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Sahil Mahajan

Analyst – Marketing Analytics, MasterCard India

Location : Gurgaon, India
Email Id :
Alternate Email Id:
Contact no : 9465040848

 4.3 years of experience in Data and Business Analytics domain.
 Experience in handling large data using SQL/SAS, R and basic Python
 Experience with data exploration, preparation and model building process.
 Excellent quantitative, analytical and logical abilities
 Brain bench certified SQL professional (2014)
 Good knowledge of using statistical and analytics techniques for varied business problems
 Rich experience in working with Payments, Marketing, Retail and BFSI industries
 Best patent idea in internal Mastercard event- “Dynamic Advertising using real time traffic data”

Languages: Front End Technologies, SAS, SQL, R.
Statistical Concepts: Hypothesis testing, Correlation, Inferential and Descriptive statistics
Tools: MYSQL, SAP-PA and Excel
Predictive Modeling: Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Clustering and Association Rules/Market Basket

Company: MasterCard India (Gurgaon) (May 2016- Present)

Project: Issuer/Merchant Segmentation (Brazil and Australia Region)

 To perform K-means clustering to compare similar group Issuers/Merchants and identifying why the
performance variation occurred
 The goal was to improve the under-performing Issuers/Merchants within the context of their existing segment
Key Findings:
 We observed that each unique segment is distinct in terms of performance
 Through closely matched peer set analyses we can identify merchant pricing opportunities
 Through benchmarking studies we can also identify merchant international expansion opportunities
 Opportunity for MasterCard to play a liaison role between merchants and issuers to better manage decline
 We identified very similar merchants that have different MCCs, which may lead to partnerships and cross-
marketing opportunities among non-competing merchants
 To present best practices for Issuers/Merchants

Project: An analysis of the Correlation between bank KPIs and “Top of Wallet / Card on File” share
 Objective was to examine whether a bank with higher Card on File and Top of Wallet share is a healthier bank
 We observed that managing a credit card portfolio is one important component in managing a bank
 Banks with highest card-on-file share and the highest top-of-wallet share has higher rates of charge off:
 This may indicate a bigger risk appetite
 In an improving economy this may be a more optimal risk policy
 We concluded that banks with high “Top of Wallet & Card on File” share has higher no. of total loans, high
average deposits, higher average “non-interest-income to average-assets" ratio compared to the overall
population of issuers
Project: Measuring Impact of Sponsorships
Responsibilities / Deliverables:

 Measured the success of culinary sponsorship by measuring the lift in transactions on MasterCard’s accounts
that participated in the event through Test vs. Quasi-Control analysis of the cardholders
 Pre Event & Post Event comparison
 Compared cardholder’s performance of the participating accounts vs the non-participating accounts during
the pre and post event period
 Presenting Insights to business

Company: CenturyLink Cognilytics (Gurgaon, Mar15- May 16)

Client: A growing Indian Bank

Role: Predictive Modeler
Responsibilities / Deliverables:
 Identify the Next Best Product/offer (NBO)/(Cross cell/upsell model) for the existing customer
segments with the data at hand– customer’s profile, spend behavior, their current product basket, the
product basket of customers with similar profile etc. for retention of customers and create loyalty
 The goal is to build a scientific strategy to offer next best product based on product affinity and customer
insights to uplift revenue per customer segment
 Logistic Regression and Clustering were used to find the next best offer likelihood score for a customer
using SAS and R
 Involved in end to end model building phase starting from interaction with client, understanding business
problem, data preparation (cleaning data, treating missing values and outliers, creating new variables),
building the model (Variable selection through Information Value, Proc Varclus, Checking Rank and plots,
transforming variables) ,validating the model on another sample (Checking for model fir stats like
Concordance, Confusion Matrix, ROC curve, Gini and KS plots) and finally building the scoring engine
 Environment: SAS, R and Excel

Client: Leading Transport Operator (USA)
Responsibilities / Deliverables:
 Shadowing Predictive analytics team in building different Predictive models
 Using logistic regression, built predictive models to calculate the likelihood of failure of at-risk
components of an engine in a bus
 Developed and used different statistics to validate and to evaluate performance of various models built
 Environment: R, KXEN(SAP-PA)

Company: Semantifi India (Hyderabad, July13- Mar 15)

Client: American Jockey Club

Responsibilities / Deliverables:
 Responsible for understanding the factors influencing the ‘Handle’ of a horse race (HANDLE - total
money bet on a Horse race)
 Developed and used different statistics to validate the model using SAS and Excel using linear

Client: A major Financial Institution

Responsibilities / Deliverables:
 Responsible for handling large data summaries and visualizations to interpret results using SQL/SAS and
different statistical techniques (Descriptive statistics, T-test, Correlation, Rank and Plot charts)
 Responsible for maintenance of product, bug fixing, handling different Databases by writing SQL queries
for extraction, manipulation of data including merging, reading raw data files, and handling missing
values and outliers
 Environment: SAS/SQL

Client: More Stores

Project: Customer churn model to predict likelihood of customers to attrite using logistic regression in SAS


 B.Tech (IT) 2008-12 from Punjab Technical University, Mohali with 80%
 XII (2007-08) from Air force School, Pathankot with 80%