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to do

6 men are needed to do a work in 12 days. How genera 0 /

many men are needed to do the work in 18 days? l

A can do a piece of work in 10 days and B can do

the work in 20 days. With the help of C , they finish genera 0 /
the work in 5 days. How long will it take for C alone l
to finish the work?

20 workers can do a work in 30 days. After how

genera 0 /
4. many days should 5 workers leave the job so that
the task is completed in 35 days?

genera 0 /

15 men can complete a work in 210 days. But at

the end of 100 days, 15 additional men are genera 0 /
employed. In how many days will the work be l

Raju is twice as good as Ram. Together, they finish

genera 0 /
7. a work in 14 days. In how many days can Ram
alone finish it ?

A is 3 times as fast as B and is able to complete the genera 0 /

work in 40 days less than B . Find the time in which l
they can complete the work together?

Sam can finish some work in 12 days working 4

hours a day. Ram can finish the same in 15 days genera 0 /
working 3 hours a day. In how many days can they l
finish it working together at 4 1/2 hours a day?

X takes 5 days more than Y to do a certain job and

9 days more than Z , X and Y together can do the genera 0 /
same job in the same time as Z . How many days l
would X take for it?

A and B working separately can do a piece of work

in 6 and 9 days respectively; they work on alternate genera 0 /
days starting with A on the first day. In how many l
days will the work be done?

A father can do a certain job in x hours. His son

takes twice as long to do the job. Working together, genera 0 /
they can do the job in 6 hours. How many hours l
does it take the father to do the job?

If 120 men can do a job in 100 days, in how many genera 0 /

days will 150 men do it? l

One thousand men in a fortress have provisions for

genera 0 /
14. 12 days. How long will the provisions last if 200
more men join them?

Work done by A in one day is half of the work done

by B in one day. Work done by B is half of the work
genera 0 /
15. done by C in one day. If C alone can complete the
work in 7 days, in how many days can A, B and C
together complete the work?

P and Q can do alone a project in 25 days and 30

days respectively. They work together for 5 days genera 0 /
and then P leaves due to illness Q finish the rest. l
How long Q alone works after P leaves.

Roshan can copy 80 pages in 20

hours. Roshan and Rishi can
genera /
17. copy 135 pages in 27 hours. 0
How many pages Rishi alone can
copy in 28 hours ?
A man, a woman or a boy can do a job in 3,4,or 12
genera 0 /
18. days respectively. How many woman must assist 1
man and 1 boy to the job in 3/2 days

A can do 1/4th of a piece of work in one day, while genera 0 /

B can do 1/6th of the work in a day. In how many l
days can they do the same work together?

A can do a piece of work in 18 days, B in 36 days

and C in 54 days. A start the work and is joined by
genera 0 /
20. B after 1 day, C joins them after 4 more days. How
many more days will be required to complete the

A completes 4/5 in 15 days while B takes 10 days

for 3/5th completion. Initially B works alone for 5 genera 0 /
days and later complete the job along with A. Find l
the no. of days they worked together.

P and W can do a piece of work

in 12 and 16 days respectively.
genera /
22. If they work on alternate days, 0
then in how many days will the
work be completed?
3 men or 5 women can complete a piece of work 8
genera 0 /
23. days. In how many days can 6 men and 6 women
complete it?

A is 20% more efficient than B. B can do a piece of

genera 0 /
24. work in 20 days. In how many days can A do the
same work?

A, B, C can do a piece of work in 8, 16 24

genera 0 /
25. respectively. They work together and earn Rs.528.
what is the share of B?

300 men can construct a 200m long wall in 12 days

working 8 hours a day. In how many day can 120 genera 0 /
men construct 180m long wall working 9 hours per l

Snowhite Paint Company contracts to paint three

houses. Mr. Brown can paint a house in 6 days
while Mr. Pinter would take 8 days and Mr. Slocum
genera 0 /
27. would take 12 days. After 8 days Mr. Brown goes on
vacation and Mr. Pinter begins to work for a period
of 6 days. How many days will it take Mr. Slocum to
complete the contract?

If a roast that requires 1 hour and 40 minutes of

roasting time has been in the oven for 55 minutes, genera 0 /
how many more minutes of roasting time are l

Mr. Jones can mow his lawn in x hours. After 2hours genera 0 /
it begins to rain. What part of the lawn is left l

15 women can complete a work in 4 days. In how genera 0 /

many days will 20 women complete the work? l

A and B do a work for Rs 100. A can do it alone in 5

days while B alone can do it in 10 days. With the genera 0 /
help of C , they finish it in 2 days. How much should l
‘ C ’ be paid for it ?

X ’ alone can do a work in 12 days and Y alone in

18 days. If Z takes twice as long as X and Y genera 0 /
together, then how long will Y and Z together take l
to complete the same work?

A contractor decided to complete the work in 40

days and employed 60 boys at the beginning and
40 boys additionally after 10 days and got the work genera 0 /
completed as per schedule. If he had not employed l
the additional boys, how many extra days would he
have needed to complete the work?

X,Y and Z can complete a job in 20 days. If Y does

genera 0 /
34. half of what X and Z together do in 1 day, then in
how many days Y alone do the half work?

A sum of Rs. 150 was paid for a work that A can do

in 32 days, B in 20 days, B and C in 12 days and D genera 0 /
in 24 days. How much did C receive if all the four l
work together.

A, B and C can do a piece of work in 12, 18 and 9

days respectively. A started the work and worked
genera 0 /
36. for 4 days. Then B alone worked for 2 days. How
many days would C alone take to complete the
remaining work?

A is twice as efficient as B and they together can

complete a piece of work in 24 days. Find the
number of days, that A alone takes to complete the

A pipe can fill a 0 /

1. general
tank in 3 hours.Due
to leakage it takes
3.5 hours to fill the
same tank. Then in
how many hours
will the leakage
empty the tank ?

A cistern is normally filled in 5 hours.

However, it takes 6 hours when
2. there is a leak at its bottom. If the general 0 /
cistern is full, in what time shall the
leak empty it?

Pipe X and Y running together can fill

a cistern in 6 minutes. If Y takes 5
3. minutes more than X to fill the general 0 /
cistern, then the time in which X and
Y will fill the cistern separately are:

There are 2 pipes in a tank. Pipe M is

for filling a tank while N is used to
empty the tank. If M can fill the tank 0
4. general /
in 10 hrs, and if N can empty the
tank in 15 hrs, in what time is the
tank filled?

If three pipes are open together, a

tank is filled in 10 hrs. One of the
5. taps can fill in 5 hrs and another in general 0 /
10 hrs. At what rate does the 3rd
pipe work?

Two taps are running continuously to

fill a tank. The 1st pipe could have
filled it in 5 hrs by itself and second
one by itself could have filled it in 20
hrs. But the operator failed to realize 0
6. general /
that there was a leak in the tank
from the beginning which caused a
delay of one hour in filling the tank.
Find the time in which the leak
would empty the tank.

A cistern is normally filled in 6 hrs

but takes 4 hrs longer to fill because
7. of a leak in its bottom. If the cistern general 0 /
is full, the leak will empty it in what

8. A cistern is normally filled in 4 hours. general 0 /

However, it takes 6 hours when
there is a leak at its bottom. If the
cistern is full, in what time shall the
leak empty it?

There is a leak in the bottom of a

cistern. Before the leak, it could be
filled in 4.5 hours. It now takes 1/2 0
9. general /
hour longer. If the cistern if full, how
long would the leakage empty the
full cistern?

A tap can fill an empty tank in 48

minutes whereas another tap can
empty the full tank in 2 hours. If 0
10. general /
both the taps are opened at
11.40am when will the empty tank
be filled?

An empty tank can be filled by 2

pipes individually in 30 minutes and
60 minutes respectively. There is
11. also a pipe which can empty the full general 0 /
tank in 45 minutes. If all the three
pipes are open, how much time does
it take to fill the empty tank?

2 taps fill a cistern in 12 and 15

12. hours respectively. In what time will general 0 /
they fill it together?

A pipe can fill a swimming pool in h

13. hours. What part of the pool is filled general 0

in x hours?

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