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Songs and Type of Songs

Big band =

 based on woodwind instruments

 no instruments go away just replaced
 Purpose of thse to dance
 Create a beat to dance

Victoriana Ballad

 = type of song
 Refers to queen Victoria
 =industrial revolution single most important economic event ever changed everything

Parlour Songs Example = Believe Me if all those endearing young charms by Thomas Moore

 Target audiences : Middle class women

 Denial of body wouldn’t talk about sex
 Obsessed with doing what was socially correct
 Singer would stand still that shows they are i n control

Charectoristic sof PARLour songs

 Tells a story
 Piano accoumoiant
 Themese honesty loyalty control
 2 daughters or 1 daughter sctick

Charles K harris = After the ball (TPA)

 Sheet music5 million copies

 First hit song
 Important based on date showed that a third of population bought cities

TPA lyrics

 Rhyming
 Syllabelic
 Simple lyrics
 Idealized romantics

TPA music

 Easy to play
 Easy to sing
 AABA musical form

Arlen Harburg = Somewhere over the rainbow (TPA)

 Target middle class white woman

Work songs = Old Alabama

 Pass time
 Leader starts
 People follow
 Call and response
 Not actual slaves

Folk Music

 For self or community entertainment

 Tradition than innovation
 Love of music>money

African Retentions

 Use of timbre and percusiive

 Value in escatic and cathertic
 Call and resonpse
 Use of rif

Ragtime = Scott Joplin

 Jazz with western classical

Country Blues

 Wandering musican
 A man With a guitar
 Themese include travel economics love
 Diff for blkack people
 Plaintive sound lament

Country Msuical Form Charectoristics

 12 measure
 Aab lyric patten
 Call and response
 Early blues used floating pool of verse

Travling Blues = Blind Willie Mctell

 Until 1920s blues didn’t know u can make money off blues
 Uneven bar accounts solo msuuciacan
 Lack of self conscious
 Folk music

Sweet home Chicago= Robert Johnson

Crazy Blues = Maggie Smith

 Raplh peer gave him a chance

 Not first black album but first important one

Carve that Possum = Uncle Dave Macon

 Instruments
o Acoustic
o Banjo
o Mandolin
o Fiddle
 Emotional distance they always show country and western singers are removed from situation

Carr and Blackwell 1928 = How long blues

 City blues
 Black artists for black audience
 Louder
 More than one people

Ray Charles i got a woman

Muddy Waters = Hoochie Coochie Man = composed by willie Dixon

 Chess records 12 bar blues

 Stop time
o Advantage : variation in timbre

Doggie in the window= Patti Apge

 Carried attraction to alot of people

 Not young they listen to BA radio
 Problem cause of racism white people didn’t want young to listen to this
Tutti fruiti = little Richard

Specialty records

32 born in mancun

Lyrics by dorthy labboirtise

Pat Boone
-! born 1934
-! was breaking out as pop star in 1955
-! 1956: released cover of Tutti Frutti
-! no R&B, #10 pop
-! big change from the original—tone of voice, no distortion, more articulated, energy of the
band is more restrained

-! The Chords
•! African American group
•! June 1954: Cat Records
•! AABA with breaks in between
•! vocal quality of lead singer in B version—bass-like voice
•! can hear lead singer breathing
•! improvised saxophone solo
•! #3 R&B, #5 pop
The Crew Cuts
•! white group from Toronto
•! July 1954
•! Mercury Records
•! clean voice, no edge, no distortion, masculine
•! AABA clearly throughout
•! no R&B, #1 pop—stayed there for 9 weeks
Rock Around Clock = On the other document

Chcuk berry maybleine and Johnny b good on the other one

Bob Dylan = A Hard Rains Gonna Fall

 Musically simple
 Lyrically complex
 Imagery
 Sets up patter and used old language
Love me do= beatles

First single

Ringo not featured

Had producer do drummer work for this song

Please Please Me

 2nd single
 AABA form
 Vocal density goes up in b section
 TPA style

I want to Hold your hand = song that helped Beatles give US fame

A hard days night

 End of 4th US tour

 Play a concert in Shea Stadium
o Giant PA developed cause of this

Yesterday =

 Lyrically and musically more complex

Help = lyrics about an old man who becomes more insecure

Rubber Soul

 Does say beatles on cover

 Norwegign wood on alblum


Tommrow never knows

 Written by Jonhn lennon

 Indian classical and tambour
 Lyrics are based on spritiual text itbeatan book of dead
 Based on a drone indician vocal is double tracked and on a leslie
A day in the Life=

Half composed by John lennon and Paul Mcartney

King Bee = Rolling stones

 12 bar blues
 Adult relationship theme
 Cover on song by Slim HArpe

I cant get no satisfaction = Rolling Stones

 #1 pop
 #1 song that showed theme
 Changed from Brian Jones to Keith Richards
 Brian Jones pissed = isolated

Stop in the name of Love= The Supremes

 Gospel music style

 Diana ross
 First musical art form to appear holy in the US
 Jazz is respected in 1960s vibraphone is a respected jazz instrument
 Jazz is black culture – first spots that middle class like most

Otis Redding = Try little Tenderness

 Not performed in restrined manner

 Cathartic performance – unrestrained
 Decmeber 1967 killed him and band bmemebrs

Sam and Dave= Soul Man

 Soul as a black cukture

 Shows that is not reference to music but is now euphensiom

Respect = Arthea Franklin

 Becomes a more milaty sound

 Wexler signed her to Atlantic Records

Soul Brother = James Brown

 #1 pop
Live at the Apollo = James brown

 Beginning of 1965 started had a short run of crossover hits

Paps got a brand new bag, I feel good=

 Black people like blues, white like something in middle

Say it laud (im black and proud)

Get Up sex macine

 Dreprivilage of melody and harmony

 Privalge of rhythm
 Interlock groove
 Master drummer

Truckin – The Grateful Dead

Influenced by folk rock

Trouble getting record deals made everything on spot

No 2 concerts were the same