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Lesson Plan

Date : Text Book: Gateway 2 To English Level : 2nd BAC Time : 50 mins
Unit : 3 Lesson : Writing an Article: cause and effect
Lesson type/skill(s) emphasized : Integration of Skills Topic: Gifts of Youth
Objectives/standards: By the end of this lesson students will be able to:

 Write an article using transitions of cause and effect appropriately.

Instructional aids, materials, or tools needed: Students book, B.B, PPT

References: students book, teacher book, Internet
Lesson Outline
Stages Content/procedure: Techniques & Timing Mode of
Materials work
Warm  T greets students
up  T activates Ss schemata about transitions of cause and effect. Wh-questions 5 mins T-S/S-T

Review of transitions of cause and effect:
It was raining; therefore, I stayed at home. Text Book
The exam was very easy. Consequently, the majority of Ss got

good marks.
Because of the rain, I stayed at home. B.B
Brain storming:

 Ss brain storm ideas on the causes and effects of dropping out of

20 mins
 Examples!

Text book
Causes Effects
1. Being far from school 1. Jobless / poor/ poverty
2. Family problems: divorce 2. Become addicted to drugs
3. Poverty 3. Committing crimes B.B

15 mins
 Ss write an article about the causes and effects of dropping out of work
First draft
using transitions of cause and effect appropriately.

 Ss share their pieces of writing and give feedback to each other. Peer Feedback
10 mins Pair work

Homework assignment: