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Find the greatest number that will divide 43,91 and 183 so as to leave the same remainder gener /
1. 0
in each case? al

gener /
2. Find the square root of 53361. 0

A rectangular sheet 7.56 meters and 10.50 meters wide is to be cut exactly as squares, all gener /
3. 0
of the same size. What is the largest size of the square? al

The average height of 30 boys in a class is 160cm, while that of the 10 girls is 156cm. find gener /
4. 0
the average height of the class. al

A total of 112 chocolates were to be distributed among 15 children such that both the boys gener /
5. 0
and the girls receive equal number of chocolates. How many girls are there? al

5 kg of sugar at Rs.40 per kg is mixed with 4 kgs of sugar at Rs.22 per kg. What is the gener /
6. 0
average cost per kg of the mixture? al

A puts 10 cows for 9 days and B puts 12

cows for 5 days into the field owned by
7. X. Find the ratio of the amount A pays to gener
0 /

X to the amount B pays to X, if there is a

fixed charge per cow per day ?
Sandra, Manuel and Maggi invested
$2000, $3000 and $5000 in a business
for 1 year. The net profits at the end of
8. the year amounted to $1000. How much gener
0 /

should Sandra receive if the profits were

divided in accordance with the
investments of each?
The mean proportional between 2 numbers is 12. The third proportional of the same gener /
9. 0
numbers is 96. Find the greater of the two numbers. al

gener /
10. 0
gener /
11. 0

PQRS is a square. SR is a tangent (at point s) to the circle with centre O & TR = OS. Find
the ratio of area of circle to the area of square. ( Figure not to

gener /
12. 0


A triangle and a trapezoid are equal in

area. They also have the same altitudes.
13. If the base of the triangle is 18 inches,
the mean of the parallel sides of the
trapezoid is__
At c cents per
orange, what is the
0 /
1. price (in dollars) general
for 1 dozen

A pair of articles was bought for Rs.37.40 at a discount of 15 %.

2. general 0 /
What must be the marked price of each of the articles?

which of the statements are necessary to answer the question

below .

A club purchased novelties for $204.00 for resale at a benefit

3. general 0 /
bazaar. During the first day they made sales amounting to
$169.50. The inventory at the end of this day showed that they
still had merchandise for which they paid $82.50. The gross
profit at the end of the first day of the bazaar was

Two trains of length 190m & 210m having speeds 40kmph and
4. 32 kmph moving towards each other in parallel tracks. When general 0 /
they will cross each other?

In a kilometer race, A beats B by 100m and C by 190m. in a

5. general 0 /
race of 500m, by how many meters would B beats C?

Amar covers a distance in 1/2 hr whereas Ajay covers the same

6. general 0 /
direction distance in 1hr 15 min. find ratio of their speed.

A can construct a wall in 8 days and B can construct it in 12

7. days. They constructed the wall together and received an general 0 /
amount of Rs.1240. Find the share of each.

Susheel and Sandhya agreed to do a job for Rs.180. they can

complete the work together in 12 days. If they can complete the
8. work in 9 days with the help of Sunita, then what is the share of general 0 /
Susheel, given that Sandhya can complete the entire work on
her own in 18 days?

A, B and C can complete a piece of work in 4, 8 and 12 days

9. respectively. They worked together and earned a total of Rs.660. general 0 /
find B's share

In June a baseball team that played 60 games had won 30% of

its games played. After a phenomenal winning streak this team
10. general 0 /
raised its average to 50%. How many games must the team
have won in a row to attain this average?

There were P people in a room when a meeting started. Q people

left the room during the first hour, while R people entered the
room during the same time. What expression gives the number
11. general 0 /
of people in the room after the first hour as a percentage of the
number of people in the room who have been there since the
meeting started?

12. 36 is 6% of what number?

0 /
1. the general
in a
h is
g to

gener /
2. Select the one which is different from the other three responses: 0

gener /
3. ab_ac_ab_a_c 0

gener /
4. AJX, BLU, ___ HPO, PRL 0

Find the next in the series

gener /
5. 0

gener /
6. 0

paragr /
7. What is the total number of possible arrangements? 0
If the Violet flag is adjacent to the Indigo flag, then which coloured flag is exactly in the middle of paragr /
8. 0
the row? aph

If the Yellow flag is adjacent to the Orange flag and the Blue flag, then which coloured flag is 3 paragr /
9. 0
places away from the Indigo flag? aph

paragr /
10. Which two of the following are not neighbours ? 0

paragr /
11. Which one is immediate right to the V ? 0

Which of the following is correct ?

paragr /
12. 0

paragr /
13. How many had all the three brands of air conditioners? 0

If 110 owners had only Voltas air conditioners, then how many have only Carrier Aircon and paragr /
14. 0
Fedders Lloyd with them? aph

15. How many of the owners have exactly one brand of air Conditioners? 0

If a car is driven 150 miles, the fuel

tank is filled to what percent of
capacity at the end of the trip? /
general 0
a) The car averaged 15 miles per
gallon for the trip
b) The tank is filled to 75 percent of
capacity at the start of the trip.

A company’s profit was Rs.800,000 in 1990. What

was its profit in 1991?
2. general 0 /
a) There was a 20% increase in income in 1991
b) There was a 25% increase in costs in 1991

Is x divisible by 70?
3. a) x is divisible by 2 and 5 general 0 /
b) x is divisible by 2 and 7

A piece of wood 7 feet long is cut into three pieces.

What is the length of each of the pieces?
4. a) The length of the longest piece is equal to the general 0 /
sum of the lengths of the other two pieces
b) The length of the shortest piece is 6 inches

What percentage of the overall Total was sold to

5. paragraph 0 /
the German importer?

How many games did the team win during the first
6. paragraph 0 /
seven weeks?

If the income in 1997 increases by 10% from 1996

7. and expenditure in 1997 decreases by 20% from paragraph 0 /
1996 the ratio of profits of 1997 to 1995 is

8. Which month has the highest profit per employee? paragraph

Find the number of selections
0 /
1. that can be made by taking 4 general
letters from the word INKLING?

In how many ways can the letters of the word

2. general 0 /
ENGINEERING be arranged?

In how many ways can the letters of the word

3. 'RESULT' be arranged so that the vowels appear in general 0 /
the even places only?

In how many ways can 18 different books be

4. general 0 /
divided equally among 3 students?

A bag contains 2 blue, 3 green and 4 black balls. If

5. a ball is picked at random, what is the probability general 0 /
that it is Neither green nor black

A card is drawn from a well shuffled deck of cards.

6. Find the probability that the card picked is a Red general 0 /

A ticket is drawn from hundred tickets numbered 1

7. to 100. What is the probability that the number on general 0 /
the ticket drawn is a multiple of 2 or 5?

How many of the smaller cubes have exactly two

8. paragraph 0 /
faces painted?

What are the least and the largest numbers of

9. paragraph 0 /
small cubes that have exactly one face painted?

What is the least number of small cubes that have

10. exactly one face painted red and no other face paragraph 0 /

What is the maximum number of small cubes that

11. have one face painted green and one face blue paragraph 0 /
and no other face painted?

What are the least and the maximum numbers of

cubes that have no face painted at all?