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Disrupting The

Global Groceries

AUG 2018
AUG 2018

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1. Executive summary 4

2. Coolomat market – disrupting the global grocery market 7

3. Current grocery market status 9

3.1. Price controlled by big grocery chains 9
3.2. Price, quality, convenience - most important grocery store switching drivers 9
3.3. Farmers and producers without direct access to consumers 9
3.4. Outdated model of brick & mortar grocery shopping 10
3.5. Grocery market growth through digital channels 11
3.6. Delivery – the biggest challenge of online grocery sales 13
3.7. Solution to the challenge of online grocery shopping 14

4. Coolomat market benefits and ecosystem main pillars 17

4.1. Benefits for market participants 17
4.2. Coolomat market – the new online grocery sale paradigm 17
4.3. Click & collect network – the last mile savior 18
4.4. Fulfilment center or direct delivery to click & collect point 19
4.5. Supply chain on blockchain – product traceability 20

5. Coolomat market token (cmk) 22

6. Coolomat – innovative distribution solution for grocery 24

6.1. Advantages for consumers and producers 26
6.2. Venture capital (vc) backed 26
6.3. Renowned retail partners 27

7. Coolomat market ecosystem processes 28

7.1. Purchasing groceries 28
7.2. Selling groceries 29
7.3. Delivery of purchased groceries 29
7.4. Consumer experience and quality reviews using smart contracts 30

8. Token crowdsale details 31

8.1. Participation steps 32
8.2. Whitelisting and presale 32
8.3. Token crowdsale and bonuses 33
8.4. Token distribution 33
8.5. General funds distribution 34
8.6. Milestones based on funds raised 34
8.7. Bounty program 35
8.8. Recommendation bonus 35

9. Roadmap 37
9.1. New markets expansion 38

10. Further post token crowdsale business development plans 40

10.1. Cryptocurrency atm integration into coolomat network 40
10.2. Coolomat market profit sharing for click&collect network investors 40
10.3. Payments with other utility tokens 41

11. Team 43

12. Advisors 47

13. Partners 51

14. Media 52

15. Disclaimer 55 · · 3
1. Executive summary
The grocery market has been slow to adopt online sales, but the latest trends show that it is
about to change. Online grocery market is on the rise, but for further adoption it must solve sev-
eral obstacles, among them the last-mile delivery challenge. Different players try to approach
this challenge differently; our unique solution is the network of cooling Click & Collect pick-up
point devices – Coolomats. The model is already in use as it has been successfully implement-
ed in Poland, where Coolomats have been well accepted, making it only the starting point of the
network we want to build in multiple cities around the world.

Based on our experiences, we are sure to furthermore disrupt the global grocery market, one of
the biggest consumer markets, which is forecasted to reach $11 trillion in 2021*.

Current grocery market is still dominated by big brick & mortar retail chains, which causes
several anomalies on the market. Retailers are pushing producers to lower their prices, yet not
transferring these price savings to end consumers and not participating in producer’s risks. End
consumers are confronted with highly priced convenience foods and yet they cannot influence
the supply as they could if they had a more direct access. This can be changed but requires a
different business model for online grocery sales.

We envisage a global ecosystem of consumers and producers, big and small being direct-
ly connected through a global e-commerce platform and approaching the markets locally. To
build this, we want to develop an innovative online marketplace, THE COOLOMAT Market, us-
ing blockchain and open source technologies plus a network of Coolomats. In Warsaw, the
capital of Poland, there exists a network of 30 Coolomats, making it the first grocery Click &
Collect device network globally.

In the past years we were approached by some of the biggest grocery chains in Poland, Germa-
ny, France and other CEE markets. In 2017 we established cooperation with four online grocery
retailers including Auchan, Carrefour, Frisco (local grocery online leader), Piotr i Pawel (leading
supermarket chain in Poland) as well as two leading catering companies. This confirms that
our Coolomats currently present one of the best and most appealing Click & Collect solutions
available for any market and multiple case use scenarios, among which grocery delivery pres- · · 4
ents the biggest potential for exponential growth in upcoming years. Therefore, it is of strategic
importance to further build up the network in other EU metropolises and worldwide as well.

Please, have a look at our video “Don’t stand in lines, Enjoy life!” for a brief preview of Coolomat
devices and their functionality, as they are COOL to the core:

We know how to create a solution that benefits all parties. By using blockchain tech-
nologies, the ecosystem will be built on transparency, trust and decentralization.

End consumers will gain lower prices, diversity and high quality fresh food, traceability of prod-
ucts, sale promotions offered directly by producers and convenience of delivery.

Food and grocery producers will get a new, direct access to end consumers at reasonable
prices plus the possibility to create effective sale promotions by themselves and consumers’
feedback to improve their offer.

The cryptocurrency community will get an additional marketplace, where they will be able to
buy or sell groceries and even participate in the development of this platform. And with the
ongoing business model developments of the envisioned ecosystem, which we describe in
this whitepaper, an even more widespread acceptance of the marketplace by the general com-
munity will follow,

Global grocery market is undergoing some of the most dramatic changes in history, partly due
to internal factors, such as the changes in consumer behavior and new producers entering the
market, and partly due to external factors such as technology, which opens the doors to new
innovative models, thus disrupting the market.

To build the e-commerce platform and further develop the ecosystem we need your support. As
we are true believers in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, we have decided in favor of a Token
Crowdsale, issuing our own ERC20 token, the details of which are revealed in this white paper.

*Source: Statista, February 2017, · · 5 · · 6
2. Coolomat market – disrupting the global
grocery market
In recent years, based on our professional experience operating the Coolomat Click & Collect
network as well as the feedback from the market, our team became aware of the fact that there
is a growing demand for a paradigm change.

We would like to make the disruptive idea of Coolomat Market - a decentralized platform (mar-
ketplace) enabling producers to sell their products directly to customers – a reality. Coolomat
Market will also provide logistics to fulfill the sales in a convenient and prompt way. Our target
is to provide producers with a real alternative to big chains - ensuring them with high quantity
sales and decent margins.

On the other hand, customers will have a wide range of high quality products at reasonable
prices with fast delivery. A market place which will change the current grocery ecosystem, built
on a new paradigm of online grocery sales. Sounds like Mission Impossible? Consider what
Amazon did to books or electronic distribution online. We want to tap into a trillion-dollar market
not yet developed.

With blockchain technology behind, it is time to open this opportunity for customers and pro-
ducers in the food sector.

COOLOMAT Market will change the online e-commerce grocery sector with an innovative ap-
proach connecting customers and producers over a new, innovative online platform utilizing
blockchain technology and open source software. A big “game changer” is the connection to
physical Click & Collect pick up point devices – Coolomats. Our devices present the first and
the only worldwide network of such kind.

For the end consumers, itwill result in an eco-friendlier and healthier food supply at a
lower price, and better margins for the farmer or producer compared to the cooperation
model with big retail chains. · · 7 · · 8
3. Current grocery market status
Current global grocery marketplace is dominated by brick and mortar retailers which have a big
influence on producers and consumers. They control the market information of what is being
produced and how it is done, the quality and the price of the products, and how they are sold to
the consumer (packaging, store promotions…).

3.1. Price controlled by big grocery chains

Because of this dominance, big grocery chains have the power to push producers to lower
their prices, while not taking any risks. In the long run, the producer is confronted with a majority
of risks for the price dictated by grocery chains. However, lower expense of production is not
passed over to the consumers - consumers are still confronted with high prices and grocery
chains can keep a big portion of the price margin.

3.2. Price, quality, convenience - MOST IMPORTANT grocery store

switching drivers

Source: Nielsen Global Survey of E-commerce, Q1 2014

3.3. Farmers and producers WITHOUT direct access to


Although price is still a dominant factor, consumers are more attentive to product quality. Many
consumers are turning away from cheaper, conventionally produced food of unknown origin to
locally produced small farm organic food, but have problems with accessing them.

Producers are striving to adapt to the changing expectations of the purchaser as well as they
can. Although more and more small scale food producers are entering the market, they are
confronted with many obstacles. They can either try to find their own way to reach the cus-
tomers (high costs and limited number of customers) or cooperate with big grocery chains and
yield to their power play (lower margins). · · 9
Due to the fact that producers have no or limited direct access to the consumer, they lose
control over the quality of their products offered to the end consumer. They lack information
about the way, distance, storage or length of transportation of the goods, before they reach
the end consumer and when they do, in what condition and how they were presented to them.

Not only do they not receive any important feedback from the consumers that might be rele-
vant to them in order to improve their offer, but also for consumers themselves, as they demand
their say on the market.

3.4. Outdated model of brick & mortar grocery shopping

However, in order to migrate Online and grow there, online grocery shopping must OVER-

Convenience is an important factor for consumers when buying grocery, however brick &
mortar shopping model cannot offer them the convenience they desire. Consumers are
forced to visit shops in their locations in mostly crowded areas and during their opening hours.

Online grocery shopping on the other hand is convenient for the consumer. Yet, high costs
of development are limiting the direct sales offer of any producer and even strengthening the
position of large chains (both online and brick & mortar) who can afford logistics and marketing
expenses. The development costs can be too high for producers or farmers as they must also
solve the biggest challenge in online grocery market - last-mile challenge in logistics. Pro-
ducers are currently limited by distance, i.e. when they choose to sell directly to the consumer,
they can only reach the ones within acceptable distance.

There is yet another challenge when selling online which is unique to grocery. Frozen foods
require low temperatures on their way to the end customer and so do some other types of
food, such as dairy, meat etc. to ensure that the quality of the food is not affected in any way.

However, the opportunities for online grocery shopping are promising and the growth is bound
to expand.

Grocery sales of food products online are still at an early stage but
the trends show a massive opportunity for exponential growth in
the forthcoming years

Coolomat market aims to provide true opportunities for producers to offer their products on our
platform and have them delivered on their own or through our logistics, utilizing our Coolomat
Click & Collect devices in particular. · · 10
3.5. Grocery market growth THROUGH digital channels

People are increasingly shopping digitally at home, work, or on the road rather than visiting
a physical shop. Consumers educate themselves and one another about products available
online and praise or disparage them using social media.


These macro changes are being driven partly by substantial demographic shifts.

Millennials (18-35 y/o) are now the largest segment of the U.S. population and make up 24% of
the population. in the European Union Most millennials do not remember the world before the
internet and are very comfortable with online services and eCommerce. Still, millennials are just
one piece of the puzzle. All age groups are changing how they live and work.

The unprecedented and simultaneous spread of mobile devices and enhancements to

their capabilities is another meaningful catalyst. There are now 8.6 billion mobile devices
worldwide, 1.2 devices per person.

The key implication of these macro changes is the shift towards digital commerce: purchas-
ing and selling of goods and services via personal computers or mobile devices. While digital
channels have grown rapidly since their first introduction in the mid-1990s, the digital scale
now provides the tailwind for overall retail growth: over one billion digitally-active consumers
spend nearly $2 trillion online a year. · · 11

Digital market growth shows no sign of abating as shoppers shift more towards eCommerce
and the use of mobile devices brings another billion consumers online. Retail fundamentals
certainly vary between markets but in developed countries, such as the U.S. and Western Eu-
rope, digitization is the primary source of retail growth with store-based sales going flat or even
declining. *

Online grocery shopping is not keeping up the same pace, although it is poised to become a
bigger part of the overall grocery shopping equation. More shoppers will start moving the mun-
dane task of shopping for regularly replenished goods — beverages, paper products, packaged
nonperishable food and other household basics — online.

The “convenience” of online shopping and grocery delivery brings different benefits to dif-
ferent people. For some shoppers in crowded urban areas, getting to and from the grocery · · 12
store may be a transportation issue. For busy working parents, grocery shopping may be a time
issue. Others may just dislike grocery shopping and do anything to avoid the store.

Online grocery retailers are growing and offering their portfolio of products to consumers
although these are almost always small scale regional players. The aspect of logistics for
further expansion represents an ample obstacle for the international growth of online gro-
cery retailers. Home delivery presents a substantial cost factor making it almost impossible in
certain regions of bigger cities due to different logistic obstacles and last mile costs.

*Source: Nielsen Digital Segmentation Survey, 2016

3.6. DELIVERY – the biggest challenge of online grocery sales

“The last mile of e-commerce presents sizeable logistics and cost concerns that have not yet
been solved. Therefore, retailers need to experiment with smart delivery options that circum-
vent these issues. Retailers in France and Italy, where labor costs are high, have seen some
success with ‘click and drive’ initiatives and we expect the growth to continue in the future,
especially as retailers improve their online offer and framework.”
Source: Nielsen, 2015: The Future of Grocery: E-commerce, digital technology and changing shopping preferences
around the world

Nowadays, consumers purchasing groceries online have a number of delivery options for the
purchased items. The most common are:

• In-store collection
• Drive through collection
• Courier home delivery · · 13
All of these delivery options require the consumer to undertake time-consuming actions which
make online grocery shopping an experience far less friendly and less convenient.

Both in-store and drive through collection require the customer to visit the chosen store loca-
tion in order to collect the purchased items. On-site, the consumer usually needs to wait a cer-
tain amount of time to pick up their shop. A question which arises is why the consumer would
not simply visit a grocery store in person, since online shopping and the physical location and
the manner of the collection becomes more burdensome.

On the other hand, courier home delivery is currently the best known delivery option for online
grocery shopping but has its drawbacks. Mostly because it often requires coordination be-
tween the courier and consumer who need to meet for the delivery to take place. Unfortunately,
this coordination represents an emotional roller coaster for the consumer. This is also the least
effective and most expensive delivery option.

So urce: DPD Group, 2015: Insights on behaviors and expectations of European 18-25 generation for online shopping. Niel-
sen, 2015: The Future of Grocery: E-commerce, digital technology and changing shopping preferences around the world

An interesting deviation for courier deliveries which some markets are also familiar with are
freelance personal shoppers who deliver groceries from any supermarket of your choice or
from multiple supermarkets, as well. The service fee in that case is usually the lowest of all the
available grocery delivery options listed, and it enables you to receive your groceries quite fast.
Nevertheless, we think there is still space for improvement and that we can materialize this

3.7. Solution to the challenge of online grocery shopping

COOLOMAT Market and Coolomats themselves will solve a big part of the challenge called the
Emotional Roller Coaster. With our solution, the customer will be able to easily track his/her
orders and manage the place of delivery to fit them best.

There will be no need for coordination between the courier and the customer, as it is the customer
who will decide which Coolomat to choose and when picking up the order. · · 14
By doing so, not only do we solve the problem on the consumers’ side, but in a substantial part
also eliminate the costly logistics of door-to-door delivery.

Based on DHL logistics trend radar 2016 (by DHL trend report) we can identify the Coolomat
in the “Convenience Logistics” trend with medium impact in the following years - Online
shoppers’ interest is not solely price-oriented, but they also appreciate 24/7 availability and
convenience. With increasing consumer trust in purchasing groceries and pharmaceuticals
online, there is high demand for new cold-chain packaging and delivery solutions.

We firmly believe that COOLOMAT with the COOLOMAT Market platform, combined with crypto
payment possibilities create a new, ingenious way of selling groceries online.

We have the solution but we need your support and feedback to finance it. In order to do that,
our team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts decided on a Token Crowdsale.
We have all the pieces of the puzzle available to build up this ecosystem and start the grocery
market revolution. · · 15 · · 16
4. Coolomat market benefits and ecosystem
main pillars
4.1. Benefits for market participants

Our Coolomat Marketplace platform will be created and designed to create a win-win situation
for market participants.

• The customer will gain access to purchases of quality products directly from the producer at
reasonable prices, together with the traceability of the purchased products life cycle (supply

• The sellers/producers/suppliers gain access to the end consumers who can be offered
cheaper products (higher margins at similar quantities) while still optimizing their own reve-
nue as compared to classical grocery chains which keep a big part of the products margin.
This will also enable them to increase the quality of their product in mid to long-term.

• Big, classical retailers will also gain from the future ecosystem as they will be able to utilize
the growing number of the Coolomat network of Click & Collect points for their own custom-
ers. See the advantages of Coolomat Click & Collect points in chapter ·.

4.2. COOLOMAT MARKET – The new online grocery sale


Coolomat Market will be a marketplace for direct sales between producers and customers. Built
on an open source eCommerce base involving blockchain solutions.

Coolomat Market will also introduce its own token enabling payment on the platform. Each user
will have their internal platform token wallet. The user will store the tokens for the purchase on
the platform, or transfer them to their personal wallet and will be able to trade with the tokens on
supporting crypto currency exchanges at any time.

We want to follow the philosophy of the open source and cryptocurrency community.
Therefore we want to build the marketplace upon an open-source eCommerce solution – nop-
Commerce. . It is a fully customizable shop-
ping cart, stable and highly usable. It is ASP.NET (MVC) based with a MS SQL 2008 (or higher)
backend database.

The nopCommerce official team will cooperate with us on developing a state-of-the-art ecom-
merce solution which will interconnect the eCommerce and Crypto community. The cooper-
ation will mainly be based on advisory and interaction of the communities of both sides taking
part in the development.

In our operative team, we have expert .NET developers, who are also highly experienced in dev
tasks on nopCommerce that will coordinate this development. Some of the essential functions
will be performed by full-time employees while others will be outsourced to third-party profes-
sional services or as bounties. · · 17
Everyone will be able to participate in the developer bounty program. In order to do that one will
need to provide the open source code that meets the specific requirements. For this purpose, a
certain amount of the funds collected through the TOKEN CROWDSALE will be used over the
course of time to cover some of the development costs in which the community will be includ-
ed. All significant expenditures will be made fully transparent according to the best practices of
similar open source projects and allocated as developer bounties.

By supporting different currencies, we want to make Coolomat Market a viable online grocery
purchase option to all user groups, either the ones fully familiar with cryptocurrency payments
or those who take their first steps into the blockchain world. In the long run we are sure more
and more users will embrace this new marketplace.

The software developments will be published on a Github repository. Some of the code might
not be made fully public immediately due to our internal evaluation and risk factor assessment
– such segments will be evaluated and decided on a as they come basis.

A mobile (mCommerce) version for COOLOMAT Market will also be developed for
Android and iOS powered smartphones. See our roadmap.

4.3. Click & Collect network – The Last Mile Savior

COOLOMAT Market will cooperate with our partner company Coolomat Sp z.o.o. to help fur-
ther expand the network of Coolomat machines in other metropolises in Europe. For a EU and
worldwide success of COOLOMAT Market, the Click & Collect points are crucial.

The Click & Collect points will accept cryptocurrency payments at the collection point making
it possible to pick up orders at the most convenient location and time. For more detailed de-
velopment plans, please go to chapter 10 for our post Token Crowdsale development plans.

Coolomats are remotely managed externally situated machines with cooled and
deep-frozen lockers – all IP rights and production of the machines are in control of the core
team. All Click & Collect points will offer the payment of orders with miscellaneous crypto-
currencies including CMK token, and through this will help to merge the crypto currencies
with mainstream online grocery sales business models. More info:

Commercial availability will enable multiple revenue streams.

The network will not exclusively be dependable on the COOLOMAT Market revenue stream as
it is already commercially available for use to other interested parties as well (retailers, catering
companies, pharmacies, local or farm communities, big office buildings and many others).

By pursuing such an approach we will enable multiple revenue streams in each new country
that we enter, start our network expansion and open the online grocery COOLOMAT Market. · · 18
4.4. Fulfilment center or direct delivery to Click & Collect point

Since Coolomat market utilizes the Click & Collect network of Coolomat machines, there are
multiple options how delivery can be performed. All are possible and might present a viable
option for the consumer.

Coolomat market will concentrate on encouraging all parties of the trade to deliver to and col-
lect groceries using Coolomat devices since this option presents the greatest logistic advan-
tage and lowest costs compared to any other delivery option.

The Coolomat Market team will establish a fulfillment center service depending on the Token
Crowdsale success with our own logistic services or use other fulfillment center service provid-
ers operating on each market.

We will establish cooperation with delivery service providers on different markets where such
cooperation might be beneficial for the stakeholders in Coolomat Market.

Delivery By Who Challenges

1-Way to Click&Collect point Producer Delivery time to Coolomat

X-Way to Click&Collect point Producer(s) Consumer needs to pick up multiple times,

multiple producers, fragmented delivery

to fulfillment center Producers, External fulfillment center service or

then to Click&Collect point Coolomat Market inhouse fulfillment center development

to consumer house door Producers Possibly fragmented because of

multiple producer’s order structure, delivery
time coordination

to consumer house door Coolomat Market delivery time coordination, higher

logistics costs · · 19
4.5. Supply chain on blockchain – product traceabILITY

We will implement a supply chain traceability and transparency solution into our platform so
that our consumers will always be able to check the origin and lifecycle of the product pur-
chased on our platform. Consumers will obtain all the necessary information starting from the
origin of the product, the movements inside the ecosystem, the concluded sale on the platform
up to the pickup point at Coolomat.

It will include information on timestamps and temperatures where possible, as well as the name
of the producer, supplier, obtainable farmer data and food origin. In effect, we will be able to
answer shoppers’ demands for more transparency. By merging real-time data from producers
and our solutions along the entire supply chain from order to pick up, we will provide shoppers
with trustworthy information on product authenticity. · · 20 · · 21
5. Coolomat market token (CMK)
The COOLOMAT Market token (CMK) will be offered to the community during the Token
Crowdsale campaign and is by its definition a utility token used for:

• payments on the platform,

• incentivization of consumers to leave a review of their purchase experience (product quality,
logistics service, …) with smart contracts,
• further functional smart contract integration on the platform,
• lower product prices/special offers for CMK holders including loyalty payouts.

After the crowdfunding campaign the token will be traded on miscellaneous cryptocurrency
exchanges. We will be focusing on any possibilities of CMK token acceptance on our partners’
account for their services or products.

Consumers will use it

• to pay for products they purchased online with
CMK token 0% transaction fee
other cryptocurrencies(BTC,ETH,…) Blockchain tx fees*
fiat currency Card payment tx fees*
• to trade with the token on exchanges based on cryptocurrency market valuation,
• to receive payments for their loyalty,
• to get reimbursement either for purchasing products incentivized by producers or product
group offerings,
• to get refund payments,
• we will allow the purchase of CMK tokens on our platform at a current market price; the pay-
ment for any purchase on the platform will be possible with CMK token

Producers, farmers and other sellers will use it

• to pay for the service fees on the platform (based on service level),
• for different consumer incentives (e.g. buy 2 – get for price of 1 back in tokens),
• for loyalty programs on the platform (e.g. regular weekly purchases),
• to trade with the token on exchanges based on cryptocurrency market valuation,
• to incentivize consumers to leave reviews about their experience using special smart contracts. · · 22 · · 23
6. Coolomat – innovative distribution
solution for grocery
Coolomat Sp . z.o.o ( is a startup formed in 2014 by the same founders
with a business plan to build up their own network of Click & Collect machines which are
offered either per transaction or a fixed monthly rental fee to retailers. Coolomat is one of the
first companies offering a cooling-freezing high-tech solution for external use.

Why wait in lines or wait at home for the delivery? Coolomat is an automated Click & Collect
solution, with a digitally managed system of customer-friendly lockers available 24 hours a
day. The Coolomat solution is more than just a system of manufactured lockers. At the heart of
Coolomat lies technology. We have a team of experts in the fields of IT, e-commerce and supply
chain management. The system is centrally managed, and retailers can operate the locker via
our API.

What distinguishes Coolomat from other locker systems is that each compartment can be re-
motely adapted for chilled food storage, as well as regular parcels. Each locker can be set at
temperatures between -20°C and +10°C prior to delivery, meaning that the locker is tempera-
ture ready for the incoming goods. Coolomat is a truly efficient solution to many problems in
e-commerce that are encountered by both consumers and retailers.

We can confidently state that our machines present many technology advantages over any sim-
ilar solution. We are a service provider which benefits both sides of the relationship in grocery
sales online while not being a retailer or goods marketer to third parties. Needless to say, we are
available to any interested business partner. We share some similarities to other disruptive service
providers like Uber or Airbnb in their category.

It is a solution for the last mile logistic challenge, which indeed is the biggest challenge of all
online retailers, especially in the field of grocery.

The cooling and freezing obstacles, have now been successfully

overcome with coolomat · · 24
Our machines are one of the lowest energy consuming devices both in summer and win-
ter time. At the same time, we want to further lower it with our technology partners so that the
machine would be as self-sustainable as possible.

The first five first generation pilot machines where launched in 2015. After a successful ven-
ture with two Polish online grocery retailers, and based on experience gathered from it, genera-
tion 2 of the machine was developed including POS payment possibility. The next step includes
payment options with CMK token and other cryptocurrencies.

The network currently consists of 30 machines in Warsaw, being the first grocery Click
& Collect device network globally. In Q4 of 2017 we started cooperation with four online
grocery retailers including Auchan, Carrefour, Frisco (local grocery online leader), Piotr i Pawel
(leading supermarket chain in Poland) and two leading catering companies.

The Coolomat founders were approached by numerous grocery chains, some of them
being the leading chains in Poland, Germany and France, which proves that the solution
is one of the most appealing Click & Collect solutions currently on the market.

Therefore, it is of strategic importance to further build up the network in other EU countries and
their metropolises and worldwide as well. · · 25
6.1. Advantages for consumers AND producers

Advantages for the producers, retailers or others

• Temperature sensitive parcel solution
• Elimination of expensive packaging for chilled foods
• 24-hour solution for ‘commuting’ customers unable to pick up the delivery
• Elimination of booking windows & re-deliveries when customers are not at home
• Increased courier effectiveness: time is money!
• Lower delivery costs -equals higher delivery efficiency leading to significant cost reduction;
one location can serve as much as 100 customers a day
• traffic jams avoidance & vehicle optimization 24 hours a day: reduce the capital outlay on your
fleet by optimizing vehicle operation time & capitalizing on overnight access to busy areas
• Lower carbon footprint from reduced vehicle movements
• Reduction in fleet operation & maintenance cost
• ECO attitude towards the environment by lowering CO2 footprints
• Acquisition of new customers or return of the discouraged clients

Advantages for the consumers

• Pick-up availability in the most convenient location
• 24/7/365 Accessibility
• Reduced time loss because of lines in stores, traffic rush hours, parking space search etc.
• Possible payment at the moment of pick-up

6.2. Venture capital (VC) backed

Coolomat Sp. z o.o. is a venture capital backed startup. The following investments helped
us to develop and manufacture the devices up to the 2nd generation.

Participating FUNDS:
• 1st round (SEED) investment, Fundusz Zalążkowy KPT, Poland in 2014
• 2nd round (A ROUND) investment, ZERNIKE – META VENTURES, Poland in 2016 under
the business environment improvement program of small and medium enterprises co-fi-
nanced by Switzerland. A Swiss-Polish Cooperation Program with new EU member states. · · 26
6.3. Renowned retail partners

Following retailers are already utilizing the Coolomat network in Poland with new partner inter-
est shown on monthly basis.

Auchan Poland is a part of Groupe Auchan SA, a French international retail group and multina-
tional corporation headquartered in Croix, France.  It is one of the world’s principal distribution
groups ( 337,900 employees ) with a presence in France and 15 other countries. www.auchan.

Carrefour Poland is a part of Carrefour S.A. , a French multinational retailer headquartered in

Boulogne Billancourt, France, in the Hauts-de-Seine Department near Paris. It is one of the larg-
est hypermarket chains in the world (with 1,462 hypermarkets at the end of 2016). Carrefour
operates in more than 30 countries, in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa. Carrefour means
“crossroads” and “public square” in French. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50
stock market index. created in 2006, is the leader of the Polish e-commerce in food products (e-grocery)
and the largest company in this segment operating in online distribution only. The company
was chosen as the supplier of integrated e-commerce services by the most recognized FMCG
brands in Poland. Frisco is also the leader in customer service quality in its segment with fea-
tures unattainable for competitors.

Rano Zebrano was created by a team of young people who want to guarantee access to
healthy, fresh and ethically produced products both for themselves and other people. They are
close to the demands of sustainable development and ecology and want to implement them
in Warsaw.

Piotr and Paweł supermarkets have been operating on the Polish market for over 26
years. Since the beginning of the existence of the network, it has attached great importance to
the satisfaction of customers, taking care of the wide selection, high quality products and the
highest quality of service. · · 27
7. Coolomat market ecosystem processes
The Coolomat Market ecosystem involves the workflow of different entities – consumers, pro-
ducers and, at a later stage, investors represented by either individuals, companies or organiza-
tions, depending on the crowd funding success as well as the network expansion itself.

7.1. Purchasing groceries

Consumers can choose among different grocery products from different suppliers and pro-
ducers and pay for them on the platform with CMK, other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies,
with CMK being the only fee-free method of payment. They will also be able to choose the
most convenient time and location of the pick-up.

The platform will make it possible to search through different product groups and price ranges
using advanced filters on the platform. An integrated search engine will make a given product
search quick and convenient. The consumer will be able to transfer their internal wallet tokens
to external cryptocurrency exchanges or their personal external wallet.

Through smart contracts, the consumer will have the possibility to leave a review about their
purchase experience. What follows is that customers may be rewarded a number of CMK to-
kens for leaving reviews by the producer. All logic will be implemented in the smart contract. · · 28
7.2. Selling groceries

Producers will be advertising and selling their products on the platform. The service will offer
them an online marketplace where they will be able to sell their products including the use of
the Click & Collect delivery/pickup points. They will be able to incentivize the consumer with
special offers in form of returned tokens depending on incentive type. Here are some examples:
• purchase X+1 product, get X back in CMK value
• purchase product Y and get some % back in CMK value
• purchase basket size value Z regularly weekly/monthly and get some % back in CMK value
• purchase basket with A, B or C products regularly weekly/monthly and get some % back in
CMK value

Should the consumer or producer not have any tokens available in their internal wallet, the fees
or purchases will be charged in a currency they would like to pay with, and converted into to-
kens in the background. This process will create a frictionless user experience for users who do
not want to deal with our tokens at all times.

For each CMK transaction the platform will charge a predefined percentage fee to the produc-
er, based on the level of his package which will be dependable on products assortment size,
orders quantity, click and collect occupancy etc. Each producer will be able to pay his fee and
other services of the market with CMK tokens.

7.3. Delivery of purchased groceries

The producer will deliver the products to the Coolomat machine where the customer can pick
up his order.

In case of fragmented consumer order, meaning it will consist of products from different pro-
ducers, the order will be processed in external or internal Coolomat network fulfillment centers,
into one delivery. If the consumer expresses their wish for a fragmented pick up he will have
also such option available, meaning he will receive his order fragmented.

Depending on the crowd funding success, our own fulfillment centers will be established
throughout Europe and other regions in compliance with the expansion plan. · · 29
7.4. Consumer experience and quality reviews using
smart contracts

The implementation of smart contracts will make it possible for each producer to request a
review rating from the consumers purchasing their goods. It will also be possible to rate other
services in the Coolomat Market ecosystem from different stakeholders utilizing misc. smart

Basic steps will include:

1. The producer will be able to make a bounty in CMK tokens on the platform to receive a review
from consumers, high enough to cover the transactions fee of the public blockchain
2. The Coolomat Market platform will present this offer to the consumers who are whitelisted
(purchased the product of the producer)
3. The consumers leave a rating score including comments
4. The rating score is always written directly on the blockchain, the comments get reviewed by
Coolomat Market moderators before publishing on the platform to avoid risk of inappropriate
5. The producer will be able to dispute a potential bad score by commenting on it, but the rating
score will be unalterably written on the blockchain
6. The consumer will be rewarded an established number of CMK tokens for leaving a review

Similar smart contract scenario variations also apply to the following cases - separate smart
contracts will be designed twofold:
• The producer wants to obtain the consumer’s opinion about the logistic service quality (de-
livery might be arranged directly from the producer or from other service providers…)
• The consumer wants to leave a comment on their own accord · · 30
8. Token crowdsale details

Token symbol CMK

Token legal definition utility token

Token standard ERC-20

Softcap - Min contribution target $500.000 USD

Hardcap – Max contribution target $40 million

Presale bonus 25% bonus

Evaluation of acquiring CMK token PRESALE $0.08


MIN contribution PRESALE 2 ETH


MAX contribution per investor 1,000 ETH

Available CMK for Token Crowdsale (60%): 425,000,000 CMK

Tokens reserved for presale: 125,000,000 CMK (= $10 million)

Final distributed token supply*: 708.333.333

Currencies accepted in Token Crowdsale**: ETH, BTC, RIPPLE, BCH, LTC, DASH, MONERO

KYC/AML: yes, mandatory for all Token Crowdsale contributors

• if soft cap is not reached, funds will be returned to the participants minus transaction costs
• if hard cap is reached, the Token Crowdsale will stop
• the final number of tokens generated depends on the success of the Token Crowdsale,
bounty program, recommendation fees and bonuses payouts; and can vary *
• tokens not acquired will not be created, making the end token supply lower *
• all accepted cryptocurrency conversions will be calculated and presented to the user in their
dashboard application; the Bitfinex exchange rate will apply **
• tokens will be distributed after the Token Crowdsale is completed, no further tokens will be
• should there occur a necessity to return any amount to the contributor, any transaction fees
will be deducted from the received amount (transaction fees are paid by the contributor)
• In case contributor will not pass our KYC procedure, or if latter becomes recognize that they
do not meet or Terms of Use conditions or KYC procedures, we will return their amount of
funds deducted for transaction cost. · · 31
8.1. Participation steps

Each contributor needs to sign up on the whitelist to get access details to their personal dash-
board and to be eligible to participate in the Token Crowdsale.

Subsequently, they need to conclude KYC/AML procedure by sharing basic personal infor-
mation and personal ID/passport scanned copies. After our team verify the compliance of the
contributor, they will be notified via email and the “approved” status will also be presented in
his dashboard.

Approved status means the contributor can participate in the Token Crowdsale. Contributors
will be able to participate in the crowdsale with one or more available cryptocurrencies. The
addresses for contribution will be shared to each participant in their dashboard as well as the
minimal required contribution.

As far as the exchange rate, we will apply the Bitfinex exchange rate MID price ((bid + ask) /
2) every 5 minutes and use this exchange rate for ETH/USD, BTC/USD, BCH/USD, LTC/USD,
DASH/USD, XMR/USD and XRP/USD. The minimum and maximum contribution will be cal-
culated using the ETH/USD exchange rate. Only then will it be exchanged into the desired,

8.2. Whitelisting and presale

You must subscribe to the whitelist to participate in Coolomat presale and crowdsale. Sub-
scribers on whitelist will regularly receive all relevant information needed.

You can use the recommendation link and invite your friends – you will receive 5% of the tokens
they buy. Please tick if you plan to participate in the presale to reserve your seat among the
very first.

Presale is open for everybody, that is not explicitly excluded, and limited to 25% of crowdsale
hard cap. We want to make participation possible to a great number of interested individuals,
since the Coolomat Market business model involves and requires a big community.

Tokens in presale: 125.000.000 CMK

Evaluation of CMK token value in presale: $0.08

Presale hardcap: 10 million USD

Presale min. contribution: 2 ETH

Presale max. contribution /person: 1,000 ETH · · 32
8.3. Token crowdsale and bonuses

Duration: 1 MONTH

MIN contribution amount: 0.1 ETH

Additional Bonus allocation*:

10% If you contribute in first 5 days/120 hours

10% If you contribute over 25 ETH

*a maximum of 10% is eligible, even if both criteria are fulfilled they do not add up

8.4. Token distribution



60% will be made available for the TOKEN CROWDSALE; ecosystem development, opera-
tions and international expansion
10% of the tokens will be held by the executive and rest of the team who helped bring the
project to life
20% will be reserved for future partnerships, new markets entrance and incentive programs
on Coolomat market
10% for current as also future advisors and ambassadors on new markets · · 33
8.5. Funds distribution

30% for technical development costs (eCommerce, mCommerce, supply chain, smart con-
tracts, hardware R&D)
30% for operations including but not limited to, human resources, administration, office rent,
office equipment, legal services, certifications
20% new markets entrance and kick off costs, Click & Collect network expansion
10% logistic services development (external and/or internal)
10% marketing and promotion

8.6. Milestones based on funds raised

Softcap - $5 million
• e-commerce platform with basic features but fully operational for grocery sales and produc-
er offers
• consumer experience and quality reviews using smart contracts
• other major cryptocurrencies acceptability on the platform
• CMK and other cryptocurrency payments acceptability at Coolomat pickup points
• expansion of Coolomat network in Poland

$5 million - $10 million

• e-commerce advanced products and sales features platform presentation
• mobile (m-commerce) platform version development
• supply chain solution integration
• Click & Collect device introduction to two new Central Eastern Europe (CEE) markets
• Coolomat Market logistic service development including a fulfillment center (external or internal) · · 34
$10 million - $20 million
• two new Western European (WE) markets kick off
• one-way cryptocurrency ATM functionality integration for Coolomat devices on the markets
we operate on (for more information see chapter 10)
• Coolomat Market Click & Collect points expansion
• in-house logistic fleet implementation on the markets we operate on, including electric delivery
vehicles to Coolomats

$20 million - $30 million

• Intercontinental expansion (at least one continent)
• two-way cryptocurrency ATM module R&D and deployment on interesting locations on the
markets we operate on
• profit sharing mechanism development (security token/smart contract) with legal compliance
on the markets we operate on (for more information see chapter 10)

$30 million +
• Further intercontinental expansion (at least two continents)strengthening the position of Coolo-
mat Market on the markets we operate on and broadening the expansion of Click & Collect points
• Coolomat Market purchase payments with other utility tokens (for more information see chapter 10)

8.7. Bounty program

The total bounty pool available is 2,500,000 Tokens equivalent to the value of 250,000 USD.

After the conclusion of the bounty campaign and the TOKEN CROWDSALE, the tokens will be
distributed to all participants.

Total Bounty Pool will be divided as follows:

20% Telegram campaign
20% Youtube campaign
20% Social media (Facebook & Twitter)
20% Blog Article, Publications
10% Translations & Community management
5% Reddit Campaign
5% Bitcointalk Campaign

The percentage distribution can change based on channel we want to follow and gives us
better response ratios.

8.8. Recommendation bonus

For each recommendation leading to a new signup to our whitelist and participation in our To-
ken Crowdsale you will receive a 5% bonus in tokens based on the investment value. · · 35 · · 36
9. Roadmap

Q1 The birth of Coolomat idea.

2014 Polish and Slovenian founders get together for discussion.

Q2 Coolomat project is embraced by KPT Krakow.

2014 Start of prototype device development as well as backend Coolomat software.

Q3 1st gen device prototype produced and introduced to the first retailers in Europe

Q4 Installation of test device #1 Coolomat device (1st gen) in Poznan, Poland and 1 year
2014 testing in natural weather conditions (all 4 seasons of the year).OCT 2015 installation
of 5 Coolomat devices in Warsaw.

Q4 First transactions with online shop


Q2 Meta Ventures enters as a shareholder of Coolomat project.


oct First transactions with online healthy food shop Rano Zebrano.

Q1 Development of Coolomat API and extensive talks with new online retailers (Auchan,
2017 Carrefour, Frisco, Piotr i Pawel) and leading catering companies.

First ideas for TOKEN CROWDSALE, platform and blockchain


Q2 Production of 25 new Coolomat devices, 2nd gen model.


30 Coolomat devices (2nd gen) installed in Warsaw, Poland.

Q3 Start of cooperation with Auchan, Carrefour, Piotr I Pawel and some catering compa-
nies (FitEat, LightBox).
We received serious interest for network of machines in Australia and Canada. · · 37
TOKEN CROWDSALE team established

Q4 VC investment to lay foundation to the idea of Coolomat Market


Q1 TOKEN CROWDSALE website kick-off.




MAR BETA release of Coolomat Market e-Commerce platform.


JUL PRODUCTION release of Coolomat Market eCommerce platform.

BETA supply chain integration into Coolomat Market
Expansion to two new CEE markets

OCT BETA release of mCommerce Coolomat Market

Expansion to two new WE markets

Q1 Intercontinental expansion (1 continent)


9.1. New markets expansion

Expansion is based on the funds raised in Token Crowdsale. If at least 25% of hard
cap is reached, we will proceed on to multiple EU markets and to other continents in
case of 50% hard cap. Various international certifications of Coolomats will need to be
obtained in order to enter markets on different continents.

Q2 TWO new Central Eastern Europe (CEE) markets


Q3 TWO new West Europe (WE) markets


Q4 First new continent

2019 · · 38
Target for new continents expansion

Australian agglomerations of Sydney and Melbourne are among the selected targets for Coolo-
mat Market and Coolomat machine expansion. The key Australian groceries eCommerce play-
ers are: Woolworth, Coles, Harris Farm, Aussie Farmers and Jenny Craig in diet food segment.

Each of the companies delivers thousands of food packages weekly and all of them have the
same issues with current methods of delivery:
• High courier delivery cost due to high labor costs in Australia
• Inaccessibility of inner city areas to courier delivery due to building management policies and
traffic organization
• High costs of maintaining the cold chain from the warehouse to the customer (isolated dry ice
multiuse boxes management)

The grocery eCommerce market has a two-digit growth every year and will continue to grow
due to time-consuming commute and traffic congestion. Deep market analysis and observa-
tion of current players’ strategies build up our confidence that we can enter this market with our
Coolomat Market platform and grow rapidly offering Coolomats as pick up/collection points.

Singapore city features high population density in a relatively small area. Online grocery market
in Singapore is quite fragmented and there are quite a number of players including RedMart,
Purely Fresh, HonestBee, FairPrice, Kenny Grocery.

Offering the current players the new Coolomat Market platform (as a technological platform not
the brand itself) with a Coolomat chain in the city can have a huge impact on the market. Singa-
pore has a really low number of convenience stores located in residential areas, which naturally
become a great place for Coolomat installation. Additionally, since most multi-family buildings
are located on pillars, there is a lot of space for the machines to be placed between the ground
and the first floor in the shadow and hidden from the monsoon rain.

Canada or USA · · 39
10. further post token crowdsale business
development plans

10.1. Cryptocurrency atm integration into coolomat network

The network of Coolomat pickup points is already growing and with additional financial means
and partnership growth it will continue to rise in the future. It is in the interest of the company
founders to further expand its functions and usability in support of the crypto currency technol-
ogy integration into the general community.

The devices are modular in construction, all R&D and intellectual property rights as well as
production knowledge are exclusive to the Coolomat company and its founders. The currently
existing modules make it possible to offer one-way ATMs with moderate effort, enabling cus-
tomers to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat (card) payments.

For two-way ATMs a brand new separate module will be developed.

The integration of ATM cryptocurrency functionalities will be implemented separately based on

the funds raised in Coolomat Market TOKEN CROWDSALE and irrespective of the fact wheth-
er or not the second security token will be released. It is of crucial importance that the owners
of Coolomat Market Security Tokens participate in the share of the profits in case the tokens
are released.

10.2. Coolomat market profit sharing for click&collect network


Since this milestone will involve a more in-depth legal overview of the security legislation on
different markets, we want to postpone this step and initiate it irrespectively of the crowdsale.
At that point we will present a clearly defined approach.

Currently we see the following options. Depending on the success of the TOKEN CROWD-
SALE, a new and separate security token and/or a specially designed smart contract for pay-
out in ETH will be issued with the purpose of enabling investors (individuals or companies) to
partially or fully co-finance the expansion of the Coolomat network. Anyone willing to support
the project financially will have the opportunity to help us grow our network by financing the
network expansion.

The Coolomat Market (CMK) token will operate on its own and irrespectively of the above-men-
tioned security token. Investors participating in Coolomat Market TOKEN CROWDSALE will be
presented with a beneficial option due to their crowdsale participation. All details will be defined
and presented to the community in the months to come after the crowdsale. Smart contract/s
will be developed for this investment vehicle transparency. · · 40
10.3. Payments with other utility tokens

We can imagine a day when holders of different utility tokens might be intrigued to use them
for different real-life purchases and not only for the primary utility reason they were distributed.
We think grocery purchases might be a very interesting option for such utility token owners.

We will start to work on a concept where grocery purchases on our platform and the Click &
Collect network machines can be paid with other utility tokens. This will require the involvement
of liquidity providers/cryptocurrency exchanges. · · 41 · · 42
11. Team

Executive team


Andrej is passionate about IT in different fields, always after innovative approaches and
new ideas. An enthusiast of blockchain and crypto currency technology since late 2012. An
all-rounder with wide and profound knowledge of different IT technologies. Andrej has years
of professional experience in different retail segments including grocery. After 5 years for the
German discounter Lidl where he worked in Germany, Austria and Slovenia as project manager
and business informatics section chief gathering vast knowledge of the grocery sales market,
he took over the role of CIO at Big Bang which is a market leading retailer in the Slovenian
consumer electronics sector. Andrej co-founded Coolomat in 2014 developing a new Click &
Collect solution for the market before COOLOMAT Market eco system idea occurred to him
and his team.


Marcin is passionate about innovation and being the CEO of Coolomat, together with Andrej
and Jure set up the Coolomat company in 2014 - the first European operator of a machine
chain for grocery collection called Coolomats. Before 2014 Marcin worked for Microsoft for 8
years being responsible for cloud services business development in 11 countries of Central and
Eastern Europe, IT services contracts realization in CEE and community growth in Poland. He
also worked as Business Development Manager of Spin (a part of Asseco group now) for CEE.


Jure is focused and passionate about exploring IT solutions and looking for innovative ap-
proaches for different clients. His professional background is based on integrated IT solutions,
which brings his daily tasks to network planning, consulting, implementing and maintaining IT
infrastructure. He started his career at very young age with great enthusiasm, big dreams and
goals set in IT world. After several years of hard labor with his team, creating new projects and
ideas, he became an important part of several IT companies. Since 2010 Jure has been CEO
at Adin d. o. o. a company providing a wide range of digital signage solutions., He is a CDO
and co-founder of Coolomat s. p. zoo. Since 2014 Jure and his team developed Click&Collect
solution of Coolomat and took it to the next level inventing the Coolomat Market. He is also a
co-owner and IT Manager at Raing d. o. o. company for computer engineering and consulting
for seven years.


Connecting technology, design and ideas from a very young age. Passionate to know how systems
work he coded his very first web forum from scratch at 13. Always striving for perfection, learning and
involving in new activities. Interested in security, digital communication and distributed systems. Built
digital signage and content distribution platform for his first start-up Adin, where he became a CTO.
Responsible for choosing the right components and paths to deliver good software products in Adin,
COOLOMAT and Coolomat Market companies. In 2009 he co-founded a computer hardware com-
pany Raing d.o.o. and the following year Adin d.o.o. He has been a Chief Software Architect at COO-
LOMAT Sp. z.o.o. for almost four years now and he currently became a CIO at COOLOMAT Market. · · 43


Boris Kozlevčar could also be called a crypto lawyer. He is the managing partner of the law
office JK Group - a law office specialized in IT, internet, telecommunications, blockchain, big
data and privacy law. He has advised several blockchain projects since 2010. As he says, “It is
not just legal issues that are important when forming the business strategy for such projects,
but more delicate tax issues as well.”


Founder & Lead designer at DrawingArt , a digital creative design and development studio
founded in 2002and situated in picturesque Slovenia, Europe.. DrawingArt has become one of
the most respected design studios in the world. Known to push the boundaries of pixel perfect
design creations with keen eyes for detail. Here to create game-changing ideas that make ex-
traordinary things happen.


Urban has close to ten years of experience in designing, building and maintaining data ware-
house and business intelligence solutions, various internal/external data mapping solutions,
corporate planning processes and other data wrangling related projects. Urban worked with
SMEs to large multinational corporations and come mostly from retail and utilities areas. Nota-
ble past projects are a multi-terabyte data warehouse with a five terabyte OLAP cube, daily one
billion rows merge and a migration of a corporate data warehouse to an MPP platform.


With recent focus on blockchain technologies, crypto currencies and community manage-
ment, Primož had before co-founded an IT development firm which focused mainly on e-com-
merce solutions using various new technologies. Years were spent designing and building fi-
nancial arbitrage systems, including for sports betting industry, where he learned the meaning
of risk management and assessment. Working as a full stack developer and system engineer
for years he has since shifted focus on rather designing new, exciting innovative systems and
consultancy. Wide specter of experience has given him a valuable out of the box thinking al-
ways looking for new better approaches.


Špela is a very meticulous person and has good organizational skills. In her college years she
was part of a team which organized big events with music concerts and other animations for
thousands of people in her hometown. She worked at the cabinet of Minister for sport and
education, where she assisted head of the cabinet and helped at public relations. Her career
path always led her into public relations and content marketing. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.
com/in/spelaskerlak · · 44
Tina is a tech enthusiast with a background in community management, customer support
and event organization. She is part of the Virtua PR team working on inbound marketing and
community management.

Software developers


Damir has experience with systems programming, fullstack development, networking and
devops. He had delivered products to desktop, mobile, cloud and embedded platforms. Apart
from that, he has been working with realtime media streaming, computer graphics, parallel
computing and computer vision. He is always looking for new challenges and opportunities to
learn. His latest focus of interest is the blockchain technology.


Jaka is a C# developer with more than 5 years of experience mainly in e-commerce and with
focus on NopCommerce solution. He quickly became team leader in one of the biggest Slo-
venian programming houses and started as a freelance developer. Experienced e-commerce
software developer in .NET framework and team lead. Developed B2C in B2B online store for
one of the biggest Slovenian retail companies. He has Bachelor of Science (BSc), Computer


Matic is a Full Stack Developer. An enthusiast of modern javascript. He developed UI and front-
end logic for Coolomat machines. Also worked for multiple projects on various browser auto-
mation scripts (webcrawl, selenium tests) and front-end components. Previously he worked
on Konfigurator project at Vizualis - company of complete visual solutions in the field of visual


Jože is a software developer at Coolomat, IOT enthusiast and electrical engineer by heart. He
has 5 years of experience in web development. He is Fullstack developer, working with Ja-
vascript, SQL, PHP and other technologies. His knowledge covers also system administration,
developer operations, video streaming and networking. His previous job was web application
development and quality assurance for enterprise applications, currently he develops digital
signage core application modules with various integrations, maintains Coolomat retailers REST
API and cares for server’s infrastructure. · · 45
Anže is a software developer with over 4 years of experience in web application development.
He worked with .NET framework (windows desktop applications, console applications, API de-
velopment) and continue working as full stack developer with programming languages such
as PHP and Javascript. He has the most experience in backend development field. He also
developed different backend modules for Coolomat project. · · 46
12. Advisors
Kęstutis Gardžiulis
Kęstutis Gardžiulis is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at ETRONIKA. He has over 20
years’ of experience in Smart Retail, FinTech, digital banking, on-line fraud detection and digital
identity. His teams got multiple international awards for digital banking solutions and they were
among the first in the world to implement the commercial mobile electronic signature solution
which became the backbone of the national wireless PKI infrastructure in Lithuania. Kęstutis is
also known for experimenting with Retail and Financial ecosystems’ concepts, natural user in-
terface-based on-line banking prototypes. He acted as the CEO of ETRONIKA for many years,
he also served as the vice-president of Lithuanian ICT association and he has previous experi-
ence in banking sector and voice-recognition for forensic examination. Currently, Kęstutis is an
active enthusiast and contributor to FinTech and Blockchain communities, Advisor at Savedroid
AG, speaker in various international forums on the future of finance and retail and the challeng-
es of the industry 4.0. He holds a degree in Physics (Quantum Electronics) and Visuals Arts,
and he has a keen interest in science, technology, AI, space, TED conferences and semantic

prof. Aleš KUHAR PhD

Aleš Kuhar is an associated professor at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana
covering various fields of food production economics and marketing. His particular research
interests are vertical relations in the agro-food supply chain, consumer behaviour and econo-
metric modelling. He has participated in numerous international and national scientific research
projects, lectured at conferences and seminars and counselled governments, enterprises and
institutions. He is an active promotor of entrepreneurship among students of food engineering
and biotechnology with tutoring and managing various teams and initiatives for development
of business ideas and creation of new agro-food or biotech products and services. LinkedIn:

Rafał Garszczyński
Rafal is an expert in new retail technologies, used to work in both corporate and start-up worlds
on projects for enhancing customers’ shopping experience and traditional supply chain pro-
cesses in retail industry. Just recently joined Coolomat team with a goal to activate customers
without any ecommerce experience. His broad and international contact network within retail
industry helps to use best practices within innovative Coolomat last mile delivery and payment
for grocery solution. Rafal has a strong track-record of managing and implementing large-scale
IT pioneering projects especially in the realm of retail, and big data. Internal audits and turn-
around experience. He is active investor, coach and consultant in IT projects and for IT start-
ups. In the past he used to work for IT and telecom big names including HP, Dell and Epson. · · 47
Rok BABIČ, Professional Blockchain Developer
Rok started his tech career as a developer at a leading ERP provider in the region. As soon as
he heard of blockchain, he was hooked and spent the next years developing and maintain-
ing solutions on top of Bitcoin and other altcoins. He found his true passion, though, with the
release of Ethereum, where he immediately started developing decentralized applications on
top of the platform. After a few successful projects, he cofounded Spartan Solutions d.o.o.,
where they aim towards becoming a leading decentralized solutions provider and integrator
in the region. After successfully executing several decentralized solutions, Rok primarily fo-
cuses on promoting decentralized apps, planning the architecture of blockchain-based solu-
tions and consulting startups in blockchain space.LinkedIn:

Jacek Blonski, Meta Ventures Ingenium Poland

Jacek Błoński is a Partner of the Meta – Ventures Ingenium Poland Fund and also serves as
Independent Board Member at the Business Angels Europe (The European Confederation for
Angel Investing). From 2007 to 2012 Jacek was a CEO of Lewiatan Business Angels – the larg-
est Business Angels Network in Poland. Prior to Lewiatan Business Angels, Jacek worked as
Consultant in Simon Kucher and Partners – global consulting firm specializing in product pric-
ing; Analyst at Enterprise Investors Corporation - leading PE/VC Fund in the Central and East-
ern Europe and as a Head of Product and Price Planning in BMW Group (Warsaw, Poland and
Munich, Germany) being responsible for BMW and MINI range. Jacek Błoński is an alumni of
IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain where he finished Advanced Management Program,
alumni of the Singularity University in California, USA and also holds Master Degree in Financial
Management from the Higher School of Business – National-Louis University in Poland. https://

Szymon Kurzyca, Investment Director at META Ventures

Szymon is an expert in the early stage investment market, in particular, Venture Capital funds
and Business Angels, investment processes and valuation of start-ups. Since 2015, he has
been a member of the management team of META Ventures funds, currently as Investment
Director, where he is responsible for investments, in particular for project acquisition, selection
and evaluation, financial modelling, transaction structuring, negotiations, value building and
monitoring of portfolio companies, management reporting, project valuation. Szymon also sits
in number of Supervisory Boards of META Venture’s portfolio companies. He performed similar
tasks and duties in 2012-2015 in the VC Poland Growth Fund III fund. In the years 2008-2014
he was the Investment and Financial Expert of the Lewiatan Business Angels network, a lead-
ing angel group in Poland. He has also been a member of the seed investment fund at Nickel
Technology Park Poznań from 2011 to 2013.

Michal Géci, Slovak Research and Development, a.s.

Michal is the managing director and chairman of the board of directors of the Slovak Research
and Development organization. He is filling the gap between academia, industry, start-up eco-
system and government. Providing consulting and professional services for innovators, start-
ups/spin-offs, academia and government. He is a curious adventurer, blockchain enthusiast
and investor. · · 48
Tibor is the Head of Supply Chain IT at Studio Moderna. He ensures long term benefits for the
company by empowering innovative Supply Chain planning and execution strategies. He is
an experienced Supply Chain IT professional with 10+ years of experience in Forecasting, In-
ventory Control and Fulfillment. Throughout his career he managed large scale projects on ar-
eas of Supply Chain Planning and CPG B2C/B2B fulfillment. He helped develop custom tailed
solutions optimizing inventory levels across global omni-channel supply chain and automated
fulfillment process in partnership with DHL Logistics and many other 3PL providers in Central
and Eastern Europe region.

Franci Pušenjak is the founder of a logistics consulting company LOMA consulting with over 40
years of experience in the logistics sector in its strategical management. In this years he con-
sulted majority of biggest retailers in Slovenia and helped them define, optimize and measure
their logistics processes. He also helped define supply chain strategies and has vast knowl-
edge in building warehouse systems from scratch also with self-developed methodologies.

Simon BELAK, Philosopher-hacker, blockchain

Jan Burzyński
Jan Burzyński is the vice president of retail grocery store chain called Arhelan. From the very
beginning, his career has been linked to the retail market. He was always tech savvy too, which
has stayed with him until today. His life’s motto - “Know everything about something, and
something about everything” – suggests it’s impossible. Still, he tries and that is how he dis-
covered his other passions - reading books and snowboarding – which reflect the broadness
of his interests.

Apart from hobbies, Jan successfully runs one of the biggest companies in Eastern Poland. He
specializes in strategy, business development and innovations. He works with several venture
capital funds in projects like Photon, Smart 55, InMotion, ASAPCare or Coolomat. http://arhel- · · 49
Gregor NOVAK, CEO of SunContract
Gregor has built wealth of skill and experience in the areas of electricity utility management,
process management, regulatory framework of electricity sector, technical operations, infor-
mation and communication specifics in power engineering sector and blockchain technolo-
gies. He is the CEO of SunContract, Giving Energy a Digital Value. An energy trading platform
that utilizes blockchain technology to create a new disruptive model for buying and selling
electricity. Gregor will support Coolomat Market around blockchain challenges and with new
technology challenges of our Click & Collect network oriented on self-sustainability. https://


IT professional with 5+ years experience in cryptocurrency and 8+ years experience in IT se-
curity. FinTech enthusiast. Holds CEH and OSCP network security certificates. Co-founded
Bitcoin Association of Slovenia in 2014, developed mobile app for Bitstamp, partnered in Gate-
Hub. Recently advised several TOKEN CROWDSALEs (Quantum, SunContract, MoneyRebel).
Founding team member of https://Token


Jasna is the founder of a digital marketing agency Virtua PR and an experienced digital market-
ing professional. She works with European clients and provides consulting, training and speak-
ing. Her agency specializes in content and inbound marketing and is a HubSpot Silver Agency
Partner. Jasna is also an author of the book New opportunities in e-communication (in Slove-
nian), a sought-after speaker at conferences and a frequent jury member at awards such as
Effie Awards and IABC Gold Quill. She is currently appointed to the Management Board of the
EMENA Region of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). LinkedIn: Twitter: @Jasna · · 50
13. Partners
Spartan Solutions d.o.o. is a company, specialized in developing partial or full ecosystem for
supporting blockchain based Cryptocurrencies.

The fund META Ventures (formelrly Zernike META Ventures) invests in innovative companies,
focused on research and development. It concentrates on industries like: ICT, TMT, health care,
medical devices, biotechnology, clean-tech and consumer goods. The Fund also invests in
companies from other sectors, characterized by huge growth potential. ZMV invests in Polish
companies, with focus on eastern regions, where they plan to find 30% of their investments.
Managing Partners are now managing the portfolio of 250 early stage companies, worth about
EUR 200 M.

nopCommerce is the leading ASP.NET based open-source eCommerce platform. It is a solu-

tion with comprehensive features that is applicable for all types of users from new online busi-
nesses, who are going to grow fast, to the most demanding eCommerce experts. The team
and community have been working together since 2008 in order to create and maintain world-
class e-business solution to customers from all around the world. nopCommerce now is one of
the most secure, stable and extendable eCommerce platforms. It has been downloaded more
than 1.8 million times, and has more than 27,000 live shops built on our platform. The best thing
about nopCommerce is that it is really free, there are no hidden fees or any other traps. More-
over, architecture of the platform is rich, and you have access to lots of features out of the box.
There is also a lot of additional functionality that you can find in their marketplace. Free support
on community forums is an important option as well. Contacts: Vladimir Lokhanin www.nop-

Coolomat future tech partner in the segment of green energy supply of Coolomats and tech-
nical upgrades. We can state with utmost confidence that Our machines are one of the lowest
energy consuming devices both in summer and winter time. And we want to further lower it
with our technology partners so that the machine would be as self-sustainable as possible.

Red Orbit is the leading performance digital marketing agency in Slovenia and one of the most
successful agencies in Europe. By using data driven approaches and data science they bring
successful campaigns to clients on international market. Striving to push the boundaries of
digital marketing, they make insights-driven and data-powered decisions..

Virtua PR is a communication management agency based in Slovenia, working locally and in-
ternationally since 2000. With a strong understanding of digital communication most of our
work is focused on social media strategies and trainings, content & inbound marketing and
intranet planning. · · 51
14. Media
You can find many mentions, articles, images and other information about Coolomat by going
to Google and typing the search words “Coolomat” or “Coolomaty” and then following the

Since most articles are in Polish please use Google translator integrated in Chrome which does
a good job translating into English.

A recent interview of the Coolomat CEO on 26.october 2017

Chinese media · · 52
Polish media · · 53
saw-with-brand-new-completely-original-digital-solutions-94049844/ · · 54
15. Disclaimer
The purpose of this White Paper is to present Coolomat-Market, its technology, business mod-
el and the CMK Token holders to potential project supporters in connection with the proposed
Token Crowdsale.

The information set forth in this white paper may not be exhaustive and does not imply any
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Project information provided or not are subject to change without prior notice.

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ward-looking statements or information. Such forward-looking statements or information con-
cern known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual events or results to
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Coolomat-Market bears no responsibility to cover any claims made by Coolomat-Market Pre-

sale associates promoting/marketing the project.

This English-language White Paper is the primary official source of information about the CMK
Token. The information contained herein may be translated into other languages from time to
time or may be used in the course of written or verbal communications with existing and pro-
spective community members, partners, etc. In the course of a translation or communication
like this, some of the information contained in this paper may be lost, corrupted or misrepre-
sented. The accuracy of such alternative communications cannot be guaranteed. In the event
of any conflicts or inconsistencies between such translations and communications and this
official English-language White Paper, the provisions of the original English-language docu-
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