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1 Signal Detector Usual application of Germanium OA47 semiconductor
2 1N4001 Which of the following is a low voltage signal rectifier
3 1.1V nominal voltage of daniell cell
A non polarizing wet cell, that consists of weak carbon on its
4 Daniell Cell anode and weak zinc on its cathode…..
5 Degenerate parametric Amplifier
6 Carbon, Zinc Composition of daniell cell
7 Manganese Dioxide Anode electrode of alkaline battery is made of
8 Doherty Amplifier
What do you call the effect in which the hole lifetime
9 Suhl effect decreases
10 Skeleton four arm potentiometer
11 Slide Wire
12 Slide back
potential difference induced when the magnetic force is
13 Wertheim effect present
the crystal that is connected in parallel to the cathode and
14 Wenner element grid of a tube
15 Compression trimmer used to vary the capacitance in ganged capacitor
16 Miller effect
17 Surface effect
18 Deion circuit breaker A circuit breaker that produces an arc when the …
19 snap magnet
20 drag cup
21 inductor which of the following is not used in active filter
22 mother crystal Crystal used in piezoelectric
23 ayrton mather
24 ayrton-Perry winding
25 damper winding Winding used to reduce ….
26 A type battery What battery is supplied in the filament of the tube
The conductivity of an insulator is increased when 1MV per
27 50cm _______ is applied
What do you call the range of frequencies that does not
28 passband frequency exceed the -3dB cutoff
lesser the number, better the What is the relationship between the capacitor class number
29 performance and the capacitor performance
30 class 4 Which among the class of capacitors is virtually obsolete
31 one arm
What circuit is produced when the output of the third stage is
32 divide-by-7 connected to the input of the first stage
33 saturable core
34 tandem transistor What do you call two transistors connected in series
35 drain-coupled transistor
36 sharper fall-off What happens when the -6dB roll off increases
What happen in the delay distortion when the roll off
37 increase increases
38 miniature cell What do you call the battery used in watches
39 monobrid
Effective Series Resistance What do you call the resistance shown by a capacitor in
40 (ESR) response to AC
41 Muller
42 Wilson experiment something to do with hollow conductor…
What type of solder that is used in high temperature up to 220
43 Tin Lead 50:50 F
44 Tin Lead 63:37 The weakest type of solder used at a temperature of 180 F
45 Silver What type of solder is commonly used for high temperatures
Force between two conductors having current in opposite
46 Motor effect direction
47 Motor-run What do you call a starter (di sugurado)
The motion of charge particles, especially colloidal, through a
relatively stationary liquid under the influence of an applied
48 electrophorosis electric field provided in general by immersed electrodes?
49 neon-bulb-sawtooth generator simplest oscillator uses neon bulb or neon flash
If f is the frequency, R is the resistance, and C is the
capacitor used in a monostable what is the value of the
50 6.28fRC trigger time
51 noise clipper Diode used to clip the noise
52 diode suppresor What is used to protect from kick back voltage
53 heterodyne eliminator
What do you call the phenomenon where there is an increase
54 sleeping sickness of leakeage current in transistor
55 80-90% What is the typical transformer efficiency
56 astatic galvanometer
57 myoelectricity What do you call the electricity generated by the muscle
58 antenna effect the effect when a transmission line radiates
59 15 Mhz
60 100Khz Audio oscillators usually oscillate from 20Hz to ____
61 Positive charge What is produced by autoionization
The cgs unit for field intensity is statoersted how many
62 3.334587 x 10^11 statoerstad is one oerstad?
The cgs unit for capacitance statfarad how many statfarad is
63 8.98587 x 10^-11 one farad?
The cgs unit for inductance is stathenry how mant stathenry
64 1.112… x 10^11 is there in one Henry
65 RC oscillator Whar is simplest oscillator to design
the semiconductor behaves like a metal in wide range of
66 Degenerate semiconductor temperature
What do you call a generator in which the brushes are
67 Taut Band replaced by a ribbon cable…
What do you call an array of photovoltaic cells connected in
68 Sun Battery series, parallel or series-parallel
What do you call the formula used to compute for the
69 Wheeler's Formula inducctance of a multi-layered air inductor
70 75% At what percentage will the …. Cut off its …
71 Mains transformer
What do you call the characateristic of materials having the
72 Monotonicity same frequency
73 Split Phase
74 Dark trace tube
In a storage oscilloscope, ______ is a mesh electrode where
75 Storage mesh the image is being targeted
What do you call the brown substance that is usually used in
76 kraft paper capacitors
77 slot cell
In security systems, _____ circuit is a used to monitor areas
of great importance and less monitoring for areas of less
78 zoned circuit importance
79 disturbed one What do you call the bit that is …..
What do you call phase difference between the voltage and
80 Loss angle capacitor in a circuit