlersrty ofNorthern
"y,i"*'il"* sJll'j*t*+:Hil."i'}}:t;'1",8i
us5 a gpc ofyo_yo ro knock
t<eep doing them until the ?fue ?rlhwsr* Colorad"o, in Creei",, Hrd
lasf person was standing.,, ltr,en 1et.um5d here after n" ."ti"jd fri"i"'r,
tne anrmals ""t;;kiii
tjrat passed under them.,.
scnoo_ls rn the Colorado ---
. ,rurneT J ol back then, and he itill has his Springs area.
always liked creeify. i-8"r"i","ia.
one as a weapon
Jacket, wirh all the yo_yo ,**d p;i;h;;;;'i;.
He has more than soo yo_yor'
"our firsl daughter
was b"'; "-'- [;;;:i' "#1"f;l:tif';ffini;iif
.- i; hi;;;i""_
tlon noq ilom the square ones to yo_yos
are small globes of the earth, that
ro ,;il;r,y;"_y*'
._ 5e yas the principal at Discoverw Ftr ioh
y,cn9ol: al atrernarive school jn Widefi_iJ.
*,,, i:ff; W':;r';'#',;:,,,Xf:, f:",#
!t"tryune. His humor col,,mn.
He slarted rhe school in 1999 thF C"n-iii
unA ,*iir"Jin
Tro m bo n e. appea rs s a i unii
i*r#,'$;.-sF# # ruffi FoR succEss {( E,4-B9: Ctassifieds
F-9:?:rt a Hudson kid who won a
state A,n unusuallv AB: Comics
l:lllgcontest, and howne mavwaiito m"r.o {}1 Pi-ee$n!9d:9ey A7: Crarnes