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Tree Talent Req. Ref.

Jedi Consular Adept Negotiator - SAGA-39
Adversary Lore - JATM-14
Aggressive Negotiator Adept Negotiator LECG-26
Cleanse Mind - FUCG-24
Collective Visions Farseeing KOTOR-24
Consular's Vitality - CWCG-22
Consular’s Wisdom Adept Negotiator LECG-26
Entreat Aid - LECG-26
Force of Will - FUCG-24
Force Persuasion Adept Negotiator SAGA-40
Guiding Strikes - RECG-23
Improved Consular's Vitality - CWCG-22
Know Weakness Adversary Lore JATM-14
Master Negotiator Adept Negotiator SAGA-40
Recall - RECG-23
Skilled Advisor - SAGA-40
Visionary Attack Farseeing, Watchcircle Initiate KOTOR-24
Visionary Defense Farseeing, Watchcircle Initiate KOTOR-25
Renew Vision KOTOR-25
Watchcircle Initiate Farseeing KOTOR-25
Jedi Guardian Acrobatic Recovery - SAGA-40
Battle Meditation - SAGA-40
Close Maneuvering - RECG-23
Cover Escape - GAW-18
Defensive Acuity - LECG-27
Elusive Target - SAGA-40
Exposing Strike - CWCG-22
Force Intuition - SAGA-40
Forceful Warrior - FUCG-24
Grenade Defense - JATM-14
Guardian Strike - CWCG-22
Hold the Line - JATM-14
Immovable - RECG-23
Improved Battle Meditation Battle Meditation KOTOR-25
Mobile Combatant - FUCG-24
Resilience - SAGA-40
Jedi Sentinel Clear Mind - SAGA-40
Dampen Presence - FUCG-24
Dark Retaliation Sentinel Strike KOTOR-25
Dark Side Bane Dark Side Sense LECG-27
Dark Side Sense - SAGA-40
Dark Side Scourge Dark Side Sense SAGA-40
Force Haze Clear Mind SAGA-40
Gradual Resistance - RECG-23
Master of the Great Hunt - JATM-14
Persistent Haze Clear Mind, Force Haze S&V-13
Prime Targets - GAW-18
Reap Retribution - RECG-23
Resist Dark Side Dark Side Sense SAGA-41
Sense Primal Force - UR-19
Sentinel Strike - KOTOR-25
Sentinel's Observation - CWCG-22
Sentinel’s Gambit - KOTOR-25
Steel Resolve - FUCG-24
Unseen Eyes Clear Mind, Force Haze CWCG-22
Lightsaber Combat Block - SAGA-41
Cortosis Gauntlet Block Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium) LECG-27
Deflect - SAGA-41
Lightsaber Defense - SAGA-41
Weapon Specialization Weapon Focus (Lightsabers) SAGA-41
Lightsaber Throw - SAGA-41
Precise Redirection - RECG-24
Precision - LECG-27
Redirect Deflect, Base Attack Bonus +5 SAGA-41
Riposte Block, Base Attack Bonus +5 KOTOR-25
Shoto Focus - JATM-14
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Anticipation Anticipate Movement - GAW-18
Forewarn Allies - GAW-18
Get Down - GAW-18
Heavy Fire Zone - GAW-18
Summon Aid - GAW-19
Collaborator Double Agent - CWCG-22
Enemy Tactics - CWCG-23
Feed Information - CWCG-23
Friendly Fire Enemy Tactics CWCG-23
Protection Double Agent CWCG-23
Disgrace Ambush Dirty Tactics S&V-13
Castigate - S&V-14
Dirty Tactics - S&V-14
Misplaced Loyalty Dirty Tactics S&V-14
Two-Faced Dirty Tactics, Misplaced Loyalty S&V-14
Unreadable - S&V-14
Exile Arrogant Bluster Trained in the Persuasion skill UR-19
Band Together Galactic Guidance, Self-Reliant, trained in the UR-19
Persuasion and Knowledge (galactic lore) skills
Galactic Guidance Trained in the Knowledge (Galactic Lore) skill UR-19
Rant Trained in the Persuasion skill UR-20
Self-Reliant UR-20
Fencing Demoralizing Defense Noble Fencing Style KOTOR-26
Leading Feint Noble Fencing Style KOTOR-26
Noble Fencing Style trained in the Deception and Persuasion Skills KOTOR-27
Personal Affront Noble Fencing Style, Base Attack Bonus +5 KOTOR-27
Transposing Strike Noble Fencing Style, Base Attack Bonus +5 KOTOR-27
Gambling Leader Assault Gambit - RECG-24
Direct Fire Assault Gambit RECG-24
Face the Foe - RECG-24
Lead From the Front Face the Foe RECG-24
Luck Favors the Bold Face the Foe RECG-24
Ideologue Instruction - FUCG-25
Idealist Charisma 13 FUCG-25
Know Your Enemy - FUCG-25
Known Dissident Know Your Enemy FUCG-25
Lead by Example - FUCG-25
Influence Presence - SAGA-43
Demand Surrender Presence SAGA-43
Fluster Presence, trained in the Persuasion Skill KOTOR-26
Improved Weaken Resolve Presence, Weaken Resolve SAGA-43
Intimidating Defense Presence, trained in the Persuasion Skill KOTOR-26
Weaken Resolve Presence SAGA-43
Inspiration Beloved Bolster Ally, Inspire Confidence S&V-14
Bolster Ally - SAGA-43
Ignite Fervor Bolster Ally, Inspire Confidence SAGA-43
Inspire Confidence - SAGA-44
Inspire Haste - SAGA-44
Inspire Zeal Bolster Ally, Inspire Confidence, Ignite Fervor SAGA-44
Willpower Inspire Confidence FUCG-25
Leadership Born Leader - SAGA-44
Commanding Presence Born Leader, Tactical Savvy GAW-19
Coordinate - SAGA-44
Distant Command Born Leader SAGA-44
Fearless Leader Born Leader SAGA-44
Rally Born Leader, Distant Command SAGA-44
Reactionary Attack Born Leader, trained in the Persuasion Skill KOTOR-26
Tactical Savvy Born Leader GAW-19
Trust Born Leader, Coordinate SAGA-44
Unwavering Ally - RECG-25
Lineage Connections - SAGA-44
Educated - SAGA-44
Engineer Educated, trained in the Knowledge (Technology) Skill SOTG-16
Influential Friends Connections FUCG-25
Powerful Friends Connections, Influential Friends FUCG-26
Spontaneous Skill Educated SAGA-44
Wealth - SAGA-44
Loyal Protector Inspire Loyalty - CWCG-23
Undying Loyalty Inspire Loyalty CWCG-23
Punishing Protection Inspire Loyalty CWCG-23
Protector Actions Inspire Loyalty CWCG-23
Noble (Cont.)
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Master of Intrigue Advanced Planning - GOI-20
Blend In - GOI-20
Done It All - GOI-20
Get into Position - GOI-20
Master Manipulator Advanced Planning, Get into Position GOI-20
Retaliation Advanced Planning GOI-20
Provocateur Cast Suspicion - LECG-27
Distress to Discord - LECG-27
Friend or Foe Cast Suspicion LECG-27
Seize the Moment Distress to Discord LECG-27
Stolen Advantage Cast Suspicion LECG-28
True Betrayal Cast Suspicion, Friend or Foe LECG-28
Skill Challenge Guaranteed Boon - GOI-20
Leading Skill - GOI-20
Learn from Mistakes - GOI-20
Try Your Luck - GOI-20
Superior Skill Assured Skill - GOI-21
Critical Skill Success - GOI-21
Exceptional Skill Trained in the chosen skill GOI-21
Reliable Boon - GOI-21
Skill Boon Trained in the chosen skill GOI-21
Skill Confidence Critical Skill Success, trained in the chosen skill GOI-21
Skillful Recovery Trained in the chosen skill GOI-21
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Brigand Cheap Trick Trained in Deception GAW-19
Easy Prey Cheap Trick GAW-19
Quick Strike Cheap Trick GAW-19
Sly Combatant Cheap Trick, Easy Prey GAW-19
Fortune Avert Disaster Fool’s Luck S&V-14
Better Lucky than Dead Fool’s Luck S&V-14
Dumb Luck Knack, Lucky Shot S&V-14
Fool’s Luck - SAGA-46
Fortune’s Favor - SAGA-46
Gambler - SAGA-46
Knack - SAGA-46
Labyrinthine Mind - S&V-15
Lucky Shot Knack SAGA-46
Lucky Stop Knack KOTOR-27
Ricochet Shot Knack, Lucky Shot S&V-15
Uncanny Luck Knack, Lucky Shot S&V-15
Unlikely Shot Knack, Lucky Shot S&V-15
Malkite Poisoner Malkite Techniques - TOTG-13
Modify Poison Malkite Techniques TOTG-13
Numbing Poison Malkite Techniques TOTG-13
Undetectable Poison Malkite Techniques TOTG-13
Vicious Poison Malkite Techniques TOTG-13
Misfortune Backstabber Sneak Attack GAW-20
Befuddle - S&V-15
Cunning Strategist Disruptive, Walk the Line S&V-15
Dastardly Strike - SAGA-46
Disruptive - SAGA-46
Hesitate - S&V-15
Improved Skirmisher Skirmisher S&V-15
Improved Sneak Attack Point Blank Shot, Sneak Attack GAW-20
Seducer - LECG-29
Seize Object - LECG-29
Skirmisher - SAGA-46
Sneak Attack - SAGA-46
Sow Confusion Hesitate S&V-15
Stymie - CWCG-24
Sudden Strike Skirmisher, Sneak Attack S&V-15
Walk the Line Disruptive SAGA-46
Weakening Strike Dastardly Strike S&V-15
Opportunist Advantageous Opening - CWCG-24
Retribution - CWCG-24
Slip By - CWCG-24
Thrive on Chaos Advantageous Opening CWCG-24
Vindication Retribution CWCG-24
Outlaw Tech Fast Repairs trained in the Mechanics Skill SOTG-16
Hot Wire trained in the Mechanics Skill SOTG-16
Quick Fix trained in the Mechanics Skill SOTG-17
Personalized Modifications - SOTG-17
Scoundrel (Cont.)
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Outsider Oafish - UR-20
Outsider’s Eye Trained in the Perception skill UR-20
Outsider’s Query Trained in the Persuasion skill UR-21
Wary Outsider’s Eye, trained in the Perception skill UR-21
Recklessness Find Openings - RECG-25
Hit the Deck - RECG-25
Lure Closer Trick Step RECG-25
Risk for Reward Find Openings RECG-25
Trick Step - RECG-26
Revolutionary Bomb Thrower Trained in the Mechanics skill GOI-21
For the Cause Make an Example GOI-21
Make an Example - GOI-22
Revolutionary Rhetoric - GOI-22
Run and Gun Cheap Shot Opportunistic Strike KOTOR-27
No Escape Opportunistic Strike KOTOR-27
Opportunistic Strike - KOTOR-27
Slippery Strike Strike and Run KOTOR-27
Strike and Run - KOTOR-28
Slicer Electronic Forgery trained in the Use Computer Skill FUCG-27
Electronic Sabotage trained in the Use Computer Skill FUCG-27
Gimmick - SAGA-47
Master Slicer Gimmick SAGA-47
Security Slicer trained in the Mechanics Skill FUCG-27
Trace - SAGA-47
Virus Electronic Sabotage, trained in the Use Computer Skill S&V-16
Smuggling Art of Concealment - FUCG-27
Fast Talker Art of Concealment FUCG-27
Hidden Weapons Art of Concealment FUCG-27
Illicit Dealings - FUCG-27
Surprise Strike - FUCG-27
Spacer Cramped Quarters Fighting Spacehound, Starship Raider S&V-16
Deep Space Raider Spacehound, Starship Raider UR-21
Hyperdriven - SAGA-47
Make a Break for It Spacehound, Stellar Warrior S&V-16
Spacehound - SAGA-47
Starship Raider Spacehound SAGA-47
Stellar Warrior Spacehound SAGA-47
Yuuzhan Vong Biotech Adept - LECG-29
Biotech Bugbite - LECG-29
Curved Throw Bugbite LECG-29
Surprising Weapons - LECG-29
Veiled Biotech Trained in Stealth LECG-29
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Advanced Patrol Forward Patrol Watchful Step GAW-20
Mobile Combatant Forward Patrol, Watchful Step GAW-20
Trailblazer Trained in Survival GAW-21
Watchful Step - GAW-21
Awareness Acute Senses - SAGA-49
Expert Tracker Acute Senses SAGA-49
Improved Initiative Acute Senses SAGA-49
Keen Shot Acute Senses SAGA-49
Reset Initiative Acute Senses, Improved Initiative, trained in the FUCG-28
Initiative Skill
Uncanny Dodge I Acute Senses, Improved Initiative SAGA-49
Uncanny Dodge II Acute Senses, Improved Initiative, Uncanny Dodge I SAGA-49
Weak Point Acute Senses, Keen Shot KOTOR-28
Camouflage Dig In - GAW-20
Extended Ambush Improved Stealth UR-21
Ghost Assailant - GAW-20
Hidden Movement Improved Stealth SAGA-49
Hide in Plain Sight Hidden Movement, Improved Stealth S&V-16
Hunker Down - S&V-16
Improved Stealth - SAGA-49
Shadow Striker Hidden Movement, Improved Stealth S&V-16
Slip By - GAW-20
Total Concealment Hidden Movement, Improved Stealth SAGA-49
Espionage Fade Out Trained in the Stealth skill GOI-22
Keep Together - GOI-22
Prudent Escape - GOI-22
Reactive Stealth Trained in the Stealth skill GOI-23
Sizing - GOI-22
Scout (Cont.)
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Fringer Barter - SAGA-49
Flee Long Stride S&V-17
Fringe Savant - SAGA-50
Jury-Rigger - SAGA-50
Keep it Together Jury-Rigger S&V-17
Long Stride - SAGA-50
Sidestep Long Stride S&V-17
Surge Long Stride S&V-17
Swift Strider Long Stride, Sidestep S&V-17
Hyperspace Explorer Deep-Space Gambit - KOTOR-28
Guidance trained in the Perception skill KOTOR-28
Hidden Attacker trained in the Stealth skill KOTOR-29
Hyperspace Savant trained in the Pilot skill KOTOR-29
Silent Movement Trained in the Stealth skill UR-21
Vehicle Sneak trained in the Pilot skill KOTOR-29
Master Scout Piercing Hit Acute Senses, Keen Shot UR-21
Quicktrap Jury-Rigger, Tripwire, trained in the Mechanics skill UR-22
Speedclimber Long Stride, Surefooted, trained in the Climb skill UR-22
Surprisingly Quick Skill Focus (Initiative), trained in the Initiative skill UR-22
Tripwire Jury-Rigger, trained in the Mechanics skill UR-22
Mobile Scout Battle Mount Expert Rider, Terrain Guidance, trained in the Ride skill UR-22
Expert Rider Trained in the Ride skill UR-23
Mechanized Rider Trained in the Pilot and Ride skills UR-23
Terrain Guidance Trained in the Ride skill UR-23
Reconnaissance Close Combat Assault Reconnaissance Team Leader CWCG-25
Get Into Position Reconnaissance Team Leader, Base Attack Bonus +5 CWCG-25
Reconnaissance Actions Reconnaissance Team Leader CWCG-25
Reconnaissance Team Leader - CWCG-25
Spy Blend In - FUCG-28
Incognito Blend In FUCG-28
Improved Surveillance Surveillance, trained in the Perception Skill FUCG-28
Intimate Knowledge Surveillance, trained in the Perception Skill FUCG-28
Surveillance trained in the Perception Skill FUCG-28
Traceless Tampering - FUCG-28
Surveillance Advanced Intel Spotter CWCG-25
Hidden Eyes - CWCG-25
Hunt the Hunter - CWCG-25
Seek and Destroy Hidden Eyes CWCG-25
Spotter - CWCG-25
Survivor Evasion - SAGA-50
Extreme Effort - SAGA-50
Sprint - SAGA-50
Surefooted - SAGA-50
Unpredictable Aggressive Surge - RECG-26
Blast Back - RECG-26
Fade Away - RECG-26
Second Strike Blast Back RECG-26
Swerve Fade Away RECG-26
Versatility Adapt and Survive - LECG-30
Defensive Protection - LECG-30
Quick on Your Feet - LECG-30
Ready and Willing - LECG-30
Unbalancing Adaptation Adapt and Survive LECG-30
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Ambusher Ambush Specialist - RECG-28
Destructive Ambusher Ambush Specialist RECG-28
Keep It Going Ambush Specialist RECG-28
Keep Them Reeling Ambush Specialist RECG-28
Perceptive Ambusher Ambush Specialist RECG-28
Spring the Trap - RECG-28
Armor Specialist Armor Mastery Armored Defense SAGA-51
Armored Defense - SAGA-52
Improved Armored Defense Armored Defense SAGA-52
Juggernaught Armored Defense SAGA-52
Second Skin Armored Defense SAGA-52
Shield Expert Armor Proficiency (Light) KOTOR-29
Soldier (Cont.)
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Brawler Bayonet Master Gun Club CWCG-26
Cantina Brawler - S&V-17
Counterpunch - S&V-18
Crowd Control Entangler GOI-23
Devastating Melee Smash Melee Smash KOTOR-29
Disarm and Engage - GOI-23
Entangler - GOI-23
Experienced Brawler Melee Smash, Stunning Strike S&V-18
Expert Grappler - SAGA-52
Gun Club - SAGA-52
Grabber - LECG-31
Hammerblow - LECG-31
Make Do - S&V-18
Man Down - S&V-18
Melee Smash - SAGA-52
Pick a Fight Cantina Brawler S&V-18
Reverse Strength - GOI-23
Strong Grab - LECG-31
Stunning Strike Melee Smash SAGA-52
Sucker Punch - S&V-18
Unbalance Opponent Expert Grappler SAGA-52
Unrelenting Assault Melee Smash CWCG-26
Brute Squad Gang Leader - LECG-30
Melee Assault - LECG-31
Melee Brute - LECG-31
Melee Opportunist - LECG-31
Squad Brutality - LECG-31
Squad Superiority - LECG-31
Commando Battle Analysis - SAGA-52
Coordinated Effort Dedicated Protector GOI-23
Cover Fire Battle Analysis SAGA-52
Dedicated Guardian Dedicated Protector, Harms Away GOI-24
Dedicated Protector Harms Way GOI-24
Defensive Position Battle Analysis GAW-21
Demolitionist - SAGA-52
Draw Fire - SAGA-52
Hard Target Tough as Nails TOTG-95
Harm’s Way trained in the Initiative Skill SAGA-52
Indomitable - SAGA-52
Keep Them at Bay - CWCG-26
Out of Harm’s Way Harm’s Way, trained in the Initiative skill UR-23
Tough as Nails - SAGA-53
Mercenary Combined Fire Coordinated Attack TOTG-57
Commanding Presence - FUCG-28
Dirty Fighting - FUCG-28
Feared Warrior Commanding Presence FUCG-29
Focused Warrior - FUCG-29
Mercenary’s Determination Mercenary’s Grit TOTG-57
Mercenary’s Grit - TOTG-57
Mercenary’s Teamwork Combined Fire, Coordinated Attack TOTG-57
Ruthless Dirty Fighting FUCG-29
Rocket Jumper Burning Assault Jet Pack Training KOTOR-30
Improved Trajectory Jet Pack Training KOTOR-30
Jet Pack Training - KOTOR-30
Jet Pack Withdrawl Jet Pack Training KOTOR-30
Shockboxer Defensive Jab Retaliation Jab GAW-21
Nimble Dodge - GAW-21
Retaliation Jab - GAW-21
Stinging Jab - GAW-21
Stunning Shockboxer Stinging Jab GAW-21
Squad Leader Commanding Officer - CWCG-26
Coordinated Tactics Commanding Officer CWCG-26
Fire at Will Commanding Officer, Base Attack Bonus CWCG-26
Squad Actions Commanding Officer CWCG-26
Trooper Comrade in Arms - CWCG-26
Focused Targeting Comrade in Arms CWCG-26
Phalanx Watch Your Back CWCG-26
Stick Together Comrade in Arms CWCG-26
Watch Your Back Comrade in Arms CWCG-26
Soldier (Cont.)
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Veteran Battlefield Remedy Trained in Treat Injury GAW-21
Grizzled Warrior Seen it All, Tested in Battle GAW-21
Reckless Tested in Battle GAW-22
Seen it All Tested in Battle, trained in Initiative GAW-22
Tested in Battle - GAW-22
Warrior Champion Warrior’s Awareness, Warrior’s Determination UR-23
Quick Study Warrior’s Awareness UR-23
Simple Opportunity Weapon Proficiency (simple weapons) UR-23
Warrior’s Awareness - UR-23
Warrior’s Determination - UR-23
Weapon Specialist Autofire Assault Weapon Proficiency (heavy weapons) GAW-22
Crushing Assault Weapon Specialization S&V-18
Devastating Attack - SAGA-53
Disarming Attack Improved Disarm, Intelligence 13, Weapon
Specialization with Chosen Weapon Group or Exotic
Impaling Assault Weapon Specialization S&V-18
Improved Suppression Fire - LECG-31
Penetrating Attack Weapon Focus with Chosen Weapon Group or Exotic SAGA-53
Stinging Assault Weapon Specialization S&V-18
Weapon Specialization Weapon Focus with Chosen Weapon Group or Exotic SAGA-53
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Assassin Advantageous Positioning Shift S&V-29
Get Some Distance Advantageous Positioning, Shift S&V-29
Murderous Arts I - S&V-29
Murderous Arts II Murderous Arts I S&V-29
Ruthless - S&V-29
Shift - S&V-29
Sniping Assassin - S&V-29
Sniping Marksman Sniping Assassin S&V-29
Sniping Master Sniping Assassin, Sniping Master S&V-29
GenoHaradan Deadly Repercussions - S&V-29
Manipulating Strike - S&V-29
Improved Manipulating Strike Manipulating Strike S&V-29
Pulling the Strings - S&V-29
Malkite Poisoner See Scoundrel
Misfortune See Scoundrel
Ace Pilot
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Blockade Runner Close Cover Watch This S&V-25
Outrun - S&V-25
Punch Through - S&V-25
Small Target - S&V-25
Watch This - S&V-26
Expert Pilot Blind Spot - SOTG-17
Clip - GOI-24
Close Scrape - SOTG-17
Elusive Dogfighter - SAGA-207
Full Throttle - SAGA-207
Improved Attack Run - SOTG-17
Juke Vehicular Evasion SAGA-207
Keep It Together - SAGA-207
Master Defender - GOI-24
Relentless Pursuit - SAGA-207
Renown Pilot - CWCG-39
Roll Out Elusive Dogfighter UR-29
Shunt Damage - GOI-24
Vehicular Evasion - SAGA-207
Vehicle Focus Wisdom 13 SOTG-17
Wingman Wisdom 13 SOTG-17
Gunner Crippling Hit Expert Gunner, System Hit SOTG-17
Dogfight Gunner Expert Gunner SAGA-207
Expert Gunner - SAGA-207
Fast Attack Specialist Expert Gunner, Quick Trigger UR-29
Great Shot - SOTG-17
Overcharged Shot Expert Gunner UR-29
Quick Trigger Expert Gunner SAGA-207
Synchronized Fire Expert Gunner SOTG-17
System Hit Expert Gunner SAGA-207
Spacer See Scoundrel
Ace Pilot (Cont.)
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Squadron Leader Begin Attack Run Charisma 13 SOTG-17
Reqroup Charisma 13 SOTG-18
Squadron Maneuvers Charisma 13, any other Ace Pilot Talent SOTG-18
Squadron Tactics Charisma 13, Wisdom 13, and other Ace Pilot Talent, SOTG-18
Squadron Maneuvers, Starship Tactics .
Wingman Concentrate All Fire - RECG-40
Escort Pilot - RECG-40
Lose Pursuit - RECG-40
Run Interference Escort Pilot RECG-40
Wingman Retribution Escort Pilot RECG-40
Bounty Hunter
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Bounty Hunter Detective - GOI-24
Dread Hunter’s Mark, Hunter’s Target S&V-26
Electronic Trail Nowhere to Hide, trained in the Computer skill GOI-25
Familiar Enemies Familiar Foe special quality UR-29
Familiar Situation Familiar Foe special quality UR-29
Fearsome Notorious FUCG-42
Hunter’s Mark - SAGA-208
Hunter’s Target Hunter’s Mark SAGA-208
Jedi Hunter - FUCG-42
Notorious - SAGA-208
Nowhere to Hide - SAGA-208
Nowhere to Run Hunter’s Mark, Hunter’s Target, Nowhere to Hide S&V-26
Quick Cuffs Quick Draw feat UR-29
Relentless Hunter’s Mark, Hunter’s Target SAGA-208
Revealing Secrets Detective GOI-25
Ruthless Negotiator Notorious SAGA-208
Signature Item - FUCG-42
Tag Hunter’s Mark, Hunter’s Target S&V-26
Force Hunter Force Blank - LECG-40
Lightsaber Evasion - LECG-40
Precision Fire - LECG-40
Steel Mind - LECG-40
Strong Willed - LECG-40
Telekinetic Resonance - LECG-40
Gand Findsman Findsman Ceremonies Force Sensitivity S&V-26
Findsman’s Foresight Findsman Ceremonies S&V-26
Omens Findsman Ceremonies S&V-26
Target Vision Findsman Ceremonies S&V-26
Temporal Awareness Findsman Ceremonies S&V-26
Misfortune See Scoundrel
Awareness See Scout
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Disgrace See Noble
Fortune See Scoundrel
Provocateur See Noble
Trickery Cunning Distraction - S&V-31
Damaging Deception Cunning Distraction S&V-31
Distracting Shout Cunning Distraction S&V-31
Improved Soft Cover Innocuous S&V-31
Innocuous - S&V-31
Treacherous Improved Soft Cover, Innocuous S&V-31
Corprate Agent
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Coroporate Power Competitive Drive - KOTOR-42
Competitive Edge - KOTOR-42
Corporate Clout Impose Hesitation, Wrong Decision KOTOR-42
Impose Confusion Impose Hesitation KOTOR-43
Impose Hesitation - KOTOR-43
Willful Resolve - KOTOR-43
Wrong Decision - KOTOR-43
Leadership See Noble
Lineage See Noble
Clime Lord
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Infamy Fear Me Attract Minion, Inspire Fear I, Inspire Fear II S&V-26
Frighten Attract Minion, Inspire Fear I S&V-26
Inspire Fear I - SAGA-210
Inspire Fear II Inspire Fear I SAGA-210
Inspire Fear III Inspire Fear I, Inspire Fear II SAGA-210
Master Manipulator Notorious, Skill Focus (Persuasion), trained in the UR-29
Persuasion skill
Notorious - SAGA-210
Small Favor Notorious, trained in the Persuasion UR-29
Shared Notoriety Notorious SAGA-210
Terrify Frighten, Inspire Fear I, Inspire Fear II S&V-27
UnS&Vory Reputation Inspire Fear I, Inspire Fear II, Inspire Fear III. Notorious S&V-27
Crime Lord (Cont.)
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Mastermind Attract Minion - SAGA-210
Attract Superior Minion Attract Minion, Impel Ally I, Impel Ally II GOI-25
Bodyguard I Attract Minion S&V-27
Bodyguard II Attract Minion, Bodyguard I S&V-27
Bodyguard III Attract Minion, Bodyguard I, Bodyguard II S&V-27
Contingency Plan - GOI-25
Impel Ally I - SAGA-210
Impel Ally II Impel Ally I SAGA-210
Impel Ally III Impel Ally I, Impel Ally II S&V-27
Inspire Wrath Impel Ally I, Impel Ally II S&V-27
Master’s Orders Impel Ally I, Impel Ally II UR-30
Shelter Attract Minion S&V-27
Tactical Superiority - S&V-27
Tactical Withdrawal - S&V-27
Urgency Impel Ally I, Impel Ally II S&V-27
Wealth of Allies Attract Minion S&V-27
Droid Commander
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Droid Commander Automated Strike Double Attack with the chosen weapon CWCG-43
Droid Defense - CWCG-43
Droid Mettle Droid Defense CWCG-43
Expanded Sensors - CWCG-43
Inspire Competence Expanded Sensors CWCG-44
Maintain Focus - CWCG-44
Overclocked Troops Droid Defense CWCG-44
Reinforced Commands Droid Defense CWCG-44
Inspiration See Noble
Leadership See Noble
Override Directed Action - SGTD-28
Directed Movement - SGTD-28
Full Control Directed Action, Directed Movement, and Remote Attack SGTD-28
Remote Attack
Elite Trooper
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Camouflage See Scout
Commando See Soldier
Critical Master Deny Move Reduce Mobility FUCG-42
Extended Critical Range Base Attack Bonus +10, Weapon Proficiency (Heavy FUCG-42
(Heavy Weapons) Weapons) .
Extended Critical Range Base Attack Bonus +10, Weapon Proficiency (Rifles) FUCG-42
Extended Critical Range Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons), base attack bonus UR-30
(simple weapons) +10
Flurry Attack Weapon Proficiency for Chosen Weapon FUCG-42
Knockback - FUCG-42
Reduce Defense - FUCG-42
Reduce Mobility - FUCG-42
Manalorian Armored Mandalorian Dexterity 13, Mandalorian Glory, proficient in armor KOTOR-38
Warrior worn
Mandalorian Advance - KOTOR-38
Mandalorian Ferocity Dexterity 13, Weapon Proficiency for Chosen Exotic KOTOR-38
Weapon or Weapon Group
Mandalorian Glory - KOTOR-38
Elite Trooper (Cont)
Master of Teräs Ignore Damage Reduction Teräs Käsi Basics. Martial Arts I TOTG-53
Teräs Käsi Basics Martial Arts I TOTG-53
Teräs Käsi Mastery Teräs Käsi Basics, Martial Arts I , Martial Arts II , Martial TOTG-53
Arts III
Unarmed Counterstrike Teräs Käsi Basics, Unarmed Parry, Martial Arts I , TOTG-53
Martial Arts II .
Unarmed Parry Teräs Käsi Basics, Martial Arts I , Martial Arts II . TOTG-53
Melee Specialist Accurate Blow - CWCG-39
Close-Quarters Fighter - CWCG-40
Ignore Armor - CWCG-40
Improved Stunning Strike Stuning Strike CWCG-40
Whirling Death Melee Smash, Unrelenting Assault CWCG-40
Protection Armored Guard Ward LECG-40
Bodyguard’s Sacrifice - LECG-41
Guard’s Endurance Ward LECG-41
Lifesaver Bodyguard’s Sacrifice LECG-41
Out of Harm’s Way LECG-41
Roll With It Bodyguard’s Sacrifice, Take the Hit LECG-41
Take the Hit Bodyguard’s Sacrifice LECG-41
Ward - LECG-41
Republic Ambush - CWCG-40
Higher Yield trained in the Demolitionist Skill CWCG-40
Rapid Reload - CWCG-40
Shoulder to Shoulder - CWCG-40
Strength in Numbers - CWCG-40
Weapon Shift Gun Club CWCG-40
Squad Leader Fall Back Charisma 13 GAW-31
Form Up Charisma 13 GAW-31
Full Advance Charisma 13 GAW-31
Hold Steady Charisma 13 GAW-31
Search and Destroy Charisma 13 GAW-31
Weapon Master Controlled Bursts - SAGA-212
Exotic Weapon Mastery - SAGA-212
Extended Threat Weapon Focus and Weapon Proficiency with weapon UR-30
Ferocious Assault Base Attack bonus +12, Controlled Burst GAW-30
Greater Devastating Attack Greater Weapon Focus with Chosen Weapon Group or SAGA-212
Exotic Weapon, Deastating Attack, Weapon Focus with
Chosen Weapon Group or Exotic Weapon
Greater Penetrating Attack Greater Weapon Focus with Chosen Weapon Group or SAGA-212
Exotic Weapon, Penetrating Attack, Weapon Focus with
Chosen Weapon Group or Exotic Weapon
Greater Weapon Focus Weapon Focus with Chosen Weapon Group or Exotic SAGA-212
Greater Weapon Specialization Greater Weapon Focus with Chosen Weapon Group or SAGA-212
Exotic Weapon, Weapon Specialization with Chosen
Weapon Group or Exotic Weapon, Weapon Focus with
Chosen Weapon Group or Exotic Weapon
Multiattack Proficiency (Heavy - SAGA-212
Multiattack Proficiency - SAGA-212
Multiattack Proficiency (simple - UR-30
Two-For-One Throw Weapon Focus (simple weapons), Weapon Proficiency UR-30
(simple weapons)
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Enforcement Cover Bracing - FUCG-45
Intentional Crash trained in the Pilot Skill FUCG-45
Nonlethal Tactics - FUCG-45
Pursuit Dexterity 13 FUCG-45
Respected Officer - FUCG-45
Slowing Stun - FUCG-45
Takedown - FUCG-45
Survivor See Scout
Force Adept
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Beastwarden Charm Beast - JATM-18
Bonded Mount Charm Beast JATM-18
Entreat Beast Charm Beast JATM-18
Soothing Presence Charm Beast JATM-18
Wild Sense Charm Beast JATM-18
Dark Side Devotee Channel Aggression - SAGA-213
Channel Anger Channel Aggression SAGA-213
Crippling Strike Channel Aggression SAGA-213
Dark Side Talisman - JATM-17
Embrace the Dark Side Channel Aggression, Channel Anger SAGA-213
Greater Dark Side Talisman - JATM-17
Force Adept Force Power Adept - SAGA-214
Force Treatment - SAGA-214
Fortified Body Equilibrium SAGA-214
Instrument of the Force - UR-30
Long Call Mystical Link UR-30
Mystical Link - UR-30
Force Item Attune Weapon - SAGA-214
Empower Weapon - SAGA-214
Focused Force Talisman Force Talisman CWCG-40
Force Talisman - SAGA-214
Force Throw Empower Weapon KOTOR-38
Greater Focused Force Focused Force Talisman, Force Talisman CWCG-40
Greater Force Talisman Force Talisman SAGA-214
Primitive Block Empower Weapon KOTOR-38
Mystic Channel Vitality - JATM-18
Closed Mind - JATM-18
Esoteric Technique - JATM-18
Mystic Mastery - JATM-18
Regimen Aptitude Force Regimen Mastery JATM-18
Imperial Inquisitor Cower Enemies Force Interrogation FUCG-42
Force Interrogation - FUCG-43
Inquisition - FUCG-43
Unsettling Presence Force Interrogation FUCG-43
Telepath Mind Probe - JATM-18
Perfect Telepathy - JATM-18
Psychic Citadel - JATM-18
Psychic Defenses Psychic Citadel JATM-18
Telepathic Intruder - JATM-19
Force Disciple
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Force Adept See Force Adept
Force Item See Force Adept
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Awareness See Scout
Armor Specialist See Soldier
Gladiatorial Brutal Attack Weapon Focus with Chosen Weapon Group or Exotic KOTOR-44
Combat Weapon
Call Out Personal Vendetta KOTOR-44
Distracting Attack Brutal Attack with Weapon Used KOTOR-44
Exotic Weapons Master proficiency in at least one Exotic Weapon KOTOR-44
Lockdown Strike - KOTOR-44
Multiatack Proficiency (Exotic Exotic Weapons Master KOTOR-45
Personal Vendetta - KOTOR-45
Unstoppable - KOTOR-45
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Carbineer Blowback - LECG-41
Close Contact - LECG-41
Multiattack Proficiency - LECG-41
Old Faithful - LECG-41
Opportunity Fire - LECG-41
Rifle Master - LECG-41
Shoot from the Hip - LECG-41
Snap Shot - LECG-41
Gunslinger Blind Shot - CWCG-41
Damaging Disarm Ranged Disarm GOI-25
Debilitating Shot - SAGA-216
Deceptive Shot - SAGA-216
Improved Quick Draw - SAGA-216
Keep Them Honest Careful Shot GAW-31
Knockdown Shot - SAGA-216
Lingering Debilitation Debilitating Shot UR-31
Mobile Attack Multiattack Proficiency (Pistols), Dual Weapon Mastery KOTOR-39
I , Weapon Focus (Pistols)
Multi-attack Proficiency - SAGA-216
Pistol Duelist - GOI-25
Ranged Disarm - SAGA-217
Ranged Flank - S&V-27
Retreating Fire - UR-31
Slowing Shot Debilitating Shot UR-31
Swift Shot - UR-31
Trigger Work - SAGA-217
Pistoleer Dash and Blast Dual Weapon Mastery I , Running Attack S&V-27
Flanking Fire Dual Weapon Mastery I S&V-28
Guaranteed Show Dual Weapon Mastery I S&V-28
Hailfire Dual Weapon Mastery I S&V-28
Twin Shot Dual Weapon Mastery I , Rapid Shot S&V-28
Sharpshooter Bullseye Draw a Bead, Precision Shot, Sniper GAW-31
Draw a Bead Precision Shot, Base Attack bonus +10 GAW-31
Pinning Shot Precision Shot GAW-31
Harrying Shot Pinning Shot, Precision Shot GAW-31
Precision Shot Far Shot GAW-31
Fortune See Scoundrel
Awareness See Scout
Imperial Knight
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Armor Specialist See Soldier
Duelist See Jedi Knight
Knight’s Armor Armored Augmentation I Proficiency with Armor Worn LECG-45
Armored Augmentation II Proficiency with Armor Worn, Armored Augmentation I LECG-45
Armor Mastery - LECG-45
Cortosis Defense LECG-45
Cortosis Retaliation Cortosis Defense LECG-45
Knight’s Resolve Knight’s Morale - LECG-45
Oath of Duty - LECG-45
Praetoria Ishu Block, Deflect LECG-45
Praetoria Vonil Weapon Focus (Lightsabers) LECG-45
Strength of the Empire Knight’s Morale LECG-45
Lightsaber Combat
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Improviser Bigger Bang Improvised Device RECG-43
Capture Droid - RECG-43
Custom Model Improvised Device, Tech Specialist RECG-43
Improved Jury-Rig - RECG-43
Improvised Device - RECG-43
Outlaw Tech See Scoundrel
Procurement Black Market Buyer - RECG-43
Excellent Kit - RECG-43
Just What is Needed - RECG-43
Only the Finest Black Market Buyer RECG-43
Right Gear for the Job - RECG-43
Slicer See Scoundrel
Independent Droid
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Autonomy Defensive Electronics - FUCG-47
Ion Resistance 10 - FUCG-47
Just a Droid - SGTD-28
Modification Specialist - FUCG-47
Repair Self - FUCG-47
Soft Reset - FUCG-47
Swift Droid Any two Talents from the Autonomy talent tree SGTD-28
Elite Droid Break Program rained in the Use Computer Skill SGTD-29
Heuristic Mastery Wisdom 15 SGTD-29
Scripted Routines Base Attack bonus +5 SGTD-29
Ultra Resilient - SGTD-29
Specialized Droid Computer Language Must know the Binary Language FUCG-47
Computer Master - FUCG-47
Enhanced Manipulation Dexterity 15 FUCG-47
Hotwired Prcessor - FUCG-47
Power Boost Power Surge SGTD-28
Power Surge - FUCG-48
Skill Conversion - FUCG-48
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Bothan Spynet Bothan Resources Spynet Agent FUCG-50
Knowledge Is Life Spynet Agent FUCG-50
Knowledge Is Power Spynet Agent FUCG-50
Knowledge Is Strength Spynet Agent FUCG-50
Six Questions Spynet Agent FUCG-50
Spynet Agent Bothan Species or two talents from the Infiltration Tree FUCG-50
Camouflage See Scout
Infiltration Always Ready trained in the Initiative skill FUCG-49
Concealed Weapon Expert - FUCG-49
Creeping Approach trained in the Stealth Skill FUCG-49
Set for Stun - FUCG-49
Silent Takedown trained in the Stealth Skill FUCG-49
Spy See Scout
Jedi Knight
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Armor Specialist See Soldier
Lightsaber Combat See Jedi
Duelist Force Fortification - SAGA-218
Greater Weapon Focus Weapon Focus (Lightsabers) SAGA-218
Greater Weapon Specialization Greater Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Weapon Focus SAGA-218
(Lightsabers) (Lightsabers) , Weapon Specialization (Lightsabers).
Improved Lightsaber Throw Lightsaber Throw FUCG-43
Improved Redirect Deflect, Redirect Shot KOTOR-39
Improved Riposte Block, Riposte KOTOR-39
Lightsaber Form Savant - JATM-19
Multiattack Proficiency - SAGA-218
Severing Strike - SAGA-218
Shoto Master - JATM-19
Throw Lightsaber Master Improved Lightsaber Throw, Lightsaber Throw FUCG-43
Jedi Archivist Direct - CWCG-41
Impart Knowledge Skilled Advisor CWCG-41
Insight of the Force - CWCG-41
Master Advisor Skilled Advisor CWCG-41
Scholarly Knowledge - CWCG-41
Jedi Artisan Call Weapon - JATM-19
Lightsaber Specialist Masterwork Lightsaber JATM-19
Masterwork Lightsaber - JATM-19
Perfect Attunement Masterwork Lightsaber JATM-19
Quick Modification Masterwork Lightsaber JATM-19
Jedi Battlemaster Defensive Circle Battle Meditation, Block or Deflect, Jedi Battle KOTOR-39
Force Revive Battle Meditation, Jedi Battle Commander KOTOR-39
Jedi Battle Commander Battle Meditation KOTOR-39
Mobile Attack (Lightsabers) Multiattack Proficiency (Lightsabers), Dual Weapon KOTOR-39
Mastery I , Weapon Focus (Lightsabers)
Slashing Charge Block, Riposte, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers) , Weapon KOTOR-39
Proficiency (Lightsabers)
Jedi Healer Force Treatment - CWCG-41
Healing Boost Vital Transfer CWCG-41
Improved Healing Boost Healing Boost, Vital Transfer CWCG-41
Soothe Vital Transfer CWCG-41
Jedi Knight (Cont.)
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Jedi Instructor Apprentice Boon - JATM-19
Share Force Secret Must know at least 1 Force Secret JATM-19
Share Force Technique Must know at least 1 Force Technique JATM-20
Share Force Talent At least one talent from the Lightsaber Combat, Duelist or JATM-20
Lightsaber Forms talent tree.
Transfer Power Force Training JATM-20
Jedi Investigator Echoes in the Force - JATM-20
Jedi Quarry - JATM-20
Prepared for Danger - JATM-20
Sense Deception - JATM-20
Unclouded Judgment Sense Deception JATM-20
Jedi Refugee Cover Your Tracks - LECG-41
Difficult to See - LECG-41
Force Veil Difficult to Sense LECG-41
Jedi Network - LECG-42
Jedi Shadow Dark Deception - KOTOR-39
Improved Sentinel Strike Sentinel Strike KOTOR-39
Improved Sentinel’s Gambit Sentinel’s Gambit KOTOR-39
Rebuke the Dark - KOTOR-39
Taint of the Dark Side Dark Deception KOTOR-39
Jedi Watchman Force Warning - KOTOR-40
Improved Quick Draw Quick Draw , Weapon Focus (Lightsabers) KOTOR-40
Sheltering Stance Block or Deflect, Vigilance KOTOR-40
Vigilance - KOTOR-40
Watchman’s Advance Force Warning KOTOR-40
Jedi Weapon Combat Trance - JATM-21
Improvised Weapon Master - JATM-21
Twin Weapon Style - JATM-21
Twin Weapon Mastery - JATM-21
Shoto Pin Block JATM-21
Lightsaber Forms Ataru - SAGA-218
Djem So - SAGA-218
Jar’Kai Lightsaber Defense, Niman SAGA-218
Juyo Weapon Focus (Lightsabers) , Weapon Specialization SAGA-218
(Lightsabers), Base Attack Bonus +10
Makashi Lightsaber Defense SAGA-218
Niman - SAGA-218
Shien Deflect, Redirect Shot SAGA-218
Shii-Cho Block, Deflect SAGA-219
Sokan Acrobatic Recovery SAGA-219
Soresu Block, Deflect SAGA-219
Tràkata Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Weapon Specialization SAGA-219
(Lightsabers), Base Attack Bonus +12
Vaapad Juyo, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers), Weapon SAGA-219
Specialization (Lightsabers), Base Attack Bonus +12
Jedi Master
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Duelist See Jedi Knight
Martial Arts Master
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Awareness See Scout
Martial Arts Forms Echani Expertise Base Attack bonus +10 GAW-32
Hijkata Expertise - GAW-32
K’tara Expertise - GAW-33
K’thri expertise - GAW-33
Stava Expertise - GAW-33
Tae-Jitsu Expertise - GAW-33
Wruushi Expertise - GAW-33
Master of Teräs Käsi See Elite Trooper
Unarmed Mastery Flurry of Blows - GAW-33
Hardened Strike - GAW-33
Punishing Strike - GAW-33
Tough of Durasteel - GAW-33
Master Privateer
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Infamy See Crime Lord
Piracy Bloodthirsty - S&V-33
Fight to the Death Bloodthirsty S&V-33
Keep Them Reeling - S&V-33
Raider’s Frenzy - S&V-33
Raider’s Surge - S&V-33
Savage Reputation Bloodthirsty S&V-33
Take Them Alive - S&V-33
Privateer Armored Spacer - FUCG-52
Attract Privateer - FUCG-52
Blaster and Blade I Dual Weapon Mastery I, Weapon Proficiency (Advanced FUCG-52
Melee Weapons and Pistols) s.
Blaster and Blade II Blaster and Blade I, Dual Weapon Mastery I, Weapon FUCG-52
Proficiency (Advanced Melee Weapons and Pistols) s.
Blaster and Blade III Blaster and Blade I, Blaster and Blade II, Dual Weapon FUCG-52
Mastery I, Weapon Proficiency (Advanced Melee
Weapons and Pistols) s.
Boarder - FUCG-52
Ion Mastery - FUCG-52
Multiattack Proficiency - FUCG-52
(Advanced Melee Weapons)
Preserving Shot - FUCG-52
Spacer See Scoundrel
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Advanced Battlefield Medic Steady Under Pressure FUCG-54
Bring Them Back - FUCG-54
Emergency Team - FUCG-54
Extra First Aid - FUCG-54
Medical Miracle - FUCG-54
Natural Healing - FUCG-54
Second Chance Steady Under Pressure FUCG-54
Steady Under Pressure - FUCG-54
Survivor See Scout
Melee Duelist
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Brawler See Soldier
Melee Duelist Advantageous Strike - KOTOR-47
Dirty Tricks trained in the Deception Skill KOTOR-47
Dual Weapon Flourish I Dual Weapon Mastery I , Weapon Finesse KOTOR-47
Dual Weapon Flourish II Dual Weapon Mastery I , Dual Weapon Mastery II , Dual KOTOR-47
Weapon Flourish I, Master of Elegance, Weapon Finesse
Master of Elegance Dual Weapon Flourish I or Single Weapon Flourish I, KOTOR-47
Weapon Finesse
Multiattack Proficiency - KOTOR-47
(Advanced Melee Weapons)
Out of Nowhere trained in the Deception Skill, Weapon Finesse KOTOR-47
Single Weapon Flourish I Double Attack (Advanced Melee Weapons or Exotic KOTOR-47
Melee Weapon or Lightsabers) , Weapon Finesse
Single Weapon Flourish II Double Attack (Advanced Melee Weapons or Exotic KOTOR-47
Melee Weapon or Lightsabers) , Master of Elegance,
Single Weapon Flourish I, Weapon Finesse
Weapon Specialist See Soldier
Military Engineer
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Military Engineer Breach Cover - CWCG-45
Breaching Explosive - CWCG-45
Droid Expert Repairs on the Fly CWCG-45
Prepared Explosive - CWCG-45
Problem Solver - CWCG-45
Quick Modification Repairs on the Fly, Tech Specialist CWCG-45
Repairs on the Fly - CWCG-45
Sabotage Device - CWCG-46
Tech S&Vant Skilled in the Knowledge (Technology) Skill CWCG-46
Vehicular Boost - CWCG-46
Outlaw Tech See Scoundrel
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Commando See Soldier
Fugitive Disciplined Trickery - LECG-42
Hasty Withdrawal - LECG-42
Stalwart Subordinates - LECG-42
Stay in the Fight Stalwart Subordinates LECG-42
Stealthy Withdrawal - LECG-42
Leadership See Noble
Military Tactics Assault Tactics - SAGA-221
Commander’s Prerogative Trained in the Initiative skill UR-31
Deployment Tactics - SAGA-221
Exploit Weakness Assault Tactics CWCG-42
Field Tactics Deployment Tactics SAGA-221
Grand Leader - CWCG-42
Irregular Tactics Share Talent special quality UR-31
One for the Team Deployment Tactics SAGA-221
Outmaneuver Deployment Tactics, Field Tactics SAGA-221
Shift Defense I - SAGA-222
Shift Defense II Shift Defense I SAGA-222
Shift Defense III Shift Defense I, Shift Defense II SAGA-222
Tactical Edge - SAGA-222
Turn the Tide Command Decision, Commander’s Prerogative, trained in UR-3131
the Initiative skill
Uncanny Defense - CWCG-42
Naval Officer Combined Fire - SOTG-18
Fleet Deployment Charisma 13 SOTG-18
Fleet Tactics Charisma 13, Fleet Deployment SOTG-18
It’s a Trap! - SOTG-18
Legendary Commander Charisma 13, Intelligence 13, Born Leader SOTG-18
Rebel Recruiter Bolster Numbers Recruit Enemy RECG-40
Noble Sacrifice Recruit Enemy RECG-40
Recruit Enemy - RECG-41
Stay in the Fight Recruit Enemy RECG-41
Team Recruiting Recruit Enemy RECG-41
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Fringer See Scout
Outlaw Confounding Attack Tangle Up, Uncanny Instincts S&V-34
Double Up Find an Opening, Sieze the Moment S&V-35
Find an Opening Uncanny Instincts S&V-35
Opportunistic Defense Uncanny Instincts S&V-35
Preturnatural Senses - S&V-35
Seize the Moment - S&V-35
Tangle Up Uncanny Instincts S&V-35
Uncanny Instincts - S&V-35
Slicer See Scoundrel
Survivor See Scout
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Awareness See Scout
Pathfinder Bunker Blaster - RECG-45
Defensive Maneuvers Safe Zone RECG-45
Enhance Cover - RECG-45
Launch Point Safe Zone RECG-45
Obscuring Defenses Safe Zone RECG-45
Relocate Safe Zone RECG-45
Safe Passage - (Escort Fighter) RECG-45
Safe Zone - RECG-45
Zone of Recuperation Safe Zone RECG-45
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Misfortune See Scoundrel
Slicer See Scoundrel
Sabotage Device Jammer - FUCG-56
Droid Jammer - FUCG-56
Extreme Explosion Skilled Demolitionist, Shaped Explosion FUCG-57
Mine Mastery - FUCG-57
Shaped Explosion Skilled Demolitionist FUCG-57
Skilled Demolitionist - FUCG-57
Turret Blaster Turret I - FUCG-57
Blaster Turret II Blaster Turret I FUCG-57
Blaster Turret III Blaster Turret I, Blaster Turret II FUCG-57
Ion Turret Blaster Turret I FUCG-57
Stun Turret Blaster Turret I FUCG-57
Turret Self Destruct Blaster Turret I FUCG-57
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Advanced See Medic
Implant Adrenaline Implant - LECG-47
Precision Implant - LECG-47
Resilience Implant - LECG-47
Speed Implant - LECG-47
Strength Implant - LECG-47
Shaper Biotech Master - LECG-47
Expedient Mending Expert Shaper LECG-47
Expert Shaper - LECG-47
Master Mender Expert Shaper LECG-47
Skilled Implanter Biotech Surgery LECG-47
Sith Apprentice
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Armor Specialist See Soldier
Duelist See Jedi Knight
Lightsaber Combat See Jedi
Sith Dark Healing - SAGA-223
Dark Scourge - SAGA-223
Dark Side Adept - SAGA-223
Dark Side Master Dark Side Master SAGA-223
Force Deception - SAGA-223
Improved Dark Healing Dark Healing SAGA-224
Stolen Form Any one Force Technique, Weapon Focus (Lightsabers) . TOTG-81
Wicked Strike Weapon Focus (Lightsabers) , Weapon Specialization SAGA-224
Sith Alchemy Cause Mutation Sith Alchemy JATM-21
Rapid Alchemy - JATM-21
Sith Alchemy - JATM-21
Sith Alchemy Specialist Sith Alchemy JATM-22
Sith Commander Desperate Measures Focus Terror LECG-43
Focus Terror - LECG-43
Incite Rage - LECG-43
Power of Hatred Incite Rage LECG-43
Sith Lord
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Sith See Sith Apprentice
Tree Talent Req. Ref.
Awareness See Scout
Survivor See Scout
Vanguard Enhanced Vision - CWCG-47
Impenetrable Cover Maximize Cover CWCG-47
Invisible Attacker Maximize Cover CWCG-47
Mark the Target - CWCG-47
Maximize Cover - CWCG-47
Shellshock Soften the Target CWCG-47
Soften the Target - CWCG-47
Triangulate Enhanced Vision CWCG-47