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Every project big or small is successful largely due to the effort of a number of
wonderful people who have always given their valuable advice or lent a helping hand. I
sincerely appreciate the inspiration, support and guidance of all those people who have
been instrumental in making this project a success.

I, Sandeep khalkho, the student of Central University of Jharkhand (Centre for

Business Administration), am extremely grateful to The Central Coalfield Ranchi for
the confidence bestowed in me and entrusting my project entitled “A Study on Capital
Budgeting w ” special reference to CCL Ranchi.

I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. Ashoke Kumar Sarkar, Dean, School of
Management Sciences and Head, Centre for Business Administration for the guidance,
support and mentoring provided during our Integrated MBA Program.

At this juncture I feel deeply honoured in expressing my sincere thanks to my supervisor

Mr. A.D Wadhwa for making the resources available at right time and providing
valuable insights leading to the successful completion of my project.


This is to certify that the project entitled “A Study on Capital Budgeting ” carried out
by Mr, Sandeep Khalkho for the partial fulfilment for award of Degree of Masters in
Business Administration offered by Central University Of Jharkhand is an original
work carried out by her under my supervision and guidance.

To the best of my knowledge this work has not formed the basis for the award of any
degree, diploma, and fellowship to any candidate of any university.

Date:- Mr.


~ ii ~

I, Sandeep Khalkho undersigned, the student of IMBA declare that the project report is
my own and has been carried out under the guidance and supervision of A.D.WAdhwa
, Ranchi, Jharkhand,

This report documents the work done during the summer internship at central coalfield
limited Ranchi . This report shall give an overview of the task completed during the
internship period with all the details.

I have tried my best to keep the report simple yet correct. I hope I succeed in my attempt.

Sandeep Khalkho

~ iii ~
S.No. Content Page
1. Introduction of the study 1
2. Industry / Company Overview 2-4
2.1 Coal Industry in India
2.2 Central Coalfield Limited Ranchi

3. Review of Literature/ Theoretical Background 5

4. Capital Budgeting Decision 6-15
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Nature of Investment Decision
4.3 Types of Investment Decision
4.4 Investment Evaluation Criteria
4.4 Net present Value Method
4.5 Internal Rate of Return Method
4.6 Profitability Index
4.7 Payback

5. Capital Budgeting Practices in CCL. 16-21

6. Objectives 22
7. Research Methodology 23-24
7.1 Methodology used in the study
7.2 Data Type
7.3 Data Collection Tools
7.4 Data Analysis Techniques to be used

8. Data Analysis , Result and Interpretation 25-42

8.1 Data classification
Project ‘A’
Project ‘B’
8.2 Data Analysis and Result
8.3 Interpretation of Result

9. Finding and Suggestion 43-45

10. Limitation of the Project 46
11. Bibliography 47

~ iv ~

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