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Partnership is a voluntary association of two or more
persons for the purpose of managing a business enterprise
and sharing its profits or losses. Many believe that the
sole purpose of business is to make money and divide the
profits among the owners but making money or profits should
not only be the primary purpose of any business but also
maintaining corporate social responsibility.
Social responsibility means being useful and having
something to contribute to the general group. The socio-
economic aspect of this study aims to show how Petsmalu
Express as a business organization can contribute to the…h=f27c92bdd019f88d1b9e47a64817ef33&oe=5BC97036&dl=1 17/10/2018, 11G03 PM

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society and to the locality where it intends to operate its


The City of Baguio proudly boasts herself with a kind of
captivating beauty of which no other tourist spots can ever
replicate. Baguio City is also classified as highly
urbanized area, a major center of business, commerce and
education in Cordillera Administrative Region as well as in
Northern Luzon. Petsmalu Express may help the city in so
many ways as it would be the first mobile pet salon/clinic
offering a lot of convenient and affordable services to
locals and tourists in the city. The opening of Petsmalu
Express would surely open the opportunity of adding more to
the services that Baguio has to offer. The population of
dog parents/owners in the City of Baguio would hold certain
significance as to the feasibility of the business and the
share it would contribute to the city as a mobile business.
The establishment of Petsmalu Express in consonance
with the urban development in the city may have positive
long-term effects for its benefit that would bear positive
change on the city’s planning, development, and the
business’ success as the business is a promising,
especially in a highly populated and urbanized area like
Baguio City.


​The business establishment has its own mission, vision

and objectives as a whole to effect a lasting impression to
its clients. We all know that one goal of a business
establishment is to earn a profit, but Petsmalu Express
also wants to provide a high-quality but convenient and
unforgettable experience with its customers by going to
their customer’s house. In that case, customers will not be
going anymore to a pet spa or clinic and they will be free
from stress because Petsmalu Express is just one call away.
Furthermore, Petsmalu Express provides exclusivity to the
clients. People would admire the clients of this business
since it represents how the clients take good care of their
pets and it shows well the character of the clients.
Petsmalu Express wants to establish fiduciary and
lasting relationship with its customers that are far-
reaching and beneficial to both the establishment and its
Petsmalu Express remunerates its employees for the
services they render to clients and to the business itself
by giving them salaries and fair and impartial benefits
which is an income security for the employees. The business
also provides employment where it is a stress-free
environment because employees work with less people
compared to some jobs that require extensive labor force to
provide service.…h=f27c92bdd019f88d1b9e47a64817ef33&oe=5BC97036&dl=1 17/10/2018, 11G03 PM

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Petsmalu Express provides employment to dog lovers.
Certainly, the employees, specifically the veterinarian and
the dog groomers, applied for the position as such because
of the passion and love for dogs as the job qualification
specifies that they should be comfortable working with
dogs. They get to work with dogs from Tuesday to Sunday
which is certainly a big incentive for dog lovers because
they not only deal with their passion but they get paid as
Groomers and vet of Petsmalu Express tend to enjoy
working with both dogs and people, and they certainly have
the opportunity to interact with both in this career path.
The success of the business can be through promoting good
client relations. The employees, specially the vet and the
groomers, can become good friends with the owner of the
dogs they render their services into. This can lead to
valuable referrals and connections in the local business


​The Petsmalu Express benefits from the market and so

as its business’ suppliers. While Petsmalu Express gains
greater market share, its suppliers would reap the benefits
through increased demands of their supplies among others.
There would be positive effects on the suppliers’ demand as
a result in the increase in market of the business. The
business and its suppliers are benefited in the same
direction when a good relationship is established. Good
relations between the Petsmalu Express and its business
suppliers would further benefits the two parties as this
will help for easier transactions like simpler mode of
payment, permits discount, immediate process of emergency
orders and the first one to benefit from new products or
services. Also, the Petsmalu Express assures commitment and
loyalty to its suppliers. It ensures that not only the
business would reap a long term benefits in the future but
also the suppliers.

Competition in the same industry signifies a healthy
impact in the economy. This would hold true since options
for consumers would increase and they are given the chance
to choose among alternatives.
As customers have freedom to choose, it affirms the
value of this establishment and other businesses in the
same industry. Also, the furtherance of Petsmalu Express’s
unique service experience would push its competitors to
exert more effort for delivering their services. This would
result in the increased development and significance of the
shared industry of Petsmalu Express and its competitors.

G. GOVERNMENT…h=f27c92bdd019f88d1b9e47a64817ef33&oe=5BC97036&dl=1 17/10/2018, 11G03 PM

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Similar to other local business establishments in the
city, Petsmalu Express is subject to certain requirements,
sanctions and limitations, rules and the power of law. As a
partnership, its main responsibility is to abide by the
laws and rules set forth in the Civil Code without
prejudice to the sanctions established. As a profit-
generating business, Petsmalu Express is responsible in
delivering and following the guidelines in starting-up and
continuing the business according to the requirements of
the national government, along with other requirements set
forth by the city government. Petsmalu Express is geared
towards the giving of care services to dogs. This prime
responsibility is shouldered by Petsmalu Express without
prejudice to the laws established by organizations executed
for the welfare of animals.
The business’ responsibility to the local government’s
branches shall be observed especially to the City
Veterinary Clinic’s, Bureau of Animal Industry and the like
as compliance and the strict application of the rules are
observed. Also, taxation plays a part in the main
responsibility being shouldered by such income-generating
organizations. The Lifeblood Doctrine indicated that taxes
are the lifeblood of the government, and their prompt and
certain availability are an imperious need. Upon taxation
depends the government’s ability to serve the people for
whose benefit taxes are collected (Banggawan, 2016). By
truthfully reporting tax returns, the business shoulders
its responsibilities and thereby contributes to the
government’s expenditures for the public’s welfare.

A challenge for the city is having a clean
environment. Petsmalu Express is geared towards sanitation
since it focuses on grooming and veterinary services for
canines. This would have certain implications not only in
the surroundings of the business but to the city as well.
Also, the business shall promote proper waste management
since it will be implementing proper segregation of wastes
in the main office and in the truck.
Also, Petsmalu Express will utilize its resources as
economically as possible in its operations so as not to
compromise the environment.…h=f27c92bdd019f88d1b9e47a64817ef33&oe=5BC97036&dl=1 17/10/2018, 11G03 PM

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​Petsmalu Express sees itself as helping the society in

the main area of operation, which is Baguio City, by
providing the following projects in order of priorities.
1 Tree planting The company plans to P50,000
plant trees in
neighboring areas in
Baguio City in each year
starting 2nd year of
2 Free Grooming Petsmalu Express will P20,000
Services grant free grooming
services to 25 stray
dogs which do not have
owners and they are
taken into custody by
the government for a
year starting on the 3rd
year of its operations.
This will raise
awareness to the people
that dogs are to be
taken care of since they
do have emotions.
Furthermore, this will
ensure and improve
barangays which have
unaddressed grooming and
3 Provide Trash The company will place P30,000
Bins trash bins around Baguio
City to promote
segregation of wastes.
These would be given on
the 3rd year of
Table 3.1. Future Plans

​The responsibilities and benefits presented in each

sector of community are significant in determining the
feasibility of Petsmalu Express with regards to its socio-
economic aspect. For the society, the business contributes
much as it renders services and products to its clients and
recognizes its responsibilities in the local government and
the environment. With regards to the economy, the
establishment of the business would provide employment to
the city and it would increase the expending power of the
employees, thus contributing to a better economy. The
business shall also provide alternatives to customers and
it would be a catalyst for the development of both its
competitors and its suppliers. Therefore, Petsmalu Express
is deemed feasible in that it has the ability to help and…h=f27c92bdd019f88d1b9e47a64817ef33&oe=5BC97036&dl=1 17/10/2018, 11G03 PM

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contribute to the community and its stakeholders.…h=f27c92bdd019f88d1b9e47a64817ef33&oe=5BC97036&dl=1 17/10/2018, 11G03 PM

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