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portfolio .

Laura Morelli
leading supplier of premium and specialty glass
packaging for the spirits, wine, food, and gourmet
Ovale is designed to give a better
grip when holiding the bottle of
wine. A reaserch on the gesture of
serving wine help me to design a
bottle were the elegance of pouring
the wine became the centre point of
the design.
0.1 designing a ergono-
mic wine bottle
The shape of the base is similar to an oval inste-
ad of a circle to create more confort and ergo-
Calante is designed to man-
tain the red wine in the right
position. The red wine, in fact,
need to be store in an inclina-
ted position in order to keep
the cork wet and avoid the
consequently oxidation. The
multifaces allow the user to
gently turn the bottle to man-
tain the wine well o x y g e n a -
0.1 0.2
problem of aging the wine idea development

One of the main problems for the preservation of wine is

the possibility of oxidation, a risk which can happen
when wine is in contact with oxygen. The cork is a
porous and elastic material, can change its physical and
mechanical characteristics depending on certain condi-
tions. The most frequent risk is the shrinking of the cork,
due to a low humidity.
everyday bottle with handle

user case

The shape of the handle provides a easy grip to pour the wine.
a everyday wine bottle

Informale wine bottle is designed for the everyday

use. It was inspired by the south Europe country
tradition of drinking wine in a very informal way at
lunch or dinner. The handle was insipred by the
typical oil bottles that are used in the kicthen.
designing aa functional
designing fucntional design
audio player forto
solution the
japanese brand Muji
relevant problem associated with working at
home for Joseph Joseph
0.1 0.2
brand decoding designing for a physical interaction
with the product
Curved shape and straightfull
simplicity expresses the values of
the brand
minimal design

necessary products

simple functionalism
The design of this audio player was
inspired to give to the user a physical
interaction with the product interface
by avoiding any digital element. The
Muji values of semplicity and the
timeless design were the principal
elements I have considered when
designing the shape and the
Materials and manufacturing process
designing a functional design solution to a
relevant problem associated with working at
home for Joseph Joseph
Tidy desk
Tidy desk is a set of stackable compact desk organisers. The
components can be combined with each other to satisfy the
user workspace needs as well as the personal organisation of
the office stationery.

main product structure ‘I don’t like messy table and I organise my office stuff in
a sort of box to easy find everything I need. When I
finish to work also I put everthing in there to leave my
desk a bit dity and clear’
post it dispenser

‘One of my main problem at working at home is the

caos of my stationary which I spread all over the desk’
big box

“I live with the husband and when it is lunch time I

need to quickly tidy up the kitchen table for eating”
small box

tape dispenser
snap fit button
tape dispenser cutter
Primary research


cahotic appearance
limited space on the table
setting a functional, organised and
compact desk space
0.4 0.5
Features & Benefits Materials and manufacturing process

Tidy desk features a clever vertical desk organizer that Tidy desk was design thinking of the manufacturing costs. Is entirely made of
allow a easy access to any contanier. This allows to move polypropilene injection mouldingo as JOSEPH JOSEPH makes high quality
them around the work space depending on the user products which are design to last in the years and highly performing.
needs. The location of each container is very intuitive to
permit a quick placement, in a compact and tidy storage,
after it has being used.