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Positive Points

1) We have very hardworking and dedicated faculties.

2) We have well furnished building and infrastructure.

3) The Furniture of our institute is pleasant.

4) We have all the labs required to complete the practical as well as theoretical aspects of the


5) Bus facility is good for the student as well as to the faculties.

6) Tutor program is a milestone to educate the parents about their ward and his activities in the


7) Our institute cares too much about the security and safety of the students.

One Step Ahead for the Excellency

1) Detention list should be finalized by HOD and Principal from the beginning of the semester.

2) Student don’t obey the rules of institute as they know that nothing will be happen against

them and they will not get detained .hence they do not attend the college regularly and they

are not serious about their submissions.

3) Security Guard should have the authority to take strict action against the misbehaving

students riding triple seat.

4) Sharing of Civil Engineering labs such as Hydraulics and SOM should be done in a manner

that both institute get the benefit of the labs .

5) We have all the instruments to take the practical but we are lagging to supply 3-phase power

supply for almost all the labs.

6) Sanitary system is too worst in the campus as almost time the water is not there and neatness

and cleanness is not there.

7) Girl’s Common room should be provided to student as well as to staff.

8) Reference book should be issued to the students and no. of reference books should be


9) Non-teaching staff should be appointed on the skill (i.e. ITI or Diploma) basis only and they

should be asked for short hand of minimum 30- 40 before appointment.

10) As non-teaching staffs are the backbone of any institute hence their increments should be

done on the feedback of all the faculties of the department so they take seriously to each and

every member of this institute.

11) Higher authorities should take the executive decisions in crucial time.(It will help to reduce

extra efforts of the worst situation.)

12) MPVPI should not be compared with School Of Engineering and Management as we are not

work under SRTMUNI hence we should be treated as per the rules of MSBTE.

13) The College Canteen does not have the drinking water for the students and the charges of any

item is relatively more than the outside. The quality of canteen food is too poor.

14) There should be more drinking water cooler provided in the campus. Currently we have only

three water cooler in the whole campus.

15) Parking shade should be provided for the vehicles.