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API SPEC 7K – 3RD EDITION – Drilling & Well Servicing Equipment

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Name ___________________________ Date ____________

1. What is the diametrical distance between pins on a 37 1/2 in. four pin drive master
bushing? Spec Para : ______________

2. Tapered thread type connection between crossheads, crosshead extensions and piston rods
shall be 8 TPI, Series UN, class 2A-2B modified. (True or False) Spec Para : __________

3. On straight thread type connections between crossheads, crosshead extensions and piston
rod the perpendicularity shall be

Spec Para : _________________

4. What is the chamfer on the inside edge of the piston end of the slush pump liner?
Spec Para ; __

5. Rotary vibration hoses are used as flexible connectors between the mud pump
manifold and the standpipe manifold and are usually in lengths of 45 feet and
over (True or False) Spec Para : ___

6. The test pressure of a grade D, 4 in. diameter, 60 ft. long rotary hose is

How long should the test pressure be held? Spec Para : _______________

7. The manufacturer must qualify any welding procedures used for manufacturing Spec 7K
products to AWS D1.1? (True or False) Spec Para : _____________________

8. Rotary slips are included in Spec 7K for dimensional interchangeability and must have a
taper of 4 inches per foot. (True or False) Spec Para :

9. Mechanical properties of materials for Spec 7K products shall meet the property
requirements specified by

Spec Para : ________________

10. The NDE requirements specified by Spec 7K for equipment subjected to load testing shall
be done a minimum _________after load testing. Why? Spec Para : ______________