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October 2018


1. Project Background and Description

On the 29th of August, 2018, I visited Nature Green Tools and Machines in Ghaziabad with my
brother Mr. Jitendra Kumar (Dantal Hydraulics). During this visit, I had a brief conversation
with Mr. Sunil Sharma and Mr. Shivam Goel. During this conversation, it was decided that
starting 1st of October 2018, I shall be working for Nature Green with a permanent employee
status. It was decided that my job will include posting ads for the company on Google and
perform any other required activities as they arise. Mr. Shivam Goel and the rest of the
company reached this decision from his understanding that marketing and sales activities on
Google has long term practical value and importance.

Note: During this conversation it was decided that company will pay a minimum salary of
30,000 rupees/month to Saket Kumar for handling the web sales management of the
company. Any incentive or rewards will be at the discretion of the employer.

2. Project Scope

The scope of the web sales management project is to use the web to generate as much sales
for the company as possible. The web sales manager will employ the appropriate digital
marketing tools, whether it be Google or MS office, to increase the sales performance of the
company. The project will also include creation of visual content to promote awareness and
sales of the company. Refer to current reports****

3. High-Level Requirements

The web sales project will require the following from the company members:

The new project requires that the top stakeholders of the company

 Show a keen interest in the development of sales from web sources such as Google and Bing
 Be willing to make monthly Web investment between INR 5000 to INR 15000 (discuss)
 Remain informed about the web sales activities of the company and input regularly

4. Deliverables

As such, no current function of the company will be affected by this project, and no additional
skills will be required of the existing staff members. A genuine interest to share photographs
with me will be very useful.

5. Affected Parties

No party or individual at the company will be affected by this activities of this project beyond

6. Affected Business Processes or Systems

The manufacturing division of the company will remain totally unaffected by the project, if
anything they will benefit from it

7. Specific Exclusions from Scope

This project is highly incremental in nature as it might have already become obvious to the
senior members at the company. We started with the idea of posting ads only, but after an
audit of the current digital marketing assets of the company such as two unused websites, the
need for a new better managed website became obvious. It is useful for everyone to
understand that the other two websites cannot be used for Google ads due to its technical

8. Implementation Plan

1. Analyze existing digital infrastructure

2. Plan the change

3. Implement change in stages, starting with Google ads , followed by a custom domain