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Sample template only Department of Education

Region VIII
Name of Division


School Year: 2016-2017

Objective/s Strategies Target Date Responsible Person/s MOVs

1. Inform and consult the school head on the
Meeting with the School Head Mentor and SH Approved Mentoring Plan
mentoring plan
2. Identify prospective mentees Meeting with mentees Mentor & SH List of Teachers/Mentees
3. Assess the mentee’s teaching skills as bases for Mentee’s self-assessment of
Mentor & Mentees Assessment Tool
mentoring teaching skills
4. Forge commitment on the mentoring program
Memorandum of Agreement Mentor & Mentees Commitment Form
for self and professional development
5. Draft a mentoring schedule Mentoring Schedule Mentor Mentoring schedule
6. Observe classes Class observation Mentor & Mentees Observation checklist/tool
7. Provide feedback on observations Post observation process Mentor & Mentees Monitoring tool
Follow up through informal
8. Monitor mentees’ progress Mentor & Mentees Monitoring tool
9. Discuss with mentees on progress and other
Discussion and agreement Mentor & Mentees Monitoring tool
areas of concerns
10. Propose INSETs for group coaching/mentoring
Write training proposal Mentor Training proposal/matrix
during mid-year/summer breaks
11. Conduct training on teaching-learning Mentor, Mentees, & Attendance sheet/certificates
Actual conduct of the training
development topics SH of participation
12. Prepare activity completion reports for Activity Completion Report
Mentor ACRs
individual and group mentoring activities Template

Prepared by: Approved:

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Mentor School Head