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RUBRIC: Position Paper

Student: _____________________________________

Excellent Proficient Adequate Limited* Insufficient

(4) (3) (2) (1) (0)

Focus/ The thesis The thesis The thesis The thesis No score is
Thesis statement clearly statement names statement names statement does awarded
Statement expresses the the topic of the some or all of the not name the because there is
topic of the paper paper. main points to be topic and does not insufficient
and outlines the discussed, but does preview what will evidence of
main points to be The author’s not name the topic. be discussed. student
discussed. position is performance
stated. The author’s The author’s based on the
The author’s position is stated. position is requirements of
position is clearly unclear to the the assessment
and strongly reader. task.

Support for Author takes a Author takes a Author’s position Author’s position
position strong, clear clear position. is stated, but is unclear.
position. slightly unclear.
Support for Support for
Support for position is Support for position is
position is relatively well position is not incomplete and
thoughtful, and thought out, and comprehensive examples do not
considers considers at least and does not consider any
environmental, 2 of consider at least 2 range of
economic, and environmental, of environmental, perspective.
societal impacts. economic, and economic, or
societal impacts. societal impacts. No counter
Author provides arguments are
relevant examples Author provides Author does not provided.
of counter relatively well provide counter
arguments which thought out arguments.
are appropriately counter
examined. arguments.

Sequencing Arguments and Arguments and A few of the Many of the

support are support are support details or support details or
provided in a provided in a arguments are not arguments are not
logical order that fairly logical in an expected or in an expected or
makes it easy and order that makes logical order, logical order,
interesting to it reasonably distracting the distracting the
follow the author's easy to follow the reader and making reader and making
train of thought. author's train of the essay seem a the essay seem
thought. little confusing. very confusing

Writing Piece is clearly Author paid Errors may be Errors make it

Mechanics written with no attention to present and may difficult to read
grammar, writing slightly take away and/or understand
spelling, conventions; from the clarity; the paper.
punctuation, or Minor errors do yet, the writer’s
capitalization not distract meaning can be
errors from meaning. determined

*When work is judged to be limited or insufficient, the teacher makes decisions about appropriate intervention to
help the student improve.