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Capsule Proposal Template-CBAR

Teaching and Learning Sub Themes:

Instruction, Curriculum, Learners, Assessment, Learning outcomes
Working Title
- May be creative or literary in style for qualitative or mixed method
8-15 words stating main facts about the study
I. Context and Rationale
- significance of the study and review of literature integrated
- review of literature is less extensive than traditional research
II. Innovation, Intervention or Strategy
- supported by review on initial themes and methodologies to support
intervention or strategy
III. Action Research Questions
- What is the query of the study?
- What exactly do you want to find out?
IV. Action, Research Methods
- research design (classroom action research, conducted for improving practice)
- sampling (usually purposive, limited to selected number of samples)
- use appropriate statistics e.g for purposive sampling cannot use parametric stats
- Participants( students, teachers, observers etc.), data gathering method
(Test administration, Observation, Interview etc.)
- ethical considerations and measures
1. consent seeking
2. anonymity
V. Results and Reflection

sample for alignment of steps used

Objective Problem/ Innovation/ Data Gathering Process / Results/
Questions Intervention/ Method/Evaluation Analysis Reflection
Strategy for effect of action
or strategy
1. 1. Test Scores (Pre- Qualitatively/
Test/Post Test) Descriptive/
2. Observation of Description/
Students’ Interpretation/
behaviour Thematic
2. 3. Teacher Rubrics
Evaluation Evaluation
To triangulate collect at e.g., student test scores, If all data point
3. 4. least three types of data, teacher evaluations, and to the same
observation of student direction, you
behavior). have some
assurance of

Time Frame
Write-up or Reporting must be 10 -15 pages, 8.5 x 11(letter) paper, font is Century
Gothic, double, font size is 12 excluding bibliography and appendices.