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NAME________________________ GENERAL ESSAY WRITING RUBRIC GRADE_____

(100-90) 4 (89-80) 3 (79-70) 2(69-60) (59-50) 1 (<50)

Grammar and • Demonstrates • Demonstrates • Demonstrates • Demonstrates • Demonstrates a lack of • Demonstrates no
consistent control control of technical control of technical inconsistent control control of technical control and or
Mechanics of technical elements with a few elements with of technical elements that makes
knowledge of
Degree to which the comprehension
elements for isolated errors occasional errors elements difficult proper mechanics
response demonstrates stylistic effect
control of the technical
elements of standard G and M include, yet not limited to: agreement, tense, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, possession, pronoun usage, and sentence structure
written English
Language Use • Uses purposeful, • Uses purposeful • Uses appropriate • Uses basic language • Uses imprecise or • Uses incoherent or
The degree to which the sophisticated, and language language • Uses flat, lifeless, unsuitable language inappropriate
response demonstrates engaging language. • Uses a skillful • Uses a basic yet or mechanical voice • Uses inappropriate language
effective word choice, • Uses engaging and voice for the topic, appropriate voice • Attempts to vary voice for the topic • Lacks voice
voice, and sentence committed voice for purpose, and for the topic, sentence structure purpose and • Reveals no
structure the topic, purpose, audience purpose, and and length for audience
awareness of how
and audience. • Varies structure and audience effect with uneven • Reveals little to use sentences
• Varies sentence length of sentences • Makes occasional success awareness of how
structure to enhance effective use of to use sentences to
meaning. sentence structure achieve an effect
and/or length
Organization • Exhibits a • Exhibits a • Exhibits a logical • Fails to maintain a • Lacks appropriate • Shows no
Degree to which the deliberate, lucid, purposeful and and predominantly logical sequence of organizational organizational
response demonstrates and fluid sequence clear sequence of clear sequence of ideas sequence of ideas structure
logical structure of ideas ideas ideas • Uses ineffective
• Uses appropriate • Uses appropriate • Uses limited and/or overuses
transitional devices transitional devices transitional devices transitional devices
Development • Develops all ideas • Develops most • Develops some • Develop ideas • Develops ideas • Develops no
Degree to which the clearly and ideas clearly and ideas more clearly briefly using inadequately using relevant ideas
supporting details are effectively, using a effectively, using than others using limited details to vague and/or
elaborated wide range of specific and specific details to support ideas irrelevant details to
relevant and relevant details to support the focus of support ideas
specific details to support the focus of the task
support the focus the task
Scope • Reveals astute and • Reveals thorough • Reveals adequate • Reveals exclusively • Reveals vague and • Reveals remote
The extent to which the comprehensive and insightful yet limited literal/textual unclear connections,
student demonstrates connections, connections, connections, connections, connections, perceptions, and
depth and complexity of perceptions, and perceptions, and perceptions, and perceptions, and perceptions, and understanding of
thought and ideas understanding of understanding of understanding of understanding of understanding of ideas
ideas ideas ideas ideas with possible ideas
Process: All components complete? Level 4 3 2 1