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Part II

A. Vision
"We will build a unique portfolio of Beauty and related brands, striving to surpass our

competitors in quality, innovation and value, and elevating our image to become the

Beauty company most women turn to worldwide."

Criteria Yes/No Evaluation

Focused Concept Yes Because the company

focused its vision statement

in accordance with their

nature of business.
Plausible chance of success Yes Because the firm engages in

the manufacture and

marketing of beauty and

complimentary products

primarily in North America,

Latin America, Europe, and

Asia Pacific in which

different branches were

built, and many

representatives had joined

tohelp Avon in their

Notable purpose Yes Because the company’s
purpose is to create a world
with more empowered
women – by providing an
earnings opportunity that
helps them achieve
independence through
economic advancement.
Because for them, beauty is
the journey, empowerment
is the destination.

B. Mission

Criteria Yes/No Evaluation

Concern for survival, growth,

and profitability
Concern or public image
Concern for employees

C. Goals/Objectives


To be a global beauty leader with considering on the new target market and to be a

company considering on the developing pro-environment products.


 Change the worldwide reputation of the Avon Company

 Reach the new target market - lower class customers
 Achieve the competitive advantage within chosen products
 Stabilize the position of social responsible company – protect environment
The objectives are for the company as a whole, including the top management and shareholders.