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08745952 SA USS170 May God Bless You (Der Herr segne euch) Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) Arranged by Barty Talley ‘Available for SA and TB. | HAL LEONARD | SERIES VoioeTiax CD (06745953, Pa tar-Leonanp mC ORPORATIO N PERFORMANCE NOTES Genius can be defined as “extraordinary intellectual power, especial- ly as manifested in creative activity.” German composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was a musical genius. He is considered by many to be the greatest composer who ever lived. In addition to being tremendously gifted, Bach was a diligent student who studied and practiced often. Bach lived and composed during the Baroque period (1600-1750). The music of the Baroque period used harmonic structures uniquely, through the development of vertical chords. Frequently, the music from this period features a simple melody, supported by a fancy accompaniment with a moving bass line. The Baroque period also saw the development of new musical forms, such as the cantata. A cantata is a musical work which consists of multiple movements for singers and instrumentalists. “May God Bless You (Der Herr segne euch)” is a movement from Bach’s Cantata No. 196-Der Herr denket an uns. This particular work was written in 1707 or 1708 in honor of a wedding in Bach's family. PRONUNCIATON GUID) This edition of “May God Bless You” includes both a poetic English translation and the original German text. Below is a guide for the German pronunciation. May God bless you Der Herr segne euch der her ze gna 91x both now and evermore je mehr und mehr je mer unt mer you and your children Euch und eure Kinder oyx unt 91 £9 kin dar The VoiceTiax CD includes a full performance with vocals of the primary voicing, an {instrumental only version, and individual part predominant tacks. A pronunciation guide fs included for non-English texts May God Bless You (Der Herr segne euch) ForSA* and Pano Peformance Time: Approx. 345 Arranged by ‘Text from PSALM 115:14 BARRY TALLEY JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH fi (1688-1750) (d= ca.) J bless you, may God bless seg - ne. der Herr seg a i 9 “Available for SA and 7 oiecTrax CD aso aalable ==) on ne apart os