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Power Pro XPress ®
+62 21-4507017
Copy right by P.T. Infotek Jaya Makmur

Affordable hotel information solution empowered your business intelligence

Specialized designed for small hotel, cottage or villas with
rooms less than 50 rooms. But ready to integrate with Power
Pro Restaurant System® and Phone Billing System.

With easy to use, user can use in hours, Power Pro XPress
runs with minimum hardware requirement, single PC + Printer
(laser / desk jet or dot matrix) and minimum staff requirement
to help hotel to minimize Front Office administration.

· Reservation
· Registration / Check In
· Cashier
· Housekeeping Real Time Visual Density Chart (Click and Drag Mode)
· Night Audit
Visual Density Chart
· Real Time Room Availability
· Guest History · Included all Reservation Features
· Statistics · Quick Check in for Walk In
· Phone Book · Integrated with Reservation
· Integrated with On Line Room Availability
· Reports
· Direct Access from Visual Density Chart
Interface (Optional)
· Phone Billing System & PMS
· Power Pro Restaurant System (Point of Sales)
· Key Card Interface (Magnetic Card)

· Integrated with real time Room Availability
· No limit time for future reservation (can make
reservation more than 10 year from today)
· Incremental Search
· Support Room Rate with Breakfast, Extra Bed, Seasonal Real Time Charts
Rate (Low, High, Peak Season rate)
· Room Rate Preview
Company Contract Rate
Multi Currency Room Rate
Guest Bill / Cashier
· Individual or Group Bill Support
· Confirmation Form can be redesign
· Ready integrate with Phone Billing System and Point of Sales
· Direct access from Visual Density Chart
· Guest Folio can be redesign
· Integrated with Housekeeping Status
· Support transactions for Charge, Payment, Deposit, Correction or
· Record Statistic for: Market Segment, Nationality, Com-
Adjustment, Transfer to others folio
pany Productivity
· Move from/to Additional or to/from Additional to Master Folio
· Credit Limit
· Support for Master and Personal or Additional Folio
· Integrated with Walk In Guest
· Can print either Master Folio or Additional Folio
· Integrated with Guest History, may load Guest Profile from
History · Direct Access from Visual Density Chart
· Credit Card Number Checking, denied invalid Credit Card · Incremental Search
Number · Tax Calculation method: Taxable, Included Tax or Hidden Tax
· Support for House Use and Compliment Reservation · Automatic Tax breakdown for Daily Sales Report
· Display No Show, Cancelled Reservation or Checked Out · Automatic Tax posting
Reservation in single click · Programmable Tax Percentage
· Real time Current Status · Automatic Update Room Status on Check Out

+62 21-4507017
Copy right by P.T. Infotek Jaya Makmur

Affordable hotel information solution empowered your business intelligence

Housekeeping Reports Features

· Integrated with Visual Density Chart · Graphic format for Laser or DeskJet printer or Draft format
for dot matrix printer
· Real time with Current Status
· Integrated with Guest Check In · Reports can be export to any format file (Microsoft Excel, PDF,
DBF, etc.)
· Integrated with Cashier Check Out
· 9 Guest Reports: current & history guests reports
· Out of Order and Out of Inventory Room Schedule
· 4 Rooms Report including 3 Months Forecast, Room Status
· Housekeeping Status Dirty, Clean and Ready (Inspected)
· 5 Statistics Report including Room Statistic and Monthly Statistic
Report matrix with 6 x 16 reports combinations
· 8 Audit Reports: Transcript, Daily Sales, Guest Balances, Sum-
mary of Transactions etc.
· Phone Billing Reports
· Guest Forms: Registration, Confirmation Forms etc.

Real Time Housekeeping Status Browser

Special Features
Night Audit ·
Tax Formula: Print Tax, Included Tax, Hidden
Programmable 3 Type of Taxes Percentage
· Automatic Room Posting
· Seasonal Room Rate: Weekend / Weekday Rate, Low, High and
· Automatic Statistic Calculation
Peak Season Rate
· Automatic Room Statistic Calculation
· Pre Posting Room Rate: make easy to design room rate structure
· Detail Transaction
· Drilled Down Statistics
· Transcript Report
· Matrix Monthly Statistic (6 x 16 reports)
· Daily Sales Report
· Programmable Room Statistic Formula
· Easy to Back Up Report
· User friendly design
· Easy to use
Statistics · Solid rock stability
· Automatic Statistic Calculation, no manual entry · Ready to integrate with Phone Billing System and Restaurant
· Advance Room Statistic Report with today, Month To Date Point of Sales
and Year to Date value · More than 80 pages manuals books
· Room Statistic layout can be modified as needed. · On Line help
· Statistic dimensions: Market Segment, Nationality, Com- · More than 20 videos training ready
pany, Room Type, Room Number Rate Code · Quick installation, less than 30 minutes installation, 1 setups, less
· Statistic values: Room Nights, No of Pax, No of Persons, than 2 days training.
No of Room, Length of Stay, Average Room Rate, Room · Multi Level Users Rights for easy maintenance Users’ Authoriza-
Revenue, Food Revenue, Beverage Revenue etc. tion level.
· Statistic can be drilled down
· Company Top Producer Report
· Monthly Statistic easy to print statistics report in 12 months
in any dimensions (Market Segment, Company, National- Hardware Requirement (minimum)
ity, etc.) vs. Value (Room Nights, No of Pax, Room Reve- Description Client
nue etc.), combine can generate 6 x 16 reports.
Processor Speed 2,0 GHz
Memory 512 MB — 1GB is better
Room Rate Hard disk 80 GB
· Seasonal Room Rate (Low, High, Peak Season or Week- Operation System Microsoft Windows XP Home/Professional
day—Weekend rate)
Printer Laser/Desk Jet or Dot Matrix
· Automatic Meal Package Breakdown (Breakfast), Extra
· Preview Room Rate before posting Contact Person:
· Multi Currency
· Tax Calculation: Included, Printed, Hidden or Not Tax
· Company Contract Rate with validation period