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Instructions For Applying This Patch

Execute the following command to generate your instance specific

1. Source the Applications environment file

2. Run the Patch Application Assistant by entering "".

Oracle E-Business Suite Applications DBA and Technology Stack Release Notes for
R12.AD.C.Delta.10 and R12.TXK.C.Delta.10 (Doc ID 2295390.1)

nstructions for running AD Grants [required]

Run the adgrants.sql script as a user that can connect as SYSDBA to grant privileges
to selected SYS objects and create PL/SQL profiler objects.


1. Create $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin on the database server.

2. Compare the version of adgrants.sql(UNIX) in $APPL_TOP/admin

to that in patch directory.
Or, compare the version of adgrants_nt.sql(Windows)
in %APPL_TOP%\admin to that in patch directory.

3. Copy the higher version of adgrants.sql (UNIX) to

Or, copy higher version of adgrants_nt.sql (Windows) to

4. Set the environment to point to ORACLE_HOME on the database server.

5. Use SQL*Plus to run the script:

$ sqlplus /nolog
SQL> @$ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/admin/adgrants.sql <APPS schema name>

For instructions on applying R12.AD.C.Delta.10, refer to My Oracle Support
Knowledge Document 1617461.1 - Applying the Latest AD and TXK Release Update
Packs to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2
Applying the Latest AD and TXK Release Update Packs to Oracle E-Business Suite
Release 12.2 (Doc ID 1617461.1)

Note: The latest RUPs are R12.AD.C.Delta.10 (Patch 25820806) and R12.TXK.C.Delta.10 (Patch

export ORACLE_HOME=/u02/VIS/fs1/EBSapps/10.1.2

Source the run edition environment file.

. <EBS_ROOT>/EBSapps.env run

Unzip patches and run adgrants.

a. Download and unzip the following patches:

o Patch 25820806 (R12.AD.C.Delta.10)
o Patch 25828573 (R12.TXK.C.Delta.10)
o Patch 26720905:R12.AD.C
o Patch 27405878:R12.AD.C

Execute adgrants by following the instructions in the readme of Patch 27405878, which includes
the latest version of adgrants..

Apply Patch 25820806 (R12.AD.C.Delta.10) and Patch 26720905:R12.AD.C (plus any additional
critical patches – see note box).

 Patch 24591000:R12.AD.C
 Patch 26482811:R12.AD.C
 Patch 22889868:R12.AD.C
 Patch 27405878:R12.AD.C (This patch delivers the latest version of adgrants.
Refer to the readme for specific instructions.)
 Patch 27423814:R12.AD.C
 Patch 27595967:R12.AD.C
 Patch 26708775:R12.AD.C

adop phase=apply patches=25820806,26720905 merge=yes


adop phase=apply patches=25820806,26720905,24591000, 26482811,22889868, 27405878,

27423814, 27595967, 26708775 merge=yes

Apply Patch 25828573 (R12.TXK.C.Delta.10) (plus any additional critical patches

adop phase=apply patches=25828573, 26400116, 26708775 merge=yes

Run Middle Tier EBS Technology Codelevel Checker (MT-ETCC)

Execute the Middle Tier EBS Technology Codelevel Checker (MT-ETCC)

utility (checkMTpatch.cmd on Microsoft Windows) on the Oracle E-Business
Suite application tier node's patch file system.

Complete the online patching cycle by running the following commands in the order shown.
$ . <EBS_ROOT>/EBSapps.env run
$ adop phase=finalize
$ adop phase=cutover
$ . <EBS_ROOT>/EBSapps.env run
$ adop phase=cleanup

Update database tier with the latest patches

a. Execute the utility to create the file

in <INST_TOP>/admin/out.
b. $ perl <AD_TOP>/bin/

On the database tier (as the ORACLE user):

a. Source the environment for RDBMS ORACLE_HOME.



b. Copy or FTP the file to <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME>.

c. Uncompress, under <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME>.
$ unzip -o

d. Run AutoConfig on <RDBMS ORACLE_HOME>.

$ sh <RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME>/appsutil/scripts/<CONTEXT_NAME>/

Run AutoConfig on the run file system.

Run AutoConfig on all application tier nodes (as the APPLMGR user) by executing the
applicable command:

$ sh <INST_TOP>/admin/scripts/

Synchronize file systems

This action copies the new run edition code and configuration to the other file system.
After you apply AD-TXK Delta 10, you should run fs_clone to synchronize the run and
patch file systems with the configuration changes that the new codelevel introduces. If
you do not , fs_clone will run automatically in the next prepare phase and thereby
result in the prepare phase taking more time.
$ adop phase=fs_clone

Additionally, note that all of these product family release update packs require Patch
24690680 (R12.ATG_PF.C.Delta.7) as a prerequisite. Regardless of the overall Oracle E-
Business Suite Release Update Pack level of your instance, you must update the Oracle E-
Business Suite Applications Technology code to the R12.ATG_PF.C.Delta.7 level in order to use
Oracle E-Business Suite Information Discovery Release 12.2 V8.

Uploading from staging tables

Error loading seed data for DESC_FLEX: APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME = FND,

DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD_NAME = $SRS$.FNDCVR, ORA-20001: Synonym does not point to a seed data

DOC id : 2162023.1

Cause :

it was determined the required seed data table upgrade patch was not installed:


The following sql can be used to confirm:

SQL>select ad_patch.is_patch_applied('R12',-1,17204589) from dual;

no rows selected

To resolve the issue test the following workaround in a development instance and then
migrate accordingly:

1. To upgrade the seed data table manually, Connect to sql plus as apps user.


3. Re Run @$AD_TOP/sql/ADZDSHOWTAB.sql

4. Verify that the synonym is pointing to the EV

adop phase=apply patches=17204589 hotpatch=yes

adop phase=fs_clone

adop phase=prepare


Akload Fails on Upload With ORA-04063 on 'APPS.AK_ON_OBJECTS_PVT' (Doc ID


adop phase=apply patches=24690680

Oracle E-Business Suite Product Family

Financials (fin_pf) 24702670

adop phase=apply patches=24715299 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=24714529 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=24715299 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=24715258 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=21639801 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=23145482 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=18346526 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=23145482 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=17361679 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=20519438 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=18352209 workers=8

adop phase=apply patches=25412804 workers=8