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Headquarters From the editor

Sigma Lambda Beta International Strength. Determination.

Fraternity Incorporated
Executive Office
900 West Penn St All qualities sought after by Lambda
North Liberty, IA 52317-9524
Beta men.
As you embark on a new academic
Staff year, how strong you start will
define how strong you finish. How
Editor in Chief determined you are to do well
Carlos Frevert academically will determine your
success. And how you persevere
Technical/Design Editor through those long nights of
Irving Roman studying for exams and finishing
up papers will be worth it once that last final is done and over with in
Managing Editor December.
Maximo Anguiano
El Iluminador has also persevered throughout the years. We’re finally
getting back to our roots. After a four year absence, we are proud
Content Editor
Ricardo Cortez to bring you this printed edition of El Iluminador. We are excited to
once again document your stories of strength, determination, and
Authors perseverance in a format which will outlast the ages. We hope you
B. Celestino Carreon enjoy this issue and we encourage your feedback.

Amin Fernandez We wish you the best of luck throughout this new academic year.
Bryan Rojas

Christopher Temblador

Jason Smolka
Carlos Frevert

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Facebook ON THE COVER: Brother Cesar “Alma” Reyes of Tau Alpha - Rutgers University New Brunswick taken by Irving Roman

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Zen & The Art of Strolling pg 6

Letter From the President
15 The Price of Education
Interview with Fernando Tirado 17 Manifestation
Thoroughbred Training
The ABCs of earning A’s and B’s
Healthy Living in the Residence
12 Halls
Ballin’ On A Budget - Fresh ‘Til
14 Death, Even When Dead Broke
Zen & The Art of Strolling
16 pg 18
6 Principles of Effective Recruitme
pg 6
fall 2010 • el iluminador • 3
Step Up Your Game
by Sam Centellas

As our Brothers are getting Visualize the Success - Without

ready to head back to school, I sounding like my college soc-
wanted to give some advice from cer coach you have to visualize
a Brother who works for a uni- success. Then I want you to
versity and sees students make take it up a notch by working
the same mistakes semester backwards from that success.
after semester. I teach this to So, you want an A? That means
my students in class, but many you need an A on the final, that
don’t listen until it is too late... means you need to actually
So Brothers, here is some free study for the final, that means
advice from me on how to be you should do homework
successful in college. throughout the semester... fol-
low those steps and you actu-
Be Prepared - Yeah I know we ally WILL achieve the success
aren’t Boy Scouts, but man they you wanted.
had that one down... You need
to PLAN the semester out and Tell Someone - Peer pressure
start on the right foot. Have your is a powerful force, use it to
books for the first day of class, help you WIN. This is where the
write notes on your syllabus and Brotherhood hits the pavement
be organized and prepared with and gets to work. Tell one of the
a new folder and sit up front. Brothers in your chapter what
your priorities are this semes-
Set Your Schedule - I tell my students, set your ter. Whether it is landing an internship, raising
schedule or your schedule will set you. Make a grades, doing your grad school applications...
weekly schedule of when classes are, when you whatever it is find a partner to help keep you on
work, when chapter meetings are, and most im- task.
portantly when study time is.... THEN put things
in your schedule like xBox, your girl, cleaning As we all know, we are in college for one thing,
your rims, and stroll practice. an education. That education will not only better
our life, but better the lives of our family, our com-
Define Your Priorities - What do YOU want to ac- munity and our world. So please, find success
complish this semester? Then review your sched- this fall on campus and know that our Brothers
ule... your schedule should point to your priori- are there for you and are pulling for you to suc-
ties. Then, at midterms review your actual weekly ceed. Just remember, PLAN and THEN YOU
schedule and ask yourself, does this schedule WILL WIN!
look like a person with the priorities I set? Then
adjust your schedule accordingly. Take care Brothers! Peace.

4 • el iluminador • fall 2010

Interview with
Fernando Tirado
by Amin Fernandez magazine, of which I served as Editor-
Amin: First and Foremost, could you in-Chief. I also joined the NY Alumni
please introduce yourself? Fernando: Association where I serve in various
My name is Fernando P. Tirado and capacities. As part of the AA, we have
I was born and raised in Washington held several career workshops and
Heights, NYC of parents of Puerto network events over the years for
Rican descent. I am one of the Found- brothers in the NYC area.
ing Brothers for the Pi Chapter at
Amin: How did your involvement with
Stony Brook. My line name is “Dedos”,
SLB change once you had a family
and I was the anchor for my line that
and graduated? Fernando: I am still
crossed on April 4th, 1992
involved, although in a limited capac-
Amin: What did you major in during ity, but try to give back whenever I
undergrad? And what kind of extra- can. I now have three children, one
curricular activities were you involved who is a couple of years from going to
in? Fernando: I first attended SUNY college, but it hasn’t stopped me from
Farmingdale from 1988 to 1991, doing my part when I can.
where I obtained my Associate’s de-
Amin: As a brother who helped make
gree in Biomedical Engineering Tech-
SLB coast to coast, did you ever imag-
nology. I then attended SUNY Stony community engagement, and business ine you’d be joining an organization
Brook from 1991 to 1994, where I ob- development as my priorities, although as diverse and grand as it is today?
tained my BA in Political Science with lately local politics and its impact on Fernando: I am proud to be part of
concentrations in Mass Media, West- community planning have become an organization that has grown “Coast
ern Hemisphere History, and Urban increasingly important to me. to Coast”, and deep down I knew that
Politics. As an undergrad, I served as
it would eventually happened. I saw
the President of SLB, Public Relations Amin: Could you please speak on that when I first met Brothers Bal-
Chair for the Latin American Student your political aspirations? Why state tazar Mendoza and Jose Rodriguez
Organization, Founder and Editor for senate? Fernando: I recently at- when they first exposed our line to the
the University’s first Latino student- tempted to get on the ballot for State values of the fraternity back in 1991.
based newspaper, interned for the Senator of the 33rd District, but as The fraternity has had its share of suc-
Latin American Cultural Center, served of August 1st, my candidacy for that cesses and growing pains as with all
as a resident assistant, co-founded office has ended. While I am disap- organizations. I think I was most proud
the annual Latin Block Party at Stony pointed from being knocked from the when I went to convention in Detroit in
Brook, and started my own part-time ballot, I am grateful for the experience 2008 and saw how well organized and
marketing company, FT Graphics. and come away better equipped for dedicated (and how large!) our broth-
the next time. The NYS legislature and erhood has grown.
Amin: Since graduating from college, the Senate specifically, is one of the
what has your career been like, any most dysfunctional legislatures in the Amin: Have any anecdotes on how
highlights? Fernando: Initially, my country. I attempted to run for that po- SLB has changed in your opinion over
career did not take off after graduating sition because I wanted to stand up for the years. Fernando: No anecdotes
college. I worked several jobs before my community against a government so to speak, but just a reminder that
I landed my first job with the NYC De- that has forgotten that it is “…of the we are in this brotherhood for reasons
partment of Health as a Health Inspec- people, by the people, for the people.” that are bigger than the individuals
tor. It was my company that helped me
that comprise it, that it does not end
stay afloat to support my wife and son Amin: During your time as a brother just because you graduate.
initially. Since then, however, I have 15 what has Sigma Lambda Beta done
years of public service and currently for you and Vice Versa? Fernando: Amin: Any advice to the brothers
serve as the District Manager for a While still an undergrad, I began writ- across the nation, both new and
community board in the Bronx. I put ing and designing the “El Iluminador” veterans? Fernando: That we are
my business on hold after 10 years newsletter and received the Brother of supposed to be diligent role models
so that I can focus more on my career the Year Award in 1993 for starting this and a light for future generations of
and family, but I value tremendously for the brotherhood. After graduating, brothers and those around us in our
the experience and am considering I worked with several brothers across community.
starting it up in the near future. the nation and we were able to trans-
form the newsletter into a national
I have always put family, fall 2010 • el iluminador • 5
re d Tr a i n i n g
Thoroughb mind.
d y e q uates to w ellness of the
Welln e ss o f th e b o
By Maximo Anguiano photos by Valentina Valdes -

Tired of looking in the mirror and In today’s day and age, workout pro- You have to work out CONSIS-
seeing the same old weak, out of grams are everywhere. Just about TENTLY. This means you can’t take
shape body? That’s okay, you don’t everyone who is into fitness has any days off, you can’t put limita-
have to admit it. Can’t make it to heard about P90X. Americans spend tions on your workouts, and you
the gym? Yeah, we know (“excuses tons of money gym memberships can’t make excuses for not working
are tools of the incompetent...”). Or too. But the P90X program isn’t for out. If you want something, go get it.
have you tried every workout and everyone, nor does everyone have That’s just the way it is. You want the
still can’t get the results you want? access to fancy workout equipment. body? Well work for it! And the only
Well enough crying already and do Nonetheless, programs like this ac- way you can actually achieve it, is to
something about it. Thoroughbred tually work because they incorporate exercise consistently. Taking a day
training is here to help you achieve three basic training rules. off is out of the question. Develop
your dream body. Discipline is the a routine, work out at a certain time
key to success, in all aspects of your THREE TIPS FOR SUCCESS of the day (everyday), and keep at
life. You can do anything that your You really only need three major tips it. Have a partner to work out with,
mind allows you to and this training for success. There is no big secret that way you all can hold each other
regimen is here to help you. This to getting the body you want. Treat accountable to the commitment.
workout regimen is intended to make your body right and your body, in Realistically, you should be working
you trim fat from your body, become turn, will treat you right. Follow these out about 5 times per week.
stronger (physically and mentally), 3 steps and you’ll be okay.
and have more self-discipline in your Diet
every day life. Consistency This is the biggest mistake people
6 • el iluminador •
make. Let’s put it this way... you the motions on the stair-stepper or dence in yourself. You can’t make
can’t work out for two hours, then go slowly jogging around a track. You the club in the tub.
home and eat a super-sized cheese- have to switch it up, with workouts
burger ‘value meal.’ Uh eh! It doesn’t that are difficult and intense. Change • No one is going to make you do
work that way. What you put into it up.. one day ride a bike, the next anything. You have to be com-
your body is your fuel; it also shapes run, the day after that swim laps in a mitted to yourself and do this
your body. Fatty, high cholesterol, pool, etc. on your own. You don’t need to
and sodium-filled foods will not only spend your paycheck on a per-
decrease your chances of getting Where am I going with this? You got sonal trainer. Your drive must
the body you want... they’ll also kill it.. developing a high intensity work come from within. If you don’t
you! Additionally, you have to watch out regimen that you can do in the push yourself, no one else will.
the amount of alcohol you consume. privacy of your own home. If you No excuses, just results.
Drinking lots of alcohol equates to follow these three tips, you’ll improve
your appearance, have higher ener- • Stay focused. You’re not going
lots of calories. Too many calories in have the body you want after one
a day isn’t always good. So be care- gy levels, feel better about yourself,
and be healthier. Hard work always day, so keep at it.
ful what you put into your body.
pays off. • Remember, you can work out at
Intensity home but feel free to go to a gym
Remember that.
Here’s the other thing people don’t if you have access. Also, feel
do. Ever hear someone complain, “I Before you dive into the Thorough- free to workout outside, utilize a
work out every day and can’t shed bred workout itself, here are a few bicycle or pool. Variety never hurt
any weight”? That’s because you reminders anything.
lollygag around in the gym, watch- • Make sure to stay hydrated. You Now to the fun part.. the workouts.
ing TV, texting, and reading Glamour should drink at least 8 glasses of This workout regimen is based off
magazine. It doesn’t work that way water a day anyway. a series of workouts, mostly taking
either. You have to sweat, work out the form of a High Intensity Interval
hard... and with some intensity. Not • Don’t be afraid to try something Training (H.I.I.T.) system. H.I.I.T. are
only that, but you have to have some new... branch out and broaden high intensity cardio workouts that
variety in your workout. INTENSE your horizons. You’re not going are intended to burn fat.
workouts do not mean going through to “look weird.” Have some confi-


Okay, here’s the deal. You’re going to do at least Make sure to

two of the workouts in each of the categories for
at least 30 seconds. You’ll do three sets and you’ll
stay hydrated.
then have a 30 second break in between sets. Easy You should
enough, right? 30 seconds is the beginners level.
As you progress, you’ll slowly work your way up to drink at least
1 minute.. then 2 minutes. If you can do three sets
of these workouts for 2 minutes straight, you’re
8 glasses of
ready for P90X. If you don’t have a stop watch water a day
to time yourself, round the time or work out until
exhaustion. anyway.
The entire workout shouldn’t take you longer than
30 minutes. Start with some regular cardio exercis-
es for about 10 minutes. This means, you can run,
run steps, swim, or ride a bike. But go for at least
10 minutes and push yourself at a moderate to high
level. Remember this has to be intense. Advanced
thoroughbreds can go for 20 minutes or higher.

fall 2010 • el iluminador • 7

Punch outs- Punch outs are a great way to shred your
upper body (mainly your shoulders). You want to work on
your form, which takes a standard boxing position. Keep
your guard up, extend one of your fists and punch, aiming a
particular point. When you detract your extended arm, your
opposite arm should replace it and punch the same point.
You’ll do this repeatedly and rapidly.

Jumping jacks

Running in Place- Run in place by chopping your feet

and get your knees as high as they can go. Chop your legs
fast. Remember, if you’re just beginning- you only go for 30
seconds- so make it good.
Squat thrusts- Squat thrusts are essentially standing in
an upright position and then squatting down, as if you were
sitting on a chair. Your knees should be bent at a 90 degree
angle and your body shouldn’t pass below your knees. Do
this, up and down at a high level, for 30 seconds and your
lower body will be good. For advanced thoroughbreds, try
jumping up when you come up from a squat

Taebo Knees With taebo knees, you want to get a wide

base (with your feet). Start with your arms raised in the air
and then bring them down- as if you’re pulling down. At the
same time, raise one knee up in the air (your arms and knee
will come towards and surpass each other, like a pulley sys-
tem). Do this rapidly, back and forth with each knee.


Exercise GroupCC
Wall squats

Towel jumps For towel jumps, wrap a towel up and place

it on the ground. Jump back and forth over it. Seems easy,
right? Try not to step all over the towel

Mountain climbers

Exercise GroupD
Pushups For advanced, try elevating off the ground for a
jump push up If you follow this regimen, you’ll be on your way. You
don’t need steroids, expensive workout programs,
Ab-core and personal trainers to achieve your dreams. You
can do this on your own. But you have to stay disci-
Crunches • Foot throws • Plank • Scissor kick • Bicycle
plined. Always remember the three tips for success
Cool down and you’ll be fine. Be well.

Jump rope or towel jumps

8 • el iluminador •

Apply for SLBEF Opportunity for Wisdom Scholarship!

Every semester, the SLB Education Foundation found at the SLB Education Foundation website
proudly awards a scholarship to a brother
(undergraduate or graduate student) for his
educational needs. It is our belief that by financially You can also read about brothers who have
supporting the financial needs of our talented previously won Foundation scholarships on our
brothers, we are investing in the potential of future Services of Foundation page.
leaders. The deadline for submitting applications is
In order to be eligible to receive the scholarship November 1, 2010.
you must be enrolled full-time in an institution of If you have any questions about the
higher learning, and you must be a Sigma Lambda scholarship program, please send them to:
Beta member in good standing. The recipient of
this scholarship will be selected based on their
recent achievements in scholarship, leadership This scholarship program is made possible by
and community service. generous donations made to the Sigma Lambda
Beta Education Foundation.
In order to apply you will need to download and
follow the instructions on the Opportunity for
Wisdom Scholarship Application, which can be
fall 2010 • el ilumnador • 9
The A,B,C’s of
earning A’s and B’s
By B. Celestino Carreon
photo by DAEllis of

The first part of test prep is the text later on when you have to study might not realize is that the prob-
book, without it many times you are you have a great study review lem isn’t the information but how or
lost in an ocean of information and guide with all the key points. where you are studying it.
no map to guide you. The question
Lecture Prep – If you didn’t pre- Location, Location, Location
is then, are you using your map
pare for the lecture, every point is – as any Realtor might say, loca-
correctly? You may have the map
new and important that your teach- tion is key. Where you study may
upside down and not even know it.
er talks about. Thus, by coming to have a dramatic affect of how you
Learn To Read – Skim through class already prepared you can learn. When you step onto the
your reading assignment first to get simply write down the key points basketball court, baseball diamond
the big picture, then read in detail that your teacher expands upon. or volleyball court you are ready
to understand the content. Lastly, to play, your mind is focused on
So you have read through the text one thing –the game. In that mind
review the text so that you can
book, took active notes in class, set, it is hard to get distracted from
asked questions to expand upon your task because your focus is
Summarize – That little white ½ complex information – but now enhanced based on your location.
page at the end of your chapter is you have to study for the test. The Why study in your room where you
the perfect place to write out the problem is no matter how much eat, sleep, relax, Facebook, etc.?
key points and ideas. That way, you study you just can’t seem to Your room is an eclectic collection
learn the information. What you of unorganized things and ideas,
10 • el iluminador •
not the type of place that is going Take a Break – When you are in yourself to do it. Inspiration without
to foster an education-first mentali- high school you would have a 5-10 action is knowingly limiting your
ty. Try the library, a place dedicated minute break in-between classes, own potential. So get out there
to learning is a great location to did you ever realize how that little and be an active student in the
get you into that can-do-can-learn break you used to get your books class and out. When your teacher
attitude. and walk around a little really tells you that ‘For every one hour
helped you to get back on track for in class you should be spending
Organization - Make sure your life your next class? The same goes three out of the class preparing,’
is organized so that you stay on for you today, a little 5-10 minute make sure your planner reflects
top of all your assignments. A plan- break after 45 minutes of studying that kind of dedication. As an ath-
ner should be more than just a list will help you to get back on track. lete will train for competitions, you
“What you might not The average maximum we can must train for your future career
realize is the prob- stay focused is around 45 minutes,
after that we get easily distracted
and every test is a hurdle – are you
lem isn’t the infor- and are less likely to retain infor-
mation but how or
where you are study- Prime Time – No we aren’t talking
about cable either. Knowing when
ing it.” you function best is key to becoming
a successful student. Do you know
of deadlines, make sure to create when your optimal study time is?
list, prioritize tasks, and give your-
self leeway time so that you’re not Now you are ready to take on any
stuck cramming the night before. test, you know the proper steps to
take but it is up to you to motivate

Creative Studying
When you were young everything was done creatively in a fun engaging way; why does that have to change
now that we are adults? Sure, the ideas are a little more complex but that doesn’t change the fact that by making
learning fun you are more apt to retain the information.

Acronyms – FOIL for math - First

Outer Inner Last – helps you to
remember the order to solve a math

Rhythm and Rhyme – “Thirty

days hath September, April, June,
and November”, or “In 1492 Colum-
bus sailed the ocean blue.”

Acrostics – HOMES to help you

remember the great lakes.

Alphabet Method - B= Black

Friday H = Herbert Hover (remember
26 key points about the great de-
pression or any topic)

Teach – teach complex ideas and

equations to a study group, friend,
or roommate. Nothing helps you to small print of flickr.
learn something better then trying to ph oto by the
teach it to someone else.
fall 2010 • el iluminador • 11
h y L i v i n g i n t h
Heal t By B. Celestino C

Don’t Share Drinks – This

clean to prevent spreading germs should go without saying but un-
You moved into your residence from your computer desk to the fortunately it still happens. Saliva
hall, ready to start your school year door handle. Hand sanitizer can spreads bacteria so easily, be
bright eyed and bushy tailed – 2 help you from catching someone smart and don’t be lazy, washing
months later your room looks like else’s cold every time you open a two cups instead of one is worth
a quarantine zone and you can’t door or use the desk in the class- the hassle.
seem to shake that cold. Well, here room. This holds especially true
are some helpful tips to keeping when the sickly student before you Flip Flops - You are using a
healthy while living on campus. fell asleep and drooled all over that communal shower, who knows
desk that you are using in class. what is being tracked into where
Do your laundry – while Additionally, make sure to always you walk around to rinse off. Wear
grabbing that hoodie stashed wash your hands. flip flops to prevent athletes foot,
underneath your bed seems like warts, or a host of other hassles.
a time saving, good idea, it could Take out your trash – It is
end up costing you in the long run. filled with bacteria and even if it is Clean, Clean, Clean - Your
Dirty clothes can pick up and hold tucked away in a corner your tiny mini-fridge, microwave, bed
bacteria especially if you sneeze room is too small to really ever have sheets, desk, and everything else
into your sleeves. Taking the time it out of the way. More so than just in your tiny room. Make sure not
to keep up with your laundry can bacteria your trash can can attract to forget to get the inside of the
prevent you from getting sick all bugs and rodents. Take the walk microwave and mini-fridge since
over again. down to the dumpster as often as this is where all your food goes.
you can to prevent trash buildup, with Bed and dust mites can spread
Use Hand Sanitizer/Wipes you and your roommate it is easy to germs if you don’t regularly wash
– Use the wipes to keep your room fill up your tiny trash can daily. you bed sheets and quilt -not

12 • el iluminador •
e s i d e n c e H a l l
he R
including what it can do to your
allergies- so be sure to clear them rest you run the risk of lowering
off weekly for a good wash. Also, your immune system’s ability to Sure these tips help you to prevent
consider purchasing a bed cover if fight illnesses. from becoming sick but what if it
you are using a used mattress, this is already too late for preventative
Air out your room – If you means? If you are already sick still
will zip all the way around your bed
have the room closed off using an do everything discussed before,
to prevent the previous users from
AC or plug in heater to regulate except the flu shots, because you
having an affect on your health.
your room temperature you are can always run the risk of prolong-
Flu Shots – they are available hoarding all those airborne patho- ing your illness due to an unhealthy
everywhere from the campus gens in your room. Open up the diet, dirty room, and contact with
nurse to your local drugstore, take window to get some real fresh air other bacteria and viruses. If you
advantage of them. One thing to scent instead of that Febreeze do fall ill and it just doesn’t seem to
note, is that you need to get this bottle your mom bought you. go away or you are running a high
shot before you become ill, oth- fever, make sure to visit your doc-
Vitamin D-3 – While you al-
erwise it will not work if you are tor. Other than that, enjoy your low
ways hear vitamin D is good for
already sick. sodium chicken noodle soup and
you, many are turning to Vitamin
wrap yourself with a warm blanket
Be Healthy – Be active and eat D-3 to help prevent and fight off
and enjoy a good book, might I
right. An active healthy lifestyle can illness. Flu, as well as many other
recommend your class textbook for
help build up your immune system, illnesses, are associated with low
your next exam.
so try to substitute those pizza rolls levels of Vitamin D (and D-3). Vi-
for fruit and vegetables and TV tamin D-3 comes from sunlight but
photo by borman818 of
time for an hour in the gym. This you can get similar small doses of it
also includes getting plenty of rest, from vitamins. So get out in the sun
by depriving your body of adequate or make sure that you take a vita-
min to supplement your lack of D-3.
fall 2010 • el iluminador • 13
Ballin On A Budget
Fresh ‘Til Death, Even When Dead Broke
by Bryan Rojas
I remember High School being the time or make a mental note of what it is you
of “dress to impress”. Everyone had liked. Once you know what you want, let
to have the newest, best brand name the money saving begin.
articles of clothing in order to be in. Well,
at least everybody that was somebody. 3. Take your inspiration to qual-
Getting caught at a “recycled fashion” ity off-price stores. Once you
store was a big no no. For the longest get your inspiration from the
while, I too had this mentality. How- higher-priced stores, you can
ever, having to move out the house at now take that style and
16 made asking for new clothes a little find similar pieces from
more difficult. Soon, buying clothes off-price or lower-priced
became a luxury you only did once in stores such as T.J. Maxx,
a while. Next thing I knew, college hit Marshall’s, H&M, Target or
and tuition became a necessity, while any recycled fashion store
clothes a greater luxury. I found myself and put together a similar
needing to change a few things. I still look! If you buy clothes
have a shoe fetish that says, 24 pairs that fit you properly,
of shoes is still not enough. We all have meaning not too tight, and
our guilty pleasure, be it shoes, hats or not hanging off of you,
Beta gear. However, I don’t know about you will look good and no
you, but this dreadful economy makes one will care where you bought
it difficult to set aside a few bucks for your clothes. You could get that $300
anything that isn’t an absolute necessity. look for only $50 if you shop at the right
Sadly, that leaves my wardrobe budget places.
in a non-existent state, and when I must
4. Of course one of the best ways
pick up something new, finding deals
you can save money on clothing is by
on clothes shoes and anything else
choosing colors and fabrics you can
becomes a must. I mean, just because
wear year round. Guys are lucky in that
you’re broke, doesn’t mean you can’t
we typically wear cotton shirts both in
look good. After all, we “Fresh ‘til death,
summer and winter and pants or shorts
even when we dead broke.” So here
are always a good look. The transition
are some tips that may help you save
from spring/summer to fall/winter is as
money and keep you looking fresh:
easy as throwing on a hoodie or sports
1. Ignore Trends. They change almost coat. The trick is to choose colors that
by the hour, so it will be costly to stay are neutral, like blue or white for a dress
on top of the constant change. After all, shirt and beige or black for pants. If you
a pair of Jordans come out more than are more of the dressy type, a black vest
once a year and by the time you get can go with many different colored shirts
enough money to buy the “new” pair, all you need is a nice pair of jeans and
they will only be new until the next $170 you have multiple outfits. On the other
pair comes out. So instead focus on de- hand, if you want to keep it casual, a
fining your own individual style. In other white, purple or black t-shirt, jeans and
words, just do you. all white or black shoes can be all you
need. Keep your hoodies and sports
2. Get Some Inspiration. Once you coats neutral, too, and you are set. As
figure out what your style is, look for ar- long as you can wear it year round, and
rangements online or at the stores with- finding the right shade of purple is not
out having to worry about price. Just put an issue, you have nothing to worry
it all together and either take pictures about.

14 • el iluminador • photo by Brandon Christopher Warren of

5. New is Not Always Better. If you need to buy a fake Rolex (that won’t 9. Some things you cannot buy.
want the brand name but not the last either) when there are better Make sure to look clean cut or well
brand price, looking into “Recycled quality choices out there. So price kept in the areas that you cannot
Fashion” stores is always fun. You doesn’t matter, as long as it looks easily change such as hair, hands
may not find exactly “that one” but good, wear it. and teeth. Personal hygiene and
you can find “this one”, which is physical appearance can be the big-
7. Seasons always return. The end
the same brand for a fraction of gest difference when looking good.
of season sales is the best time to
the price while still looking fresh. If you look good even a garbage bag
pick up some great stuff. This is
Everything from pants, shirts, can make a fit.
when I like to swoop in for a shop-
shoes or accessories can be
ping spree. Some retailers discount 10. Walk the Walk. It’s all about the
found at these stores. Even
as much as 80% off. So you can buy attitude. If you walk with swagger
the fancy, overpriced blaz-
your winter clothes at the beginning and confidence this will radiate in
ers can be found at these
of summer and your summer clothes your physical appearance. After all
stores for way less.
at the beginning of winter. “Elegance is a question of personal-
6. It’s about the Look. ity, more than one’s clothing.” -Jean-
8. From Head to Toe. Make sure to
Having the right acces- Paul Gaultier.
look fresh from head to toe because
sories can make or break
something as simple as ironing or Looking good should not cost you an
you. A nice watch or the
shoe polishing can make the differ- arm and a leg. All it takes is a little
correct pair of glasses can
ence of a lifetime. Some beat up old creativity and the swagger to make
make a huge difference.
dress shoes can become almost new it work. There are no rules set on
These days so many com-
with shoe polish and a little TLC. If stone and when it comes to style,
panies are producing really
being a Beta has taught you any- you are the master of what’s in, what
cool watches that look much
thing, it’s “attention to detail.” Take works and what doesn’t.
more expensive than they
advantage of that and make it work.
really are. No longer do you

The Price of Education

by Bryan Rojas
What is this hypocrisy The land of opportunity, goals and dreams
That we follow blindly called democracy The land where nothing is ever what it seems
Nothing more than bullshit, lead by a bureaucracy Our politician ignore our screams
We believe in many while in autocracy Different names of the same regimes
We continue to Barrak the vote, For the rich continue to get richer, the poor stay poor
Thinking our needs they note All of a sudden money can buy you a cure
While the only thing they promote Guarantee that if Magic was poor he’d be death for sure
It hunger, death and war for a quote While we stay quite, and the punishment endure
We wanna run half way around the world Youth continues to bleed out, based on a color
And point a finger at all While we continue to kneel down, based on a dollar
Ignoring our reality, creating a wall All we can hope to become rappers, dealers or ballers
We scream for their help, they ignore the call For the price of education is no longer in dollars
For dollar signs they no longer recall Because now we paying, with blood sweat n tears
4 year college! more like 6 years
More spend in prisons, say fuck education
Drop out rates rise, see the relation Diplomas attached to a collectors pen
Turning the youth into bums, on a donation We getting played again and again
Have they fail to realize we are their salvation Enough is enough just tell me when
How can they expect to have our dedication
When their dedication, is only to corporation F’ da wait I’ll just count to ten

Like a song we keep on getting played, radio station

The only goal they continue to set, incarceration

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Zen & The Art
of Strolling
by Jason Smolka photo by Irving Roman

Every time we embark on a new floor with confidence in front of a it was easier to match the moves
phase of our life the demands on our crowd of people. And once you’re to the rhythm and get in the flow.
time begin to change and what we out there you can’t just quit if you Needless to say the stroll always
did yesterday is no longer what we miss a beat or lose a step you’ve got looked the best when we had a
need to do, can do or have time to to jump right back in the mix, moving chance to do it to the song we had
do today. College students experi- on and forgetting that the mistake been practicing it on all week but by
ence this every semester and to an ever happened. Our daily life does that point we were able to perform
even greater degree at the start of not differ much from this – just like it to any song with a similar beat.
the school year. The best thing that there’s a rhythm to a song that gets Using a schedule on a regular basis
we can do to combat the chang- us moving and keeps us focused, and making sure it is up to date ev-
ing demands on our time is to work there is also a rhythm to our lives. ery week is a great tool to help you
ourselves into a rhythm. Those of In both strolling and our daily lives catch the flow of your life. By visual-
us who are strollers out there know it is all too easy to miss a step, lose izing your week and keeping regular
what it’s like to catch a rhythm. To the beat and become unfocused; but track of it you’ll begin to catch the
go from absolutely still to suddenly just like when you’re out there stroll- patterns and ride through the week
breaking out into a precision format ing, regardless of missteps or mis- like you stroll on a beat.
at the first sounds of Rick James or takes you’ve got to keep on moving.
Swag Surfin’. Hitting every step, Whether you’re just learning a stroll
matching your brother, stride for Whenever I use to learn a new stroll or you’ve been doing it for years
stride, and flowing with the beat. my line brother and I would pick a eventually you’re going miss a step
song that we felt worked with the or make a mistake. While a master
No brother though, regardless of rhythm of the moves. We didn’t stroller recovers quickly, any mis-
how much rhythm he has, masters deviate from that song until we got take has the possibility of throwing
a stroll right away. It takes practice, the steps down to perfection. Using off the whole line. For this reason,
practice and more practice to hit the the same beat over and over again it’s critical to be able to jump back

16 • el iluminador •
into a stroll regardless of the point time I’m able to jump right back in just having a conversation with them
you leave off on. If you can’t catch like I never missed a beat. is usually enough to get me going
the beat again or remember what again. If that doesn’t seem to work
comes next, it’s usually a good idea However there’s still that 20% of the I make sure to get myself back into
to jump out of the line and jump time that I get so lost that I’ve got to a work-out schedule. Having that
back in at the end once the steps jump out of the line and start over set time where I go to the gym and
start over. If you’ve been keeping a from step one in the sequence. In work on improving myself physically,
schedule, you may be able to jump my life, there are a few things that I enables me to also clear myself
right back into the mix, acting like can always count on to get me back mentally and get back in the stroll.
the misstep never took place. Or on track and moving again. One is While these things work for me, they
maybe you have another technique a call to my wife, my parents or my may not work for you. I encourage
to get yourself going again. Person- line brothers. These are the people you to find a few activities that can
ally, I combine my schedule with the who know me best and can easily focus you and get you back into the
Urgent-Important To-Do List matrix tell when there’s something a little rhythm of your life.
discussed in the 7 Habits of Highly off in my life. We don’t always need
Effective People. The combo of to talk about exactly what’s going
these two ensures that 80% of the on that is throwing me for a loop but

Leaving my mind and my body from Pledging Lambda Beta

Even if we accomplished much more

its common principle than harm
All day and all night
I have embarked on the journey to They would try to unfold the negative
make more of myself at the pinnacle Our blood, sweat and tears trans-
formed itself Even if we gave more than any other
For over the years, months or days org
that have began and ended To that precious oil bestowed upon us
They will act as if we are nothing
The love of my brotherhood has And we progressed across the pits to more
made me more than the letters that discover our true potential
represent it Now to live as an honorable Lambda
In the realm of Lambda Beta men Beta man is to befriend humility
Remembering the days when I only
used to dream Wisdom was the tool And to live as a better man takes
Before I could every be implemented Embracing our culture was the fuel
Since living the creed is one of a kind
Surfing the web and engaging my- To build a better man was one half
self in the presence So we must uplift ourselves through
To serve our community was the right the toil and the strife
My eyes glazed with that royal path
purple intention From our rebirth till the light don’t
Through thick and thin shine
Understanding only in my heart but With the passion of a guerilla soldier
not fully knowing what I learned in My body might be in the dirt
the dark With much bolder plans But my soul will always be resur-
Till the day came and my summons Will I ever go through it again? rected
was accepted
Some one will always ask Because Mi corazon is forever re-
Befriending another man who sought severado enternamente
the same light But even if I gave them my sense
And it came to be that he was my kin They would not comprehend
amongst the twilight
Even if we worked twice as hard
Earning our stripes
They could not comprehend
Earning the right
fall 2010 • el iluminador • 17
6 Principles of
by B. Celestino Carreon

photo by Irving Roman

How do you look at recruiting? Can freshman, scared out of their mind Principle 5: Talk in Terms of the
you have a high quantity of qual- walking around the recruitment fair Other Person’s Interest.
ity men? Do you use the search for is not going to walk up to you and
quality as an excuse for a lack of start actively engaging themselves Find your commonality, an interest
quantity? Are those tried and true re- in a conversation if you are staring you both share and can discuss. If
cruitment strategies becoming a little them down with your cholo shades they share an interest that a fellow
more tired than tried and a little less on. If you want to be approached, brother has, introduce them, but
true every year you use it? Albert be approachable – or better yet take never give a naked introduction.
Einstein once defined insanity as five steps away from your table and Naked introductions are when you
doing the same thing over and over introduce yourself to them. would just pass on the conversation
again and expecting different results, to someone else without giving a
factor in the ever changing demo- Principle 3: Remember That a topic for them to transition into. Start
graphics on your campus and you Person’s Name is, to that person, off by introducing them and then
begin to see the problem. Further- the most important sound in any referring to the commonality they
more, somewhere along the lines of language share, it could by a hobby, major,
becoming a brother we forget that hometown or anything else that will
As a collegiate Latino-based frater- allow the individual to talk within
those new to college and Greek life nity we will come across many indi-
don’t have the understanding of the terms of their own interests.
viduals from various backgrounds,
Greek system, it’s benefits or the most of which will never attempt to Principle 6: Make the Other
concept of brotherhood that we do. learn a bit of Spanish. Point being, is Person Feel Important – And Do it
Dale Carnegie is the founder of the his name Hector or Héctór because Sincerely.
self help movement, any personal there is a difference and hearing the
sweet sound of your name being Carnegie shares that, “We all want
or professional development book approval of those with whom you
stems off of the ideas that Carn- pronounced correctly will leave a
lasting impression. Accent aside, come in contact. We all want recog-
egie founded in his book, “How to nition of our true worth. And we all
Win Friends and Influence People.” simply remembering their name will
make someone feel like they are want a feeling that you are important
Through a little bit of know how and in the world.” Why is this important
adjustments to fit you the modern important to you and the organiza-
tion. Repeat their name before you to the individual? It is because they
collegiate Greek you can become don’t know or understand the broth-
better prepared and armed to work let go of their hand, repeat it in the
conversation and write it down after erhood yet, as it is not a tangible
with potential interest and with thing that can be described accu-
clients in your future professional they have left.
rately it is something one experi-
career. Principle 4: Be a Good Listener. ences after time and commitment
Principle 1: Become Genuinely Encourage others to talk about to the fraternity. Through a sincere
Interested in Other People themselves interest in an individual you can em-
power them to become a leader and
“Most commonly used word in con- The best way to remain confident is thus inspire them to want to become
versations is the personal pronoun to control the conversation, the best a Sigma Lambda Beta man. Don’t
‘I’.” (Carnegie, 1937) We think that way to control the conversation is try to sell them on features because
a flashy poster board or step show to monopolize the listening and the they are yours, not theirs. Instead
will get someone interested in Sigma best way to monopolize the listen- have them look at benefits, what can
Lambda Beta, yet we fail to realize ing is to ask open ended questions. SLB do to aid their reason for going
that spectacle is cheap in everything If you bombard some guy with SLB to college – which traditionally are to
but cost. They will never know how facts and send him on his way, he graduate, become successful, make
we live out the principles, if we never won’t even remember who you are. friends and to get a job?
first become interested in them – it’s If you get him talking about him-
the basic law of reciprocity. self, showing interest in him as an Works Cited
individual he will be more likely to
Principle 2: Smile remember you and have a positive Carnaige, Dale. (1936) 'How To Win
experience interacting with SLB. The Friends And Influence People' Simon
Fraternal brotherhood is built first key is to learn the individual first, the & Schuster Inc. Publishing
and foremost out of friendship, it is organization will naturally come into
the foundation on which all other the conversation at a later point.
bonds are created. That random
fall 2010 • el iluminador • 19
Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.
Executive Office
900 West Penn St
North Liberty, IA 52317-9524

Re tre at 2 0 1 1

June 23-25, 2011

Loyola University
Lakeshore Campus

Mark Your Calendar!

photo by Mike Warot of