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Dear fellow Republican.

WiU you stop Keith Elliso n - one of the most dangerous men in America - from
gaining control of tbe AHorney General's office 11nd its vast law enforcement powers?

Why do I :,ay that Keith Ellison is one of the most dangerous men in America?

Bccause-f.lliM}fl has-a-iong-<IJld 1\ell-dGCWDcntcd history of racism aad ami-Scmiti:.m;

associate:. with known terrorists ru1d radical Islam1c groups dedicated to destroying America, and
has sworn to take down our president.

Keith Ellison is a man who should be kept for away from power ...

. . . and yet he's running to be our next Anomc) General in Minnesota. and there are fe11
things more disa~trous than him winning. As Attorney General, Ellison will abuse hb power to
sue and altack President Tnunp and subvert the rule of law.

Just consider the tmth about who Keith Ellison really is:

Keith Ellison pals around with radical Islamic groups and defend.~ known terrorists.

In 2008. Ellison, u Muslim, went on a pilgrimage to Mecca sponsored by the Muslim

AmericJn Society (MAS). The MAS is an a1111 of the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic
group that for years worked to o1·erthrow the government of Egypt and spread its message of
hate and death throughout the world.

In Mecca, Ellison met with Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyab. an officer of a Muslim
Brotherhood group th at is~ued_ a fatwa urging "jihad'' against- that is~ the murd er of-
U.S. troops that were then in Iraq and that supports Palestinian terrorists.

Ellison also met 1~ith the president of a Saudi Arabia-based bank that funnels millions of
dollars to families of Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel.
In addition, Ellison has spoken at the convention of the Islamic Society of:>lorth
America. which is part of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR was an
unindictcd co-conspirator in a major federal terrorism case.

And Ellison is friends with notorious racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakba11. Ellison
helped organize Farrakhan's Million Man March in 1995.

It isn'tjust that Keith Ellison hangs around 11ith radicals and terrorists. Ellison bjmself!Jt
Ellison has said that the "Republican Party today is the party of racism." Few things are
more insulting and untrue. That remark is especially galling because Ellison himself is an
umepentant racist.

In college Ellison advocated for a blacks-only country to be carved out of the United
States. He also said that whites should pay cash reparations to blacks.

And Ellison called the U.S. Constitution the "best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to
subjugate other peoples.'' This is the same U.S. Constitution he would have to defend as
Attorney General.

But in truth, Ellison isn't interested in defending the U.S. Constitution so much as
attacking President Trump.

Keith Ellison is running for Attorney General so he can use his position to SUE and
THWART President Donald Trump.

In his candidacy announcement, Ellison said he' s nmning because " it's a way to push
back against some unfair things the Trump administration is doing."

If Ellison wins, he will have access to nearly unlimited state taxpayer dollars to fund
his legal war against President Trump and his agenda to make America great again.

If you listen to Ellison long enough you realize he thinks America has never been great,
and that explains why Ellison opposes President Trump across the board.

Ellison is prone to doing eye-catching political stunts that reveal his true self. This year
he marched in a socialist May Day parade in Minneapolis wearing a shirt that read "Yo no creo
en fronteras" in Spanish, which translates to"! do not believe in borders."

I believe Ellison doesn' t believe in borders. He doesn' t think we should put the best
interests of American citizens ahead of those of foreigners.

Ellison has not only fought for open borders and waves of more immigration, he's against
Trump's travel ban of visitors from terrorist states. Ellison would prefer to risk more terrorist
attacks in our country over hurting the feeling of foreigners who have no right to come here.

But if Ellison seizes the Attorney General ' s office, you can bet that he's going to sue
President Trump to let in more criminals, unvetted refugees, and potential terrorists. That will
make all of America less safe.

All Ellison has to do to shut down President Trump's agenda for the entire country
is to fmd one liberal activist judge who is sympathetic to Ellison's radical legal activism and
who will issue nationwide injunctions.

This is the tactic that other leftist attorneys general are already using to stop President
Trump's wildly popular agenda.

So just imagine ifKeith Ellison gets the power he so desperately lusts for.

Suddenly ... BOOM! An Ellison lawsuit as Attorney General ends President Trump's
plans to stop terrorists from entering our country ...

BOOM! Ellison stops Trump' s bureaucratic reforn1s that have cut red tape, pushed the
unemployment rate down under 4%, and led to rising wages ...

BOOM! Ellison convinces an activist judge that illegal aliens have more rights than
Americans like you ...

BOOM! Ellison gets a judge on board with forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions and
forcing doctors and nurses to perform them ...

The list of radical policies Ellison can force on the entire country from a perch in the
Attorney General"s office is as long as my ann. ot only are these leftist policies wrong, they're
an attack on democracy and our voice in our government.

But Keim Elliso111San unapologetiC radiCal Witlf1he zeal of a man possessed. He really
means it when he says he wants to transform America. He ' s for ...

++ A guaranteed basic income- even if you don't work ...

++ A "maximum wage" where the state will levy extra taxes on you if you earn "too
much" . ..

......+ Using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion provider and seller of baby body parts
Planned Parenthood ...

++ Discriminating against Christians and other traditional believers for not

supporting the transsexual agenda . . .

++ The total government takeover of healthcarc ...

Keith Ellison is so radical he defends the truly indefensible. Recently he stood up for a
scheme in Minnesota whereby Somali immigrants were caught defrauding the state through
childcare scams to the tune of millions of dollars ...

. . . and then sending that money in suitcases packed with one-miLlion dollars overseas
where some of it ends up in the hands of terrorists who want to kill us.

Keith E llison can't be trusted to enfor ce t he laws when he spends so much time
advocating tearing them down.

That's why we must defeat Ellison's bid to become Minnesota's Attorney General.

My name is Doug Wardlow and I'm the official Republican nominee running against
Keith Ellison. I want the Attorney General's office to enforce the law, not abuse its power to
impose far-left policies that Minnesotans and the American people don't want.

As a trial and appellate attorney, I've fought and won cases to defend free speech,
religious liberty, and conscience rights. And I'll stand up for the conunon man as I've done
during the years I spent defending the rights of private property owner-s in eminent-domain cases.
I' ve fought for American workers and businesses when I litigated against China's unfair
practice' that banned our steel industry.

I also served in the Minnesota I louse of Representatives and led effons to reduce the size
and ~cope of state government. refom1 tort law, and eliminate burdensome regulations.

I couldn' t be more different than Keith Ellison. I believe Minnesotans and all
Americans deserve an Attorney General who will uphold the rule of law and not abuse his
position oftrust to undermine it.

I hope you agree. because I need your immediate help.

As the #2 at the DNC. Keith Ellison has a lot of powerfu l and wcahhy allies who want to
insrall hun in the Anomey General's office so he can lead the "Resistance" to President Trump.

While the elites in Washington love that type ofno-holds-bam:d political ''arfarc, the
good people of Minnesota do not. And we need to make sure that they know what Keith El l i~on
really believes.

That's why I'm asking for your generous support of$35. $50. S 100.$250, $500 or
SI ,000 today. Please rush it back in the enclosed envelope.

There's n o m ore importallf Attorney General race i11 America.

Simply put. if we let Keith Ellison seize power, he'll usc his position to sabotage
Pre;,tdcnt Trump's enti re agenda and banle to lay the ground\\Ork for Trump·s impeachment.

Tltat's not tile job of our Attorney Ge11eral!

Please help me fight back again~t Keith Ellison by supporting my campaign with a
donation ofS35. $50. SIOO. $250. S500. $1.000 or more.

There' s just too much on the line for us to allow a dangerous man like Keith Ellison to
gain control of the enonnous power of the Anomcy General's office.

It would he a disaster for Mi1111e.•ota and for tile entire nation!

Thank you for whatever you can give today!

For the Rule of Law,

Doug \\ ardlow

P.S. Keith Ell ison doesn't share the American values you and I do. He's in bed with radicals
and terrorists, hangs out with racists and anti-Scmites, hates President Trump. and wants
to usc the Anomey General's office to force far-lefi policies on us.

Keith Ellison is a very dangerous man and be must be kept far away from power.

I promise to adhere to the rule of law as Anomey General. But first I must defeat Keith
F. llison. Please ru;h back a donation of at least S35 or $50 today. Thank you so much!

Prepared and pa1d for by Doug Wardlow for Attorney General

. . ,. $00.250
for At~rn9 Gltlfftil AUTO I _.,..,
-~ '.t £ -... Z1"-

Keith Ellison is many things, including ...

==> A supporter of cop-killers ...

==> An associate of terrorism-sympathizing Islamic groups .. .
==>A friend of racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan .. .

But Keith Ellison wan s

==> And personally credibly accused of domestic abuse ...
o ho n~e more thing ... Minnesota's Attorney General~

I'm runn~ng against; h.ifll ,.nd I neeq your he~p to stop him . O?EN IMM'£.'01.A'!U'{~

Dear Fe llow Republican ,

Keith ~llis on i s many things , ~ncluding ...


a s soc~ate
==> A s upporter of cop-killers
An of terror~sm -sympa~hizing Islam~c

A fr i e nd of racist and anti - Sem~te


Louis farrakhan

==> And personally c redibly accused of domestic abuse

But Keith Ellison wants to be one more th i ng in addit i on to -

this toxic s t ew of r acism, a nti - Semi tism, c op hatred, te r ro rism
e xcuse- maki ng, and accusations o f domes~ic a buse ...

... he also wants to be Minnesota's Attorney General!

Keit~ 3llison couldn ' t pass a backg ro~nd check to be a

rookie police c a det , and he cer~ainly sho~ldn ' t be Xinnesota ' s
top law en f o r c e ment o::icial .

Th~s would be a d~saster not on:y : o r Minnesota , but : o r

all of Arner.:.c a .

Becaus e Keith Ellison wants to s ubvert the mission o f the
Attorney Genera l ' s o ffi ce to use it to attack President Trump .

In his cand i dacy announcement , El lison sai d he ' s running

because " i~' s a wa y to push back aga ~ n st some unfair things the
Trump adm:.n!:at.ion is doing . "

If E::ison w~ ns , he will have ac=ess to near:y un:imited

state taxpaye r dollars to f~nd his lega : wa r against Pres~dent
Trurr.p and his a ge nda to make America gr eat again .

My name is Doug Wardlow and I ' m r ur.r. i ng for Attorney

General be c a use I wa nt to responsibly up hold t he duties of th e
office to p r otect the public .
Unlike Ellison , I don ' t want to politicize the position and
use the law as a weapon against political opponents .

To me , that is flat out unethical .

But if you look at Keith Ellison ' s long , sordid record , you
can easily see we have very different values and live our lives
in very different ways .

Two former girlfriends have accused Keith Ellison of abuse .

Ellison ' s former girlfriend, llberal Sierra Club actlvlst

Karen Monahan , credibly accused Ellison of physically and
emotionally abusing her .

Monahan said Ellison physically assaulted her , dragging her

off a bed while calling her a "f•cking b*tch ."

In 2005 , another of Ellison's girlfriends , Amy Alexander,

called 911 about Ellison. She later said:

"We had words . His anger kicked in. He berated me. He

grabbed me and pushed me out of the way . I was
terrified . I called the police . As he fled , he broke
my screen door. I have never been so scared."

Ellison ' s violent personal behavior reflects the violent

public behavior he supports .

Ellison has a long history of cheering on cop killers .

In the 1990s , Ellison made a name for himself by standing

up for gang members who had brutally murdered a Minneapolis
police officer in a gangland- style execution .

He spoke in defense of murderer Kathleen Soliah of the

Symbionese Liberation Army and rallied street protesters to her
bloody cause .

And , in a speech before the communist front organization ,

the National Lawyers Guild , Ellison praised cop killers Mumia
Abu - Jamal and Assata Shakur , and even hoped that Shakur , who
escaped to Cuba , wouldn ' t be turned over to American law

Keith Ellison's rampant anti - Americanism goes along with

his longtime involvement with Louis Farrakhan ' s Nation of Islam ,
even to the point of adopting black Muslim names such as " Keith
X Ellison" and "Keith Ellison-Muhammed . "
As a Muslim , Ellison has hung around radical Islamic groups
and defends known terrorists. Just consider ...

* Ellison went on a pilgrimage to Mecca sponsored by the

~ Muslim American Society , an arm of the terrorist group the
Muslim Brotherhood .

~ In Mecca, he met with Sheikh Aballah Bin Bayyah , who has

' urged the jihad murder of American soldiers.

* And he has spoken at the convention of the Islamic Society

~ of North America, whose parent group was an unindicted co -
conspirator in a major federal terrorism case .

I could go on and on , but I think you get the idea . From

his private and public actions , Ellison has revealed himself
manifestly unfit for the Attorney ' s General office .

Can you imagine what would happen if Ellison won?

Given his hostility to law enforcement, Ellison will crack

down not on criminals , but on police officers! That will result
in a pullback in policing and a skyrocketing in crime.

Instead of working to protect Minnesotans , Ellison will use

the office tofrivolously sue President Trump on~ssues
important to Ellison ' s radical leftwing base .

This year Ellison marched in a socialist May Day parade in

Minneapolis wearing a shirt that read "Yo no creo en fr onteras"
in Spanish , which translates to "I do not believe in borders. "

It ' s a near certainty that Ellison will sue the Trump

Administration on behalf of fo r eigners and put their interests
ahead of the interests of American voters .

And how can we get a fair justice system when Ellison has
called the U. S . Constitution the "best evi dence of a white
racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples"? This is the same
U. S . Constitution he would have to defend as Attorney General!

~ That ' s why we must defeat Ellison ' s bid to become

~nnesota ' s Attorney General .

My name is Doug Wardlow and I ' m the official Republican

nominee running against Keith Ellison . I want the Attorney
General ' s office to enforce the law , not abuse its power to
impose far-left policies that Minnesotans and the American
people don ' t want.

As a trial and appe llate attorney , I ' ve fought and won

cases de=end free speech, religious liberty, conscience
righ~s, private property, and against China's unfair practices
that harmed the ~~erican steel industry .

: also served in the Minnesota House o f Representatives and

led e==orts to reduce the size and scope of state government,
reform tort law, and eliminate burde nsome regulations.

I couldn' t be more different than Keith Ellison . I believe

Minnesotans and all Americans deserve an Attorney General who
will uphold the rule of law and not abuse his position of trust
to undermine it .

I hope you agree, because I need your immediate help to

defeat Keith Ellison.

~ Ca n ! count on you for an emergency contribution o f $35,

<I $50, $100 , $250, $500, $1 , 000 or more today?

Minnesota ~asn't had a Republican Attorney General in 47

years , so Ellison is considered the favo rite in this race .

Remember, my campaign must =ight for every single vote and

expose Keith Ellison's appalling record -- something the liberal
media will not do for me.

There i sn't a l ot of time before Election Day, but there is

enough time for you to make a difference .

Please help me avoid the complete disaster of an Ellison

victory by sending in an urgently-needed gift of $35 , $50 , $100 ,
$250 , $500 , $1,000 or more. I ' m counting on your help.

For the Rule of La~,,

Doug Wardlo'.v

P.S . Keith El lison has been credibly accused of domestic abuse

bv two women . . . defends cop kil l ers ... pals around wi ::h ) )
t;rrori~ympath1zing ISlamic groups ... and assoc iateS
with racists and anti- Semites ... and he wants to be the
next Attorney General .

If he succeeds, he will use the Attorney General's off ice

to wage war on the rule of law, public safety, and our
P~erican values .

Please help me win this key race by rushing back a special

contribution of $35 or $50 in the next 96 hours . Thank you !
Prepared and paid for by Doug Wardlow for Attorney General