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DBMS using connections (Client-application server-Data sever, three tier) Oracle/MySQL

(ODBC/JDBC), SQL Joints.

Consider following database

customer(c_id, c_name , c_contact , c_city , c_state )

Orders(o_id, c_id , o_qty , o_date)

1. Inner Join
2. Left Outer Join
3. Right Outer Join
4. Full Join

Design SQL queries for Employee database application using SQL DML statements: Insert,
Select, Update, Delete Clauses using distinct, count, aggregation on Client-Data sever(three
1. Create Employee database with primary key constraints.
2. Display employee name and address where salary is greater than 50000.
3. Display emp_id, employee name and contact number where employee city start with Letter
4. Display record in ascending order of salary.
5. Write a query to display total number of records in a table.
6. Display Max and Min value of salary.
7. Delete record whose salary is greater than 50000 and stay in Pune.
8. Write query to change a column's definition, For example, to change column address size
from CHAR (10) to CHAR (15).
9. Display all record with district employee name.
10. Delete all record whose age is greater than equal to 30 and less than 40.