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Spaceship reactor

In this version we try to play the reactor proposed by the space

institute currently being tested.
The reactor, as explained by Mr. Keshe is divided into three
functional parts, the core, positioning, and the volume and shape.

the core

shape and volume

compared to the blueprint of the official version I'm

making some changes but basically there is no difference,
then the description of the system to go to the lesson in
which Mr Keshe explains.

The changes are designed to improve and enhance the

system's flow.In the core of the system we have added
other coils, within existing coils
the calculations are approximate but we tried to imitate
nature in proportioning the measures looking at the
environment in which we live

The difference you notice is the greater of the reactors

connection, 12 + 6 in the form of pipe instead of wire,
in this way it seeks to convey large amounts of flux.more
the various capacitor battery are incorporated in the
the blueprint in this
project build a
particular magnetic
field shape:

For positioning at the time it is followed the way shown

by jakie from switzerland during the workshop, with four
small reactors connected wirelessly.
It is expected the addition of 2
more reactors over the top of the
four that if we played well they
function, internal communication and
external communication one another.
Sodium connection

This is my interpretation of sodium connection,where the

top reactor has a positive behaviors and lead to close
the system

At the moment is to define how to connect the sixteen

terminals of the core, in theory it could make a super
connecting tube, but sixteen layers are too many, two
tubes of eight layers seems the most obvious solution,
also in this case one tries to structure the connection
in the form of battery capacitor.

He tried at first
to encapsulate the
capacitor inside
the coils, but it
is a rather
delicate operation
especially the
for applying gans the intention is to follow the
received, it is the
sector where
confidence is
lacking, there are
so many variables to
be lost in it.
For the core will be
used in order, Cuo-
co2-ch3, in external
coils, in the middle
will be used co2

for the rest of the system there will be spoiled for

choice, 18 reactors that can be configured at will.