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Subject : English Language

Year : 5 Mawar
Enrolment : 38 pupils
Proficiency Level : Mixed ability
Date : 07.08.2018
Time : 10.20 – 11.20 am
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic : Unit 15: Real Life Heroes
Focused Skill : Grammar
Previous Knowledge : Pupils were introduced with 5 challenging and
lifesaving occupations (Fireman, doctor, security guard,

Content Standard : 5.2 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling,

pupils will be able to construct various sentence
types correctly.

Learning Standard : 5.2.1 Able to construct imperative sentences


Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
1. Able to respond to the example given by teacher
2. Able to answer at least 4 out of 5 questions from
the worksheet given by teacher.
3. Able to create a dialogue that portrays the types of
imperative sentences given.

Educational Emphases : Multiple Intelligences

Moral Values : Be polite when giving instruction and direction and
learn to respect the rules around them.
Thinking Skills : Analysing information
Multiple Intelligences : Verbal linguistic, Interpersonal
Resources/ Teaching Aids : Worksheet, picture cards
Stages Content Teaching and Learning Remarks
Set Simon Says: 1. Teacher plays Simon Says Preparation Phase
a. Touch your nose
induction (± b. Lift your left with student.
3 minutes) hand
c. Don’t touch
your nose
d. Shake hands
with your friend
Presentatio 1. Teacher asks student what Imagination Phase
n Types of imperative sentences: to say when their friend Generating Ideas
(12 plays with fire.
a. To give advice or
suggestions 2. Teacher asks student how
minutes) Educational
b. To give directions to go to canteen from their
c. To make polite Emphases:
requests class.
d. To give orders. 3. Teacher asks student what
Intelligences: Visual
do they say when they want
to go to the toilet. linguistic
4. Teacher shows picture of (Assessment for
“No Smoking” and “Silent” learning objective a)
sign and asks them where
they can find it.
5. Teacher will paste the type
of imperative sentence on
whiteboard and introduce it
to them.
Practice To assess student’s 1. Teacher asks student Development
understanding to be in 6 groups.
(± 25 towards the topic. Phase
2. Each group will be
minutes) given a set of paper Enrichment
that contains a type of
imperative sentence.
Assessment of
3. Teacher asks student
to classify the types of Learning Objective b
imperative sentences
according to the
description given in the

Production To apply the types of 1. Students are divided into 4 Action Phase
imperative sentence in groups.
(±20 their everyday life. Implementation
2. Each group will be given
minutes) types of imperative
3. In pair, student will have to
create a dialogue based Assessment of
on the types of imperative Learning Objective c
sentences given.
4. Teacher picks student and
ask them to act their
dialogue in front

Closure a. To instill moral 1. Teacher asks student to

(±2 values be polite when giving
advices to other people,
minutes) giving direction.
2. Learn how to respect the
rules around them.