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Daniel Rodriguez

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Foshay Learning Center Los Angeles, CA

Aug. 2015 – Present
Relevant Programs:​
● Academy of Engineering - Educational program that teaches students the fundamentals of engineering.
● Academy of Technology - ​The Technology Academy introduces students to the broad career opportunities in today's digital
workforce and, in the process, equips them with the personal, analytical, technical and communications skills they need to

Northrop Grumman Internship Redondo Beach, CA

SIT&E Technical Intern June. 2018 – Aug.
2018 ​Paid Internship
● Worked alongside Northrop Grumman technicians supporting their fabrication effort, by assembling and seconding cables
and trays.
● Designed a tool to precisely align the corner of a 66” x 36” steel frame to one of four 17” x 10” steel plates, and used additive
manufacturing to prototype and test functionality of the design.
● Formulated a requirements document for software that will be used to report issues with hardware and change text based
scripts within a system.
Auto Body Repairing Los Angeles, CA
Auto Body Technician Assistant ​Feb. 2017 – Aug. 2018
Part Time Job
● Repaired damaged car frames after a collision by means of pulling out impacted areas using tack welding and hydraulic dent
pullers, cutting and welding , and riveting and bonding.
● Replaced damaged and non functional car bumpers, fenders, quarter panels, hood, doors and seats by means of removing the
screws, pins, and/or clips securing the damaged car part to the rest of the vehicle and swapping replacing it with a new part.
P. 17 Los Angeles, CA
Student Engineer July 2016 – Aug. 2016
Paid Internship
● Lead a team of students in research and development of an innovation to the toaster.
● Designed and built a prototype of a innovative toaster.
LAUSD RAAC Los Angeles, CA
Lead Student Engineer June 2017 – Present
Design and Build Contest
● Designed an ADA compliant portable ramps that allows wheelchair bound individuals to access places that would require
walking up or down steps.
Math Tutoring Los Angeles, CA
Math Tutor Feb. 2018 – Mar. 2018
Self- recognized non-profit service business
● Offered expert advice and assistance to high school students taking math courses.
● Provided additional assistance to fellow peers at request of teachers.


Team 597 The Wolverines FIRST Robotics Los Angeles, CA

Student Engineer Design & Manufacturing Dec. 2015 – Present
School-based Robotics team
● Designed and manufactured a mechanisms to shoot 40 wiffle balls into a container 9ft. 11in. above the ground and intake
them off the ground into a storage compartment. Also designed and manufactured a mechanism to intake a 13” x 13” x 11”
milk crate in order for it to be launched onto a platform 5 ft above the ground.
● Machined grooves into ½” aluminum shafts also created aluminum and polycarbonate spacers, washers on a lathe.
● Created precises cuts and holes into 2” x 1” aluminum tubing on a CNC milling machine.
MESA Los Angeles, CA
Mesa Student Dec. 2015 – Present
University-based STEM program
Daniel Rodriguez
(323) 901-1245 ▪

Computer/Technology: Proficient in Microsoft Office, Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro
Mechanical: Machining, Welding, Auto body repair & replacement
Computer Aided Design: AutoDesk Inventor and NX 11
Oration: Able to do public speaking
Traits: Quick Learner, Attentive, Efficient