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I.Identify the concept described in each item.

Choose from the words

inside the box below.Do it in your activity notebook.
Marriage Fidelity Family Pregnancy Lactation

Breastfeeding Parenthood Courtship Infatuation Engagement

______1.The period of milk production initiated by the prolactin hormone in

the mammary gland.

______2.The ideal and traditional form of feeding an infant.

______3.The period when a new cell during fertilization grows and develops in
a woman’s uterus.

______4.The smallest integral unit of a society.

______5.The legal union of man and woman,as husband and wife.
______6.The intense emotion that one feels for another person.
______7.A period in a person’s relationship when one tells his/her intense
feeling/desire to another person.

______8.Characteristics of being faithful,loyal,and true to a relationship or to


______9.The period when couples are ready to embrace their responsibilities

to care for the children and provide them quality life.

______10.The period in a couple’s relationship before getting married.

III.Write TRUE if the statement is correct.Replace the underlined words
If the statement is wrong to make the statement true.Write the
answers in your activity notebook.
1.Wealth is an ingredient of a happy marriage where couples do not keep secrets
that may cause misunderstanding.

2.Marriage is a temporary relationship between people in love.

3.Marriage of persons below 18 years old is null/void.

4.Having fewer children and proper spacing of birth are good for the health of the
mother and the children.

5.Smoking and drinking liquor is healthy during pregnancy .

6.Listening to music gives a pregnant woman and the baby in her womb

7.The placenta is an organ that grows in the mother’s uterus during pregnancy
and allows for the exchange of nutrients,gases,and wastes between the mother
and the fetus.

8.Themahal-alay is a courtship practice among the Palawanos.

9.Thepalabas or magpasumbahi is a courtship style practiced by the Tausug.

10.The reproductive process wherein ½ of the chromosomes from the father and
½ of the chromosomes of the mother combine together to form a zygote is called
II.Choose the letter of the correct answer of each statement/question
and write them in your answer sheet.
1.Which among the statements given below upholds the responsibility of parents
to their children?

A.Choose their course in collage C.Teach them religion

B.Choose their husband or wife D.Teach them values

2.Why do people marry?

A.For economic security C.For social status

B.For love D.All of the above

3.Why do couples want to have children.

A.Children are considered wealth of parents

B.Religious institutions require it.

C.Society expects couples to have offspring

D.Allows the couple to continue their growing relationship

4.Which is an ingredient of a happy married life?

A.Commitment C.Sincerity

B.LoveD.All of the above

5.Which is a wrong reason for having children?

A.Childrenare gifts from god

B.Childrenmake married couples happy

C.Childrenmake the married couples more responsible

D.Children provide parent’s security in the future

6.Which is having a small family important?

A.Ensures community’s progress

B.Provides for the basic needs of children for quality life

C.Requires lesser economic needs

D.Small family is quiet and peaceful

7.Which of the following beverages must a pregnant woman not take?

A.Chocolate drinks C.Milk products

B.Fruit juices D.Rice wine

8.Lactating mothers should eat the following foods:

A.Big serving of cereals

B.Green leafy and yellow vegetables

C.Big serving of red meat

D.Processed foods

9.Which do you think is the family structure of extended families?

A.Includes members such as parents,grandparents,and cousins

B.Includes one or more children who were born into other families

C.Includes the combination of two families,like two single parent marriage

D.Includes one parent and at least one child

10.What is the right age Filipinos to enter into marriage,as set by the Family Code
of the Philippines?

A.15 C.21

B.18 D.25
Activity 2:Match and Fill

Written below are descriptions of the arts and crafts of

China,Korea and Japan.A ”Word Pool” is given on the next page which
contains the word/s that match the descriptions.Write your answers in
the boxes before each number.Read and share your answers with your
partner then discuss your answers.Do this in your notebook.

1. 1.The art that is considered as one of the

oldest and most highly refined among the arts
of Japan.
2. 2.It is regarded as the highest form of Chinese

3. 3.The art of beautiful handwriting.

4.Arts and crafts flourished during this period
in Korean history.
5. 5.A technique for printing
text,images,orpatterns used widely throughout
East Asia and originating in China in antiquity
as a method of printing on textiles and paper.

6. 6.The best known type of Japanese woodlock

art print.

7. 7.The era in Korean paintings that offers the

richest variety and are the styles most imitated
8. 8.The art of paper folding in Japan.

9. 9.The three concepts of art reflected mostly in

the artworks and crafts in China,Japan, and
10. 10.It is also known as jingju lianpu that is done
with different colors in accordance with

performing characters personality and historical


Origami Woodlock Painting Heaven,Earth,Mankind Calligraphy

Painting Landscape Painting Peking Face-Paint Chosun Period

Ukiyo-e Four Gracious Plants Kabuki Face-paint Koryo Period

Activity 55: Looking at the Family

In your activity notebook, copy and answer the following


1.What is your concept of a Family?

Answer:To understand the situation of my family and listening the plan

and to be contented.

2.Identify the characteristic of the members of your immediate family.

Answer: My Father is a loving father, he is caring his children he teach

me how to love and to respect and to know the right and to love God
he teach me how to cook and work perfectly. My mother she is loving
mother to me and to my two sisters she teach me how to work,
sometimes she mad to me and to my two sisters because we do
mistakes and in that way he give a correction because in that way we
realize that she loves me.

3.What are the benefits of being a part of a family?

Answer:For me my benefits of being a part in the family is respectful ,

and somehow I hug my parents and having a Good Moral , loving
child, caring, understanding, faithfulness , truthfulness.

4.What are the stresses or drawbacks involved in being part of afamily?

How do these happen?

Answer:.Negative doing, Negative attitude used to hurt you, and

failures of the family ,obstacle problem.
5.How do families today differ from families 10 years ago?

Answer:Families today differ from families 10 years ago because of

the technology and we're in. Children can't take their eyes off their
gadgets which deter the communication between the children and the

6.If you were to build a family, how would you like it five (5) years from

Ansswer: Answer:If I already build my family I want to make sure that

my family is not get any kinds of struggles that comes and I will make
sure that my family is successful and if I have a child only three so that
I can give a good future and I can give what he need.
1. Straight inclined-these are more economical for common Chinese architecture.

2.Multi-inclined-roofs with two or more sections inclined.these roofs are used for
residences of wealthy Chinese.

3.Sweeping- Have curves that rise at the corners of the roofs. These are usually
reserved for temples and palaces although these may also be found in the
homes of the wealthy Chinese. Originally the ridges of the roofs are usually
highly decorated with ceramic figurines.