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Thursday, 18-Oct-2018

Bangalore Conference
Br. Zac Poonen
The Psalmist said "All my joy is to be with the saints"
Verses It is impossible for grace not to come if we're humble.
1 Hebrews 11:6 It is very difficult to preach a word according to the need of the people unless one depends on God.
2 1 John 5 Faith : Helpless dependence on God
3 Without faith it is impossible to please God.
It is not intellectually believing (knowing) the truths. Even the devil also believes that.
Branch and the tree and the branch produces fruit

The people who had the most Bible knowledge crucified Jesus.

Saturday, 20-Oct-2018
Bangalore Conference
Br. Zac Poonen Privilege of being in the new covenant
The things we would say bit the old covenant Jews could not say.
1 Romans 1:21-32 Be thankful
2 Luke 17:12 Go to a different church
3 Romans 12 Not knowing of what we've received from the church.
4 Hebrews 9:13 Children going to the hostel
5 Psalm 32 All backsliding comes from not being thankful.
6 Romans 5:9
7 Psalm 66:18 There is saying in the world that when some evil happens to you, don't say "why me ?" if you don't say the same when good happens
8 Mathew 6:14,15 Birthdays
9 1 Kings 2:2-10 Remembering birthdays.
10 Galatians 3,4 Children remembering birthday.
11 Luke 17:3 The illustration of a minister and the beggar.
12 John15 : 15 Thankful to your wife for the tea and cooking.
13 John 20:17 Parable of the 10 lepers
14 John 17:23 The leper came back and thanked Jesus with a loud voice.
15 Genesis 32:25 Jesus said, "stand-up your faith has saved you."
16 Mingle with the lowly and the poor.
17 Give glory to God
18 The blood of Christ can cleanse the conscience.
20 We are justified
It is more than being declared righteous.

If you have sin in your heart the Lord will not hear you.
The interpretation is questionable.
? In the Psalm it says if you Cherish sin.
More than 95 % of Christians pray are not heard by God.

The revenge of David

? He did not forgive.
How David died ?
Is David in heaven ?
David (old covenant Jew) was a old covenant baby.
Billions of people are asking the Lord for forgiveness.

Forgiving a brother
Forgive a brother if he repents.
Analogy of a broken wire which needs to be repaired.
Strict elders
But an unbeliever has to be forgiven always unconditionally.
Don't try to be more spiritual than Jesus.
A mark of fantastic pride.
There is a difference between saying "I'm sorry" and repenting.
"I'm sorry" & "I repent"
New covenant church Vs old covenant
New covenant has tremendous privileges with responsibilities.
God is my Father and Jesus is my Brother.
Jesus calls us friends.
Jesus graduates his disciples brothers.
Titles : Br. Of Jesus Christ.
Rev. Right Rev
There is no God like Jehovah Vs There is no God like Dad.
Why we call Father God "Dad" rather than Jehovah.
I'm not a Jew but I'm a born again Christian.
Paul always used "Father"
God loves me as much as He loved His Son Jesus Christ.
He gave me His Holy Spirit.
How God protected Jesus.
He cares for me exactly as He cares for Jesus.
Be filled with the Holy Spirit
Pray earnestly for the filling.
God I'll not let you go unless you fill me with thy Holy Spirit.
Jacob asking to be blessed : "Wi will not let you go until you bless me"
Everyone can experience the miracle of anointing.
Seek for the life not for the ministry.
I want to have the same life like Jesus.