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Lesson Plan Format

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Name : Mohd Fadli bin Tajudin

Subject : English Language
Class : 2 Bestari
Date/Time : 8 October 2007
Duration : 30 Minutes
No Of Students : 30
Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Getting There (Directions and signs)

Previous Knowledge : Pupils are familiar with this topic because they have learnt in
previous lesson and listen to in daily life and also familiar with basic
directions left and right.

Focused Skill : Listening and Speaking

Integrated Skills : Reading and Writing

Specification :
1.4.3 Listen to and follow simple instructions and direction to do
3.4.3 Read aloud sentences in signs, notices.
4.2.3 Match words to signs.

Learning Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to;

i) Follow simple instructions and directions effectively in their daily

ii) Read and understand simple information on simple subjects.
iii) Pronounce the correct vocabularies to give directions
iv) Write simple sentences on directions and signs in the worksheet.
v) Listen and write the answers for 5 questions individually based on
directions given.

Languages/Focus : Noun.
Educational Emphases: Thinking skill; solve situational problem.

Moral Values : Self-reliance, Cooperative and Respect.

Teaching Aids : 1). Work card: Map
2). Flash card: Directions and Signs
3). Worksheets: a). Build-Up Vocabulary. b). Faster thinking.
Lesson plan

Stage/Time Content Teaching-Learning Activities Rationale Remark

Set Induction Introduce students to know 1) Teacher places a book on a table at the back of To arouse students’ A book
about direction. the classroom. interest about the
(+3 min) topic.
2) Teacher asks a student to come in front of the
3) Teacher gives direction to the student to take the
4) Teacher tells the students that they are going to
learn about directions.

Pre-Listening Directions and signs 1) Teacher introduces the signs for directions to the To lead pupils to the Flash card ;
students. listening task
(+7 min) a) Go straight (Directions and
 Listen to and learn the vocabulary of signs)
b) Turn right
c) Turn left  Show demonstration with one or more pupils.

d) go up  Then, ask student to speak.

c) go down

While-Listening What can you see in the 1) Teacher asks students what they can see in the To get pupils Appendix 1;
map? map. understand the (Map of places)
(+10 min) directions
Places 2) Teacher shows a map of places and explains the
a) post office directions to go to the places.
b) park Drillings
c) shop 3) Teacher tells the students the starting point in the repetitions
map. Technique
d) bank
e) school
f) etc…
Post-listening Worksheet. 1) Teacher distributes worksheets to the students. To measure the Appendix 2:
pupils understanding
(+6 min) 2) Teacher asks the pupils to complete the on directions Exercise
Exercise : Build-Up
worksheet silently. worksheet.
3) Teacher discusses the answers with the pupils.
To be fast thinkers

Closure Words in the word maze 1) Teacher asks students to find and circle the 10 To be fast thinkers Appendix 3:
given words in the word maze.
(+4 min) 1. Left Word maze
2. Right worksheet.
3. Bank
4. School 2) Teacher gives a “STAR RANK” to the first,
5. Shop second and third student who completes the word
6. Straight maze.
7. Up
8. Down
9. Turn