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Name : Aldi Wijaya

NPM : 201512500288
Class : RD7

Answer the question clearly!

1. Explain about test, assessment and teaching!
 A test is used to examine someone’s knowledge of something to
determine what he or she has learned.
 Assessment is the process of describing, collecting, recording,
scoring, and interpreting information about learning.
 Teaching is the process of attending to people’s (student) needs,
experiences and feeling and intervening so that they learn
particular things and go beyond the given.
2. There are five given criteria of good test. Explain about 3 of them!
 Practicality refers to the economy of time, effort and money in
 Reliability test is consistent and dependable.
 Validity refers to how well a test measures what it is purported to
 Authenticity
 Washback
3. What the differences between test and assessment?
Assessment and testing also show different results. Testing might show the
student's ability to memorize facts and figures, instead of a true
understanding of those facts and figures. However, an assessment done
informally in the classroom might show that a student actually understands
facts and figures, or a specific process. Often, students who do not score
well on formal tests might still understand what they are being tested on,
but might have test anxiety. A good teacher will use both assessments and
tests so she can know whether a student has failed a test because he isn't a
good test taker, or whether he really doesn't understand the material.
4. Write definition about proficiency test! Give 3 examples of it!
An exam which test how proficient or skilled someone is in a particular
activity, field of study, language, etc.
Example: TOEFL, EPT, and IELTS
5. What is proficiency test?
Proficiency test is to test global competence in a language. It test overall
ability regardless of any training they previously had in the
language..Proficiency test have traditionally consisted of standardized
multiple-choice ite on grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and
listening comprehension.
6. Give simulation or examples of 4 kind of practicality (cost, time,
administration, scoring/eavaluation)!
Online simulation.
7. What is diagnostic test?
Diagnostic test is used to idenifiy students’ strengths and weaknesses.
8. What is achievement test?
The purpose of achievement test is to determine whether course objectives
have been met with skills acquired by the end of periode of instruction.
Achievement tests should be limited to particular material addressed in a
curriculum within a particular time frame. Achievement tests belong to
summative because they are administered at the end on a unit/term of
study. It analyzes the extent to which students have acquired language that
have already been taught.
9. There are some practical steps to test construction. What are they?
 Assessing clear
 Drawing up test specifications
 Devising test tasks
10. What is the reliability of the test?
A reliable test is consistent and dependable. If a teacher gives the same test
to the same student or matched students on two different occasions, the
test should yield similar results.