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Name : Thifa Ganfitriani N

Title of the novel : The English Roses Catch the Bouquet!

Writer : Madonna

No. Text References Analysis

1. Binah cooked a lot. And cleand Repetition The word ‘a lot’ is
a lot. And did the laundry a lot. repeated in the text.
(pages 14-15)
2. “But we wanted to see how Repetition The word ‘felt’ is repeated
you felt about it, Binah.” Binah in the text. It is reflecting
was so suprised that her last a change in tense. (felt ̶
bite of food almost fell from fell)
her mouth right into her glass
of milk. (page 23)
3. Binah didn’t feel comfortable Repetition The word ‘feel’ is
doing so. Of course, her dear repeated in the text.
friends offered up their own
mums to go bra shopping with
Binah, but she didn’t feel right
about that, either. (page 25)
4. Miss. F had started moving her Repetition The word ‘moving’ is
belongings into the Rossi repeated in the text. It
household. It was logical for reflecting a change in
Miss. Fluffernutter to move tense. (moving ̶ move)
into the Rossis’ house. (page
5. Binah felt guilty that she and Repetition The word ‘enjoying’ is
her papa were enjoying Miss repeated in the text. It
Fluffernutter’s shepard’s pie as reflecting a change in
much as they had enjoyed tense. (enjoying ̶ enjoy)
Binah’s mum’s.
6. Binah was mose pleased that Synonymy The word “pleased” is
her father was spending time similar in meaning with
with someone who made him “happy”
happy. (page 17)
7. She was overjoyed that her Synonymy The word “overjoyed” is
papa and Miss. Fluffernutter similar in meaning with
were so happy. (page 25) “so happy”
8. The English Roses would be the Synonymy The word “kind” is similar
first to tell you how kind and in meaning with
generous and toughtful Binah. “generous”
(page 59)
9. The chuckles turned into big- Synonymy The word “big” is similar
bellied laughs, which turneds in meaning with “huge”
into huge guffaws. (pages 99-
10. Good times and bad (page 8) Antonymy The word “good” is
opposite in meaning with
11. Excitement and beredom (page Antonymy The word “Excitement” is
8) opposite in meaning with
12. And seeing that sad, empty Antonymy The word “sad” is
look on her father’s face opposite in meaning with
replaced with a smile made her “joy”
heart soar with joy. (page 18)
13. No, it wasn’t the presence of Antonymy The word “presence” is
Miss Fluffernutter as much as it opposite in meaning with
was the absence of her mother. “absence”
(page 46)
14. Binah is everything but a Antonymy The word “horrible” is
horrible person. The English opposite in meaning with
Roses would be the first to tell “kind”
you how kind and generous
and toughtful Binah. (page 59)
15. “The only bridesmaid you have Antonymy The word “bad luck” is
left the aisle alone! It’s bad opposite in meaning with
luck!” Binah wrinkeled her “good luck”
nose. “It is? I’ve never heard
that/” Charlotte lokked unsure.
“Well-wel, I mean, it can’t be
good luck!” (page 101)
16. That most traditional of British Hyponymy Fish and chips refers
fast food: fish and chips. (page classes of traditional
48) British fast food
17. Flowers, bushes, and tress that Hyponymy Flowers, bushes, and tress
were strategically placed refer classes of the things
throught the yard. (page 104) in the yard.
18. Shepred’s pie is a meat pie with Meronymy A mushed-potato topping
a mushed-potato topping refers to part of Shepred’s
(page14) pie
19. The simple skirts, vents, Meronymy The simple skirts, vents,
blouses, and other “boring” blouses, and other
clothes that made up her “boring” clothes refers to
wardrobe. (page 40) part of in wardrobe.
20. Lazy Saturdays (page 9) Collocation
21. Binah scooped up Ernesta and Collocation
nuzzled her cheek against the
animal’s soft fur. (page 39)
22. “The only bridesmaid you have Collocation
left the aisle alone! It’s bad
luck!” (page 101)
23. Charlotte looked unsure. “Well- Collocation
well, I mean it can’t be good
luck!” (page 101)
24. I just wanted to let you know Collocation
that there were a few....
complications... with the
wedding party. (page 106)
25. Like all wonderful summers, Substitution The word ‘one’ subtitutes
this one contained a bit of for
romance. (page 10)
26. Nicole, ever the sensible one, Substitution
eyed the price tag. (page 31)
27. Binah had never been to a Substitution
wedding before, much lesss in
one, so she hadn’t been aware
that bridesmaids got to wear
such a beautiful garments!
(page 48)
28. The truth is, planing a wedding- Substitution
even a small one- is a lot of
work. (page 52)
29. Trhat is quite a lot of disasters Substitution
for one small, humble little
wedding. (page 99)
30. “I-I’m” she struttered, Ellipsis
searching for the right words.
Quickly, she recovered. “I’m
really happy for you both.” She
said. (page 24)
31. “We both understand that this Ellipsis
is a lot to take in. Please let us
know how you’re feeling” (page
32. You see, the female students at Ellipsis
Hampstead School had begun
wearing bras at the beginning
of fifth grade. Some had even
started in the fourth grade.
(page 34)
33. “I love Miss Fluffernutter. I’m Ellipsis
really excited for her to marry
Papa.” Charlotte interruoted,
nodding in understanding “We
know you are, Binah,” she said.
34. Before they did so, through, Ellipsis
both Mr. Rossi and Miss
Fluffernutter kissed Binah and
hugged her as tightly as they
could. (page 109)