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Charter of the Smashed Avocado Movement

1. All signatories of this charter take it as their personal responsibility to leave this world in a better
state then they entered it, and to contribute great or small toward a progressive, and healthy future
for our children and all future generations.
2. All human rights are universal, and all people are equal and valid. This will never be a point of
negotiation or compromise.
3. We are dedicated to eliminating all forms of inequality. To always create space and support for
minority groups and the disenfranchised, including but not limited to: those disadvantaged or
discriminated against due to their sex, race, religion, physical/psychosocial disability, sexual
orientation or gender identity, toward the goal of true social equality.
4. Indigenous rights, sovereignty and culture, are to be respected, acknowledged and stood up for.
Efforts toward reconciliation will always be based on mutual support, respect and a combined future.
5. Immediate and ongoing action to adequately counter climate change and to create an ecologically
sustainable future to protect the existence of all life on Earth.
6. The economy will exist to serve society, society will not exist to serve the economy. An adequate,
sustainable, and affordable standard of living must to guaranteed to all people, including access to
housing, education, healthcare, transport and nourishment. The government must guarantee this
minimum level of support for all the people it serves.
7. All policy must be based on evidence, logic, expert advice, and compassion for those it affects. If
a policy proposal cannot be demonstrably beneficial for society, it must not be proposed.
8. All governing bodies, including those associated with this charter, must be transparent and held
accountable for their actions and words. Furthermore measures at all levels must always be in place
to identify and take sufficient action to eliminate corruption of all forms, now and always.
9. Protest and free speech must always be protected however intolerance must never be treated as
fair or even discourse, and must be challenged, publicly, at all times.
10. We recognise and support the right to self-defence, however violence against others is inherently
coercive and should be avoided in all cases that are not self-defence.
11. The signatories agree that there is no contradiction between fighting for reforms within the
current political system and fighting for systemic change. Victories won fighting for reform helps the
movement build confidence to push for greater change.
12. Democracy needs to be extended in all directions. Local communities must have control over
their neighbourhoods. Workplaces must be run democratically by the workers.
13. Signatories of this charter must have organisational autonomy to pursue their projects as they
see fit, as long as they act within the tenets of this Charter.