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A Phenomenological Study

"Implementing Student Choice Centers in Art to Increase

Engagement and Meaningful Artmaking"

1. Statement of Problem
2. Review of Literature
Narrative about implementation of choice centers in the art classroom

Statement of Problem and Purpose of study

Background information and quotes sited from research

Understanding participants' varied experiences with student choice

Explanation of difference from literature- how choice centers increase student

engagement and motivation to create meaningful artworks

3. Method/ Design

The research design involved 3 sections of 7th grade art students- 50 students
4. Procedure/ Analysis
Phenomenological approach in combination with interviews, daily student

reflections, artworks, artist statements, surveys and daily ovservations Student reflections/ interview analysis- reading through written transcripts and

reflections to obtain overall feeling of student experiences

Identify significant phrases and sentences from student responses

Formulating meanings into themes common to all participants

5. Results Integrating results into an in depth description of the phenomenon 

Validating the findings in description and including overall phenomenon essence

The analysis led to 6 main themes, quotes and perspectives were

used to illustrate multiple student perspectives within each theme

The themes were based on significant statements and experiences 6. Discussion

Inclusion of tables, photos and artworks  to illustrate significant

experiences, meanings and themes

Description of the essence of student experiences and evidence of increases in

student engagement and meaningful artmaking 

Theoretical elements: Comparison of themes with results from literature

7. References
Implications for student choice centers/ Future research questioning about student

choice implementation