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E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

INFORT-Quota/Ref/IND-A113 Date: August 18, 2013

Hello Sir,

As per our recent discussion and our understandings we are sending you this pre contract proposal
which is detailed as follows.

Infort Technology™ is pleased to submit a proposal for the development of your website.

The terms of this proposal are valid until August 18, 2013


The purpose of this website is to build up online E-Commerce Website which is 80% inspired
from any shopping website but not the similar or cloning of the website

Project Name: E-Commerce Website

Website theme: A shopping cart with n category level. Users can come and buy products. They can also
register themselves and become a member of the website. Membership will be free and any one can join
and become a member of the website.

Shipping charges will be specified against each product.

User need not be a member of website to purchase a product. User can use Quick Checkout facility for
the same


Details of sections follow

2 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

Section: Products and Category Structure

Site will support an n-level category structure; that means main category, subcategory and products in a
main category or any subcategory. Users can browse products through category navigation or by
performing a search.

Clicking upon category will display the list of subcategories in that category. Clicking upon the subcategory
will display the list of products or subcategories corresponding to that category.

Product listing page will display the following information:

 Product name
 Thumbnail Image
 Brief Description
 Price
 Discounted Price (if any)

Product listing will also include the following links:

 View Details
 Add to Cart

Product details page will display the following information:

 Name
 Product Big Image
 Description
 Price and Offer Price
 Shipping charges

Products in different categories will have different parameters. These parameters

and values will be entirely dynamic and will be specified by admin.

Product details page will provide a link to add product to users shopping basket.

Section: Product Search

Users can use basic search or advanced search to view products as per their requirements. Basic search
will help user search for the keyword in:

 Product name and Description (keyword)

3 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

Advanced Search will allow users to search on products as per their custom requirements. Search fields
will be specified by admin for a category.

Users will search with these criteria and get results accordingly.

Section: Shopping Cart

Users add products of their interest to shopping cart before actually purchasing them. Once they are done,
they can checkout to place their order. Shopping cart allows users to:

 Add unlimited products

 Manage quantity of individual product in the cart
 Remove items from the cart
 Empty cart
 Confirm their order by checking out

Shopping cart is made easily accessible by placing them on all pages.

Users can also use discount coupons to avail discounts on their shopping. They will
provide the coupon code and will get the discounts accordingly. One coupon code
can be used only once.

Section: Member Registration

Users can register themselves by filling up the below form:

Title Drop down

First Name Text field
Last Name Text field

Billing Address
Street Address Text area
City Text field
State Text field
Country Drop down
Zip Code Text field

4 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

Shipping Address
Street Address Text area
City Text field
State Text field
Country India (fixed drop down. Other countries will be
added later on client’s request.)
Zip Code Text field

Email Text field

Password Text field
Confirm Password Text field

After user register, a verification link will be sent on his email id. Once user clicks on that link, his
membership will be activated.

Section: Members Account

Members Account has the following links:

 Edit Account
 Change Password
 Order History
 Logout

i) Edit Account will allow user to update the details entered by the user at the time of his
registration. He will not be able to edit the email id.

Email id will be treated as his unique login id.

ii) Change Password will allow user to update his login password.

iii) Order history will display the list of orders placed by the user. Users can view order details
and can take print outs of invoices.

iv) Logout will close the current working session of the user. In order to re-access the members
account, user needs to login again.

5 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

Section: Order Process

Users will checkout from their cart to place their order. Users will be asked to login in order to proceed

There will be a quick checkout facility for users who want to place their orders but
don’t want to become member of the website. They will place their order and they
are done. Order email will sent to their email ids, but they won’t have account like
other members.

Quick Checkout will ask users for their details (similar to normal registration
except login details).

After login, they will be asked to confirm their details. These details include their shipping and billing

Once confirmed, they will get the invoice of their order along with link to pay for it. Payment option will
depend upon the integrated payment mode. Website owner will have to arrange for payment gateway
and we will be integrating the same.

Users can track these orders in his order history section.

Section: Banners
Banners will be displayed on all pages of the website including home page, inside pages and product

Banners can be displayed on right hand side and bottom of home page, right hand side and bottom of
inside pages and right hand side and bottom of product details page.

Product listing page will show horizontal banners after every 15 products get listed. This page will also
show banners on the right hand side of the page.

Section: Advertise with us

Users can come and place their advertisements on the website. Users will have to fill in these basic details
in order to advertise on the website.

Your name

Organization name
6 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.
E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

Contact Email


Description of Services you offer


Where do you want to place your advertisement?

CAPTCHA verification

This request will be forwarded to admin and admin can respond to the client for any offline settlement of
price. Depending upon their agreement, admin can upload their banner for required pages and at required

Section: Miscellaneous
Users can also subscribe for newsletters to get regularly updated. Users can view FAQs and other static
pages (About us & Contact us). Users can also find answers to their questions in FAQs (as added by website

Site will also have a feedback form where users can post their comments and views and send it to website

Sitemap will be provided to present website navigation in a nutshell. User can go to every section from
that link.

Users can also subscribe for newsletters in order to get regular updates.

Administrative Console

Section: Manage Products

This section will allow admin to manage products and categories on the website. Admin can add
categories, subcategories and products. Admin can manage them by adding, updating, control display
status (active/Inactive) and deleting them.

At the time of adding a category or subcategory, admin will specify,

7 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

Category name

Category Image

Category description

In case of subcategory, admin will also have to select the parent category.

Admin can order categories as per his requirements. A category can only have subcategories or products
inside it.

Admin can also specify shipping charges in up to 3 quantity ranges. Same will be applied to users cart at
the time of shopping.

We will add maximum predefined number of fields for products. Admin can select among these
fields for every category and can also set search field among them.

Admin can also highlight products as hot products and new arrivals.

Section: Manage Members

This section will allow admin to manage members of the website. Admin can view member details and
control their membership details by activating or deactivating the member. Only active members can login
to their folders from front end.

Admin can also delete a member if required.

Section: Manage Orders

This section will allow admin to manage orders that have been placed by various members of the website.
Admin can view order details and manage their payment status.

Admin can delete orders as and when required. Admin can also perform a search among orders to view
only the intended results. Admin can update order status (like pending or complete). The order status will
be visible to member in his order history section.

8 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

Section: Manage Newsletter Subscribers

This section will display the list of newsletter subscribers. Admin can select the users, compose the email
and send email to selected members.

Admin will be provided with a web editor to compose his email.

Section: Manage FAQs

Admin can add and manage FAQs. Admin will specify the question and its answer at the time of adding or
updating the FAQ. Admin can control the display status by activating or deactivating the FAQ.

Section: Manage Page Content

Admin will be provided with web editor to manage the content of about us and Contact us page. Admin
can enter the content and format it like adding font style, size, bold etc. Admin can also add image to the

Section: Manage Advertise Requests

This section will enlist all the advertise requests, that have been forwarded by various users of the website.
Admin can view their requests and respond to them accordingly. Admin can contact advertisers for
advertisement terms and agreement and can advertise the banners accordingly.

Admin can also send emails to advertisers from his panel.

Admin can view the request details and delete unwanted requests.

Section: Manage Banners

Admin can manage banners for the website from this section. Admin can upload banner, specify
redirection URLs, display page and position. Admin can also specify the period for which banner will be
displayed on the website.

9 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

Section: Manage Coupons

Admin can generate discount coupons and send it to users.

Admin can generate bulk coupons with specified discount % and validity period. System will auto-generate
coupons codes. Admin can send it to user’s offline.


I’ve made the following assumptions

1. Up to TWENTY images per page averaged across the site Images are defined as photographs,
Illustrations, animations, and custom graphics. Features common to every page of the design
(Banners, icons, menu graphics, etc.) Are not considered images.

2. Up to three hours of follow-up support during the first six months after the website is put
Online. This support can be in the form of site modifications, minor updates, technical support, or

3. You will provide all images for the website. You will also need to provide me the text to be used
in 9 of the site content pages and the home page. I will write the text for other pages such as
Contact Us, Site Map, etc. and help edit your text to optimize it for readability and search
Engine optimization, but we are not optimizing your website for search engines traffic.


This proposal does not cover:

 HTML instruction

 Computer instruction

 Website design instruction

 Website support beyond that specified here in

 Fees related to merchant accounts and online payment processing

 Website maintenance fees

10 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION


This schedule defines the major tasks to be completed during the life of the project (60 Day

Proposed). Individual tasks may be added, deleted or moved as required to meet the demands

Of the design. The elapsed times are estimates and may vary depending on workload, changes,

Customer submissions, and third-party service providers.

Phase1 (1 to 5 days)

 Proposal review

 Contract signing

 Initial payment – 50% of the total cost

Phase2 (5 to 30 days)

 Receiving your domain and hosting details

 Design of Web site theme, look and feel, template selection, Font selection.

 Development of navigation scheme Finalization of site map, site layout, and final preparations

 For construction Client review and approval.

 Progress Payment – 75% of the total cost

Phase3 (30 to 60 days)

 Full Delivery of the project

 RECURRING FEES you should expect the following recurring fees:

 5% off on further development cost

 Progress payment – 100% of the total cost

11 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION


Infort Technology™ will provide periodic website maintenance and support free for first 6 Months
at your request. Website maintenance is not included in the quoted Design Fees, however as my client, I
want to Help you succeed in any way I can. Therefore if you have a website related problem at any Time,
let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

I guarantee that I will work to the best of my abilities to help you to make your web Business
successful. I want you to be totally delighted with your new website. Thank you for giving
me the opportunity to quote on your new website. If you have any questions about this
quote, your new website, or online marketing in general, please feel free to contact me f you are
having any Query.

Thanks & Regards

12 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.

E-Commerce Website -QUOTATION

Commercial Proposal
Sr. No. Description Charges

 Web Development Charges 95,000 INR + Service Tax

 Search Engine Optimization* 25,000 INR + Service Tax

 Payment Gateway 15,000 INR + Service Tax

 SMS Integration 15,000 INR + Service Tax

*Search Engine Optimization is depends upon the Key Words selected by the clients

Terms and Condition

 Payment shall be made 50% in advance.

 All the Documentation regarding your website will be provided by user in softcopy.

 Before starting work purchase order should be required.

 DELIVERY 60days from the contract signing and initial payment received.

 Quotation Validity up to 15 days.

 Payment shall be made as DD/ Cheque the favor of Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd, Pune

Gaikwad Gaurav P.

Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd

13 Infort Technology Pvt. Ltd.