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June 23, 2015

RE: Recommendation for Nausheen Zainulabeddin

To the Medical School Admissions Committee:

I am pleased to write on behalf of Ms. Nausheen Zainulabeddin in support of her application to

attend medical school. Ms. Zainulabeddin has served as a tutor for Club Z In-Home Tutoring of
North/South Tampa (Florida) since October 28, 2014. As the Owner/Director of Club Z Tutoring, I

students directly to Nausheen based on her multiple areas of expertise, 2) Nausheen was required to
submit a detailed written report on each tutoring session directly to me, 3) Nausheen was required to
speak with me once weekly to review and discuss the progress of all her students, 4) Nausheen was
approach, and 5)

Nausheen quickly proved herself to be a valuable member of my tutoring team. She was reliable,
conscientious, compassionate, and a model of attention to detail. I understand the importance of

detail particularly in her tutoring session reports was the model of competence. There were no
assignments too difficult for her to accept, and I will state very candidly that I gave her some very
challenging assignments. Allow me to provide you with four examples:

1. (Lillian) This 9th grade student was behind in her Geometry course (failing grades) because her
grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After Lillian grandmother passed away, her
grandfather had a critical heart attack. Nausheen helped Lillian
cope emotionally with these family issues and ensured that Lillian was caught up in all of her classes.

2. (Christian) - Clashes between Christian and her Asian immigrant parents as well foundational gaps
in Algebra were preventing Christian from reaching her potential. Nonetheless, Christian went from a
ing of her Algebra course to an Nausheen served as a
mediator to bridge the cultural gap for this students who had a footprint in two different cultures. 8th
graders can be one of our hardest age levels to teach. What Nausheen accomplished in this situation
was a miracle .

3. (Sian) This 9th grade student was placed in a foster home by one of the many social service
agencies my company partners with. Sian needed assistance with all academic subjects as she had
no study skills and a very unstable background. The foster parents, while well-intentioned, did not
have the skills or the time to assist Sian with her academics. Nausheen had the common sense to

Sian would pass all of her freshman year courses.

19203 Sea Mist Lane Lutz, FL 33558-9714 813-455-4674
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4. (Kevin) This 34-year old gentleman with pronounced learning disabilities is determined to pass
the GED in order to enter the armed forces. Nausheen has the patience and understanding to help
students like Kevin cope with their disabilities and systematically take the steps to improve their
academic performance. Kevin
explain the GED math concepts to him in a way that is clear, creative, and consistent. Her emotional
maturity and self- f in himself.

Club Z students increased their academic performance by two letter grades or

more, to the great
broad range of subjects for more than ten years set her in the top 1% of my tutor pool. In addition

advanced science courses such as Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Immunology,

Pharmacology, and Biostatistics.

own personal and financial obstacles to pursue her career objective. Her ethics and personal integrity
are exemplary. While several of my tutors and very fine ones at that were motivated solely by the
need to secure part-
serve others, and that is what I personally like to feel with a physician i.e. a personal and
empathetic dedication to the patient.

I recommend Nausheen Zainulabeddin, without reservation, as a candidate for admission to medical



Carol I. Crawford, D.M.A

Club Z In-Home Tutoring Services of Greater Tampa
Cell: 813-455-4674

19203 Sea Mist Lane Lutz, FL 33558-9714 813-455-4674