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Documentation for a HAZOP study shall include the following as applicable:

1. Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

2. Process Flow Diagrams, if available
3. Process description and process chemistry.
4. Facility plot plan/Unit layout drawings.
5. Equipment Data Sheets
6. Instrument Data Sheets ( Control Valve, Safety Valve, etc)
7. Piping Material Specification
8. Heat and material balances.
9. Inventory
10. Safe upper and lower operating limits, operating envelopes.
11. Control, alarm, and trip information:
a) Alarm and trip settings register.
b) Operating and Control philosophy.
c) Interlock/trip activation and response descriptions.
d) Cause and effect diagrams.
e) Emergency Shutdown (ESD) diagram.

12. Pressure relief, flare, vent, and depressurization information:

a) Relief valve data sheets.
b) Scenarios considered for sizing of the relief devices.
c) Flare/disposal systems design and sizing information, including comprehensive list of
common failure scenarios (i.e., power failure) and effects on flare loadings and flare system

13. Operating procedures (startup, operating, shut down, emergency)

14. Previous HAZID, What If, HAZOP, or LOPA reports, if existing facility.
15. Changes to design since the last HAZOP or PHA, if existing facility.
16. Previous process safety accident/ incident/ near miss reports, if existing facility.
17. Same information as above is also required for any vendor package is there, wherever