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Choir Etiquette and Policies

Our Mission
Our goal as a women's ensemble is to encourage and empower young women. We believe in
following your dreams and believing in yourself! We want to work as a force for good in our
community to give hope to girls who otherwise would feel that they had none.


o Bring water! It is critical that you are hydrated.

o Why are you here? What is your motivation for being in the choir? Is this just another
thing for you to do during the week, or does your time here mean something and have a
purpose? We encourage you to commit to this group. If you are consistently absent it
won't help our cause.
o The only attitude that will be tolerated is a positive one. Be respectful, helpful, polite,
peaceful, and loving. If you have a question, ask it in a loving way.
o It is each choir member’s responsibility to be aware of and attend all scheduled
rehearsals and performances. If you find you will be late or absent, let Valerie or Emily
know as soon as absolutely possible. (See attendance policy on the next 2 pages for
further information.)
o On time = early. If you must arrive late to rehearsal, wait to enter if the choir is in the
middle of rehearsing a piece. Walking in during a piece will cause commotion and take
the focus away from the rehearsal.
o When Valerie is rehearsing other sections, pay attention to what she is doing with that
section as you may have similar material or a similar vocal problem that needs
addressing. If you have problems, comments, or concerns about programming or
logistics, please talk to Valerie AFTER the rehearsal or during the break, not before or
o Use your pencil during rehearsals. Marking your music is vital and helps more than you
o If you need more attention on a specific part, use the sound files provided for you. If you
need further help, speak privately with Valerie or Emily.


o YOU are responsible for your music. After your binder and music are given to you, it is
your job to keep track of it. After a set of performances is over, please turn in all of your
music inside your numbered binder. The binder will be returned to you at the start of the
next rehearsal with new music.
o If you didn’t get a piece of music, let Valerie or Emily know and they will see about
getting you a piece.


o During performances, remain silent before and after you sing.

o Be attentive as Karen plays the introduction, if there is one.
o Keep your eyes up so you know when to come in.
o After a set of songs: please don't move or close your books abruptly; remain attentive
until Valerie gives you the cue to move.

General Ground Rules

o Do not depend on another person in your section. Use your own ears, eyes, and mind.
o Turn off your cell phone or silence it during rehearsal. Cell phones are not to be on your
person during performances. No exceptions!
o Please save Valerie and Emily's numbers in your phone:

Valerie 843.251.6922
Emily 843.957.4168

Attendance Policy

• To be in good standing, all you have to do is excuse yourself (call or email) ahead of time
if you are going to be absent or late, with at least 24 hours’ notice.
• If you have schedule conflicts with any rehearsals or performances, please let us know as
soon as possible. If I had my way, you’d all be here for every rehearsal!
• It may seem like there are enough people in the choir without you, and that it isn’t as
significant that you are there, but it is very important that you make a commitment to
being here as often as you can. You will get the most out of the choir experience, and
we'll have a consistent idea of what the choir group sound is. We need you!

If you are here regularly and on time (which means about 10 minutes EARLY), you will benefit
greatly. You can:

• Socialize,

• Check out the music we will be singing,

• Warm up your voice and prepare it for the full rehearsal,

• Get mentally ready to rehearse.

Also, your voice will improve with the vocal techniques we pass on to you and with the time
you devote to singing each week.

For UNEXCUSED absences (meaning you didn’t call or email), we have a 3 strikes & out policy:

1st time - you will receive an email or call as a 1st warning

2nd time - written warning

3rd time - out for the rest of the concert series, allowed to rejoin for the next series

NOTE: It is very important that you notify us if you will be late or absent. It may happen that we
are doing a more difficult piece that may need a full section. If everyone from your section calls
in an hour before rehearsal we are left high & dry and don’t have enough time to find someone
if need be to cover the section. However, if we know a day in advance that everyone in your
section is gone, we have time to make arrangements.

There is a no tolerance policy for missing dress rehearsals. You WILL

NOT perform in the concert(s) if you miss.

Your membership and regular attendance will imply that you understand and accept these
policies. Thank you for being a member of this choir and making the commitment to the group
for its continued success!

Season Calendar

Fall/Winter 1

 10/25/14 Trunk or Treat at Church of the Resurrection

Call time- 4:30; perform 5-8
 10/30/14 Disney Dress Rehearsal at CCU
 10/31/14 Disney Concert #1 at First United Methodist Church of Conway
Call time- 3:30pm; doors- 6pm; show- 7pm
 11/1/14 Disney Concert #1 at Church of the Resurrection
Call time- 4pm; doors- 6pm; show- 7pm
 11/15/14 Holiday Greeting Card Photo Session Location TBD
Time TBA; Rain date- 11/22
 12/4/14 Christmas Dress Rehearsal at CCU


 12/5/14 Christmas Concert at First United Methodist Church of Conway

Call time- 4:30pm; doors- 6:30pm; show- 7pm
 12/12/14 Run Through for Drive Thru Nativity at Church of the Resurrection
Time TBA
 12/13/14 Drive Thru Nativity Night #1 at Church of the Resurrection
Call time- 4pm; perform- 5:30 to 8:30pm
 12/14/14 Drive Thru Nativity Night #2 at Church of the Resurrection
Call time- 4pm; perform 5:30 to 8:30pm

Winter 2/Spring

 1/12/15 Classes at CCU begin, rehearsal resume this week

 3/2/15 Spring & Spirituals Dress Rehearsal at CCU†
Time TBD
 3/5/15 Spring & Spirituals Concert #1 at First United Methodist Church of Conway†
Time TBD
 3/6/15 Spring & Spirituals Concert #2 at Church of the Resurrection†
Time TBD
 4/23/15 Motown Dress Rehearsal at CCU†
Time TBD
 4/24/15 Motown Concert #1 at First United Methodist Church of Conway†
Time TBD
 4/25/15 Motown Concert #2 at Church of the Resurrection†
Time TBD
 ??? End of season trip TBA

† indicates a concert whose dates have not been set in stone. These are proposed dates only. Concert dates are subject to change.