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Garland: Bop is Back! Hawkins and Eldridge through the

passion and lyricism of Webster and
Young to the defiant inventiveness of
Parker and Dizzy Gillespie always
with that urgent undercurrent of hard
By J.N. Thomas inactivity of a number of great bop pianist. Back in Texas, he was first Texas blues. His style found its center
pianists, all of whom seem to be playing noticed by trumpeter Hot Lipps Page, an somewhere between the percussive
better than ever. Red Garland is one of Oklahoman noted for his earthy blues power of Bud Powell and the lacy, two-
After years of dominance by rock and the most important and influential style. hand chords of Erroll Garner. Right on
roll, jazz is again having a resurgence of playing at the Keystone Korner in San Garland developed rapidly. He was in cue, Miles Davis picked Garland for a
popularity. The more ambiguous side of Francisco through Sunday, July 22nd. the great Billy Eckstine Band of the group he was putting together. Jazz
this interest has talented jazz musicians Born in Dallas in 1923, Garland's Forties, a hotbed of bop experimenta- hasn't gotten over the shock yet.
transformed into uneasy and transient earliest musical training was on clarinet tion; later, he freelanced with some of the
pop stars; the more promising side has and alto sax, one of his teachers was the greatest names in jazz, people like Ben
certain uncompromising artists legendary Buster Smith, an altoist Webster, Coleman Hawkins, Roy
recognized as never before. Like Dexter credited by no less than Charlie Parker Eldridge, and Lester Young.
Gordon and Charles Mingus. as a pivotal influence. After a period as a By the mid-Fifties Garland was as
Especially gratifying is the re- professional boxer, Garland emerged ready as he'd ever be. His experience
emergence from exile, obscurity or from an Army hitch as a full-fledged ranged from the steady, driving swing of

tions to the Groovies rep. (Consumer

Record Report , Note: The English import has a superior
choice of oldies; three different tracks,
including a knock-out "19th Nervous

Look for the Hook Breakdown." They are, of course, the

only rock band in the world to do justice to
Stones material, besides Mick and the
hearing the album, I was put-off by the
By Michael Snyder silliness and deaf to the inspiration. I did THE KNACK - Get The Knack
dance, though there's no bass player (Capitol): Screw these contrived
Image. It's what the customer is proper. (Ah, those devilish electronic Dastards and any pretensions to Beatle-
buying. It's what the record company is keyboards.) On the second round with dom. Capitol must be desperate if the
selling. The more recognizable the pro- the disc, I was a goner. Real gone. "6060- organization is throwing promo-weight
duct, the stronger the visual hook, the 842" is certifiably the coolest telephone behind such banal, ineffectual bilge.
more memorable the T.V. commercial, toon since "Beechwood 4-5789" and Knuke the Knack!
ad infinitum! "Lava" is hotter than, know. It LENE LOVICH - Stateless (Still/Epic):
A strong personality or vivid appear- is rumored that singer Fred Schneider Hang on to your babushka! Lene's larynx Garland: Out of exile.
ance establishes identity and a vicarious graduated magma cum loudly from the should be put under observation at the Although he could be as flashy a soloist
intimacy between the performer and the Paul Lynde School of Voice, while Cindy Smithsonian. Born in Detroit, emigrated as anyone, Garland's greatest strength
audience. You know John Lennon wheh Wilson and Kate Pierson, the aforemen- to Europe, formerly an erotic dancer and was precisely his unrivaled sense of
you see him (though rarely) and Cheap tioned space babies, received their vocal professional screamer for French horror ensemble playing. No one listened more
Trick, like Kiss, are easy to spot when in coaching from Robby the Robot. Totally movies, Lene Lovich can evoke a love- intently to what the rest of the group was
costume. How about DEVO's uniforms? untrue. Their independent label smash, hungry ingenue, a woman of the world, a doing or was about to do. Garland was
It's marketability. (If you think John "Rock Lobster" b/w "52 Girls," is here touchtone phone or a sound-wave oscilla- always exactly where he needed to be;
Revolta in his white suit didn't contribute and so's a cute, ass-backwards take of tor. Les Cnappell's arrangements are a unfailingly he inspired and supported
to the triple-platinum sales of Saturday Petula Clark's "Downtown." What have perfect compliment, sometimes frenetic soloists like Davis and Coltrane in some
Night Fever, then you're a candidate for you got to lose besides a fin? Bombs and futuristic, otherwise placid and con- of their grandest flights, not neglecting to
the Sweathogs.) away. ventional. Lovich even blows a sweet sax. take a few flights of his own.
This week's models include two Unique to the point of eccentricity, she Garland's career had seemed to reach
wigged-out wonders in the B-52's who scored a hit single in England this spring its peak by 1960. An unaggresive,
look like extras from "Cat-Women Of The with "Lucky Number." Scour the used dignified artist like Garland didn't
Moon," and the Flamin' Groovies, a band record shops for the 12-inch "Slavic change in the new scene of the Sixties. His
that resides in the Bay Area while Dance Version." records sold less and less, and finally in
sporting tailored Carnaby Street the Seventies he dropped out.
threads. There's a lady named Peacock JONI MITCHELL Mingus (Asylum): The irony was that Garland had
and a man named Tchaikovsky with new Mitchell's infatuation with jazz is no matured like the finest wine. The piano
L.P.'s on the rack, but the award for news. Her modified scat-singing, glottal was an extension of his deepest self. What
creative imagery goes to Stiff artiste stops and meandering lyrics added fuel he was, he could play, without evasion or
Lene Lovich and her consort, Les to her evolution from folkie to funky. That artifice. When soul singer Johnnie Taylor
Chappell. does not make an attempt at the dubious offered him a job, Garland refused
On a recent promotional visit to town, practice of grafting words onto outright, saying "Play rock and roll? I'd
Lene and Les left a lasting impression. established jazz compositions any less wash dishes first."
She was cordial, yet guarded, in feeble. Mingus music has been Luckily for us that proved unneces-
European peasant garb that would have celebrated, on its own merits for years. sary, and the Bay Area can take some
graced a runner-up at the Miss Serbia "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat," for one credit. In December of 1977 he played his
pageant. Her red braids were long number, needs no clarification by a first gig outside Texas in several years at
enough to make Heidi envious. He culti- former rock groupie turned jazz groupie, Keystone Korner. There his triumph was
vated a typically android-genius as tribute to the late bass great. Available extended by a new recording contract
Mingus sessions from the '50s and '60s with Galaxy, a division of the Fantasy
persona, from his shaven head to his Who? are a better bet than this frizzled fusion.
brightly-colored brothel-creepers. omnibus in Berkeley.
Strolling through North Beach on a THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES Jumpin' THE WHO — The Kids Are Alright Of the three Galaxy LPs, Red Alert,
Sunday afternoon, they were hard to In The Night (Sire): Flame on, rock 'n' (MCA): Soaring soundtrack from the with several horns, was something of an
ignore. The powers-that-be hope Lene's rollers! This is the real stuff from the filmed Who-story. Almost as good as incohesive misfire, but the two trio sets,
record is as fascinating to the public as Groovers; merely the best collection of being there. You can replay those Crossings and Equinox, are unqualified
her appeal. She's her own best hook. originals and covered classics to be amazing Keith Moon drum rolls until you master-works, definitive modern jazz.
waxed by the current edition of the group. believe them. Lightning struck more Matched with players the caliber of Ron
It is also the finest pure playing that the than twice. The kids were/are/will be Carter and Philly Joe Jones (on
The B-52's (Warner Brothers): cult band supreme has committed to alright. (Oh yeah. A cameo appearance Crossings), and Richard Davis and Roy
Georgia Jetsons take New York with in- record. The title track, "In The U.S.A." by Tommy Smothers is his first on record Haynes (on Equinox), Garland can do no
spired silliness to a dance beat. Upon first and "Yes I Am" are astonishing addi- in a decade.) wrong.

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