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Class: Date: Lesson 45 min Lesson type: practice
Unit 0 Introduction Lesson: 0.4 Visitors from Correlation Science
Topic: space with other
Lesson aims (input): Practicing grammar (Modal verbs for speculation) and vocabulary (science).
Lesson outcomes Learners can use modal verbs in communication. They can understand and
(output): use vocabulary related to science.
Teaching Communicative, eclectic Teaching Coursebook set Focus 4 (Students
methods: (verbal, visual, reading, material: Book, Workbook, audio material,
auditory, writing)) Teacher’s Book); authors Sue Kay,
Vaughan Jones, Daniel Brayshaw;
published by Pearson
Time Phase Aim Activities Type of
10min 1 Revising known Exercises 1 & 2, p. 7. S-S
vocabulary. In pairs, Ss write the noun forms of the
given verbs. Then they underline the
stressed syllables. Then they discuss the
importance of inesting into given
8 min 2 Revising Exercise 3, p. 7. T – Ss
grammar:: T reminds Ss of the rules related to the S-S
Modal verbs of use of modal verbs. Ss choose the
speculation correct options. In pairs they give their
opinions on the subject.

7 min 2 Practicing Exercise 4, p.7. T - Ss

grammar Ss read the text and replace the
underlined verb structures with
alternatives – modal verbs
can't, could, may, might, must.
7 min 4 Practicing Exercise 5. S-S
speaking In pairs, Ss discuss their views on space
exploration and life on other planets.
5 min 5 Practicing Exercise 6. Ss choose the correct T – Ss
grammar meaning.
8 min 6 Practicing Exercise 7. T – Ss
grammar Ss rewrite the comments using the given
modal verbs.
Additional Continue discussion from exercise 5.
Additional material:
Homework Workbook 5.
Self-evaluation &

T - teacher
S – student
Ss - students
S-S - a pair of students, pair work
S-S-S - a group of students, group work