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(Spark 2)
Name: _______________________ Date: ______________________
Exercise 1: Choose the correct answers.
1. Jack lives on a farm, so he ___ tell you about country life.
a. can b. shall c. able to
2. “___ have a picnic by the sea tomorrow.”
“OK, I’ll make the sandwiches.”
a. Can b. Let’s c. Shall
3. You ___ feed the animals at the zoo. It isn’t allowed.
a. couldn’t b. don’t need to c. mustn’t
4. We ___ buy some milk from the farmer last week.
a. could b. need to c. were able to
5. You ___ spend more time outdoors. It’s good for you.
a. can’t b. should c. would
6. The farmer ___ to protect the sheep from the foxes.
a. needs to b. able to c. don’t have to
7. “___ you like me to feed the cows?”
“Yes please, if you have time.”
a. Could b. Should c. Would
8. I’ve got an idea. We ___ visit a farm on Sunday.
a. are able to b. could c. must
9. Dan ___ go fishing today. The weather is bad.
a. shouldn’t b. doesn’t need to c. couldn’t
10. No, you ___ go out now. It’s very late.
a. can’t b. couldn’t c. don’t need
11. “___ you walk the dogs, please?”
“Yes, after I finish my homework.”
a. Could b. Should c. Shall
12. “___ feed the horses tomorrow?”
“I think so, yes.”
a. Shall you b. Would you like c. Will you be able to
13. You ___ cook now. We aren’t hungry.
a. mustn’t b. shouldn’t c. don’t need to
14. It’s very hot today. You ___ give the animals water!
a. can b. must c. would
15. “___ we walk to the lake?”
“Yes, why not? It’s a lovely day.”
a. Shall b. Let’s c. Would
16. Mark ___ ride a horse when he was five.
a. can b. would c. could
17. “Please, ___ I go to the park?”
“Only if you clean your room first.”
a. can b. shall c. will
18. Don’t worry. I ___ help you collect the eggs.
a. should b. would c. will
19. You ___ buy any milk. We have a carton.
a. aren’t able to b. don’t have to c. mustn’t
20. I ___ pick the apples. They’re ready.
a. was able to b. have to c. would
Points: __/20

Exercise 2: Complete the sentences using relative pronouns and adverbs.

Builder / person / build houses Super marker / place / we do the shopping Tiger / animal / live in the jungle
__________________________ _________________________ _________________________
__________________________ _________________________ _________________________

Widow / woman / her husband is dead Painter / person / paint pictures

__________________________ __________________________
__________________________ __________________________

Points: __/10
Exercise 3: Join the sentences using who, when, where, which, whose or
(that’s) why.
1. She’s the girl. She works in the library.
2. Corfu is an island. It has many beautiful beaches.
3. I’ve spoken to John. His house was burgled last Monday.
4. This is Fiona Webb. She is a famous dancer.
5. 1945 was the year. The Second World War ended then.
6. That’s the hotel. We stayed there last summer.
7. Her dog died. She’s crying.
8. Here’s the alarm clock. I bought it yesterday.
9. That’s the lady. Her jewellery was stolen.
10. August is the month. Most people go on holiday then.
Points: __/10

Exercise 4: Fill in the gaps with can, may, could, must, mustn’t or can’t.
Jim: Mum, 1) _____ I go to the library?
Mother: Of course you 2) _____, Jim, but you 3) _____ stay very long.
Jim: 4) _____I stay until 8 o’clock?
Mother: No, you 5) _____, because the concert starts at 8:30.
At the library
Jim: 6) ______ I look at the latest “Musician” magazine, please?
Librarian: Yes, you 7) _____, but remember that you 8) ______ take it out of the
library. (Jim’s phone rings) And you 9) ______ turn off your phone, young man! Noise
isn’t allowed here.
Jim: Okay, madam. 10) _____ I put it on “silent mode”?
Points: __/10
Exercise 5: Fill in the gaps with the correct word from the box.
stamina goggles tyre regularly wrong factory
allowed check wreck fire scared electricity
regulations hundreds advice
1. The legend of vampires goes back __________ of years.
2. You aren’t ___________ to bring coffee in class.
3. What’s __________, Lisa? You look awful!
4. Make sure you __________ the brakes before you start your journey.
5. I don’t have enough __________ to run a marathon.
6. “It’s cold out here.” “Maybe we should start a __________.”
7. My father installed solar panels to save __________.
8. The __________ closed down because it wasn’t eco-friendly.
9. Students must wear a uniform, it’s part of the school __________.
10. Skiers wear __________ to protect their eyes from the wind and snow.
11. If I were you, I would speak to Matthew directly. That’s my __________.
12. The dog ___________ away the burglars.
13. John and his family were very unlucky. They wanted to go on a trip but they got
a flat __________.
14. You must exercise __________ if you want to stay fit.
15. This house used to be very grand and luxurious fifty years ago, but now it’s a

Points: __/30

Exercise 6: Choose the correct word.

1. If I was / were you, I’d ask the teacher for some extra work.
2. You must oil your bike’s chain / brakes regularly, to prevent accidents.
3. Plastic bags are one of the major causes of environmental pollution / recycling.
4. Every Saturday, Alan goes / plays ice hockey.
5. Fire alarms aren’t a game. You must take it seriously / know what to do.
6. I went to Jack’s house and we attended / watched the match together.
7. “I’m sorry I scared you!” “Oh, it’s okay, I didn’t care / mind.”
8. “Would you like to go to the theatre?” “I can’t stand / I’d love to.”
9. I have to lay the table / bed every day for lunch.
10. Albert Einstein was a(n) accident / genius.
Points: __/20