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Campus Ambassador Program

The Wanderwagon Campus Ambassador Program recognizes travel enthusiasts, hard-

working and motivated individuals by giving them the opportunity to represent
Wanderwagon on their campus. Ambassadors plan and host a few events during the
college year, promote our group trips in his/her college, introduce students to
Wanderwagon’s events and act as a campus contact for Wanderwagon team.

Eligibility: Fresher, sophomore and pre-final year students from any stream.

Who are we looking for

 A role model for the students in your college.
 A member of Student Clubs, Organizing team of fests in your College or any other
similar position of responsibility.
 Possessing good communication skill, leadership qualities, quick learner, creative,
innovative and information broadcaster.
 Passionate about travel, exploring new places.
 Be active as an Ambassador. You will have to devote time and should possess skills
for being so.
Waderwagon C.A. Responsibilities
 Promotion of Wanderwagon in your college –
o Social media marketing- post shares, likes/follow on our fb/insta page,
invites on our social media events.
o Spread word about Wanderwagon among all the major clubs, departments,
peer and social groups in your college.
o Putting up the posters of Wanderwagon on college boards.
o Organise Wanderwagon events in your college.
 Be the face of Wanderwagon in your college -
o Ensure participation from your college in all major Wanderwagon events.
o Promotion of Wanderwagon during your college fests and come up with
innovative ideas for the same.
o Collect the responses from your college, handle the queries regarding
 Coordinating with Wanderwagon team in organizing events.

Selection Criteria
 The willing candidates need to register for the Wanderwagon C.A. program
through the given link –
 The candidates will also need to submit a SOP of 200-300 word explaining what
makes them the most suitable fit for this post, why they want to be Wanderwagon
C.A. and how they will promote Wanderwagon in their college.
 The candidate needs to get likes/follow on our social media platforms and submit
the screenshot (showing likes contributed by his friends) to our email-id

Perks and Incentives

 Wanderpoints (redeemable as cash), WanderGoodies, WanderVouchers and also
a chance to get free trips.
 Wanderwagon Campus Ambassador Certificate.
 Exciting Prizes for top 5 Campus Ambassador.
 Chance to get a paid internship.
 Networking - get a chance to meet new people and build contacts.
WanderPoints Explained

WanderPoints are directly proportional to the number of people routed

through/by you in the trip. The WanderPoints can also be redeemed as cash. The
C.A. would get a basic all time incentive in the form of WanderPoints as given
below. In addition, as per the milestones reached, the C.A. would also get bonus
WanderPoints and/or free trips.
1 WanderPoint = Rs.0.25
Basic All Time Incentive : Trip Cost x 0.1 x n where n is the no. of persons contributed

Milestones No. of persons Incentives

Y x n + 2Y(Bonus)
1 5 and more or
20% off on trips + Y(n-5)
Y x n + 5Y(Bonus)
2 10 and more or
Half trip free + Y(n-10)

Y x n + 12Y(Bonus)
3 20 and more or
A free trip + Y(n-20)
Y x n + 2Y(Bonus)
Exclusive Trip
Min. 15 or
(from your side)
A free trip + Y(n-15)