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Aircraft Engineer Development Scheme

The anticipated commercial air transport growth in the next

20 years is significant, especially in the Asia Pacific region. Aircraft Engineer Development Scheme
There are ample opportunities for young people who have the
aspiration to develop their career in aircraft engineering and
maintenance profession. BEng Study
The objectives of this Scheme are to encourage
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
undergraduate students to plan and prepare their career path
in aircraft engineering and maintenance profession before
their graduation; and provide a fast track for achieving the OJT HKIE Events + Field Trips
HKAR-66 Category B Aircraft Maintenance Licence granted by
the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department. This scheme is a
guided self-learning programme, organised by the Aircraft Self Learning
Division of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers; and
supported by the Royal Aeronautical Society (Hong Kong
Branch) and the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company
HKAR-66 Module Exams
Scheme outline
Mentoring: Experience sharing and regular meeting with
aircraft professionals Enrollment & enquiry
Self Learning: Guided self-learning by tutorial and
study group Application and enquiry can be made via email to the
Aircraft Division, HKIE at:
Licence Exam: Modular examinations (About 11 modules;
mainly multi-choice questions) at the Hong
Kong Civil Aviation Department Delegated
Examination Centres Reference material
On-the-Job Training: Structured practical training in a Hong
HKAR-66 Licensing of Maintenance Personnel
Kong Civil Aviation Department
Approved Training Organisations
Field Visits: Opportunity to obtain better understanding of
the aviation industry

Aircraft Engineer Supporting

Development Scheme
Oct 2017
飛機工程師培訓計劃 》
身飛機工程及維修專業的年青人提供了事業發展的機 工程學士課程
會。 一年級 二年級 三年級 四年級
飛機工程師培訓計劃的目的是鼓勵大學生於畢業前計 實務培訓 香港工程師學會活動 + 實地考察
及提供一個快捷的途徑考取由民航處授予的 H K A R - 6 6
C a t . B 飛機工程師執照。這輔導性自學計劃是一個由 自我學習
會) 及香港飛機工程有限公司協辦。
指導 與飛機專業人士分享經驗及進行例會 報名及查詢
自學模式 利用小組導修課及研習組的指導性自學模 有興趣同學可發電郵至香港工程師學會航空分部查
式 詢及索取報名資料:
執照考試 約十一個主要為選擇題的單元考試,於香
實務培訓 於香港民航處認可的培訓機構進行實習
HKAR-66 Licensing of Maintenance Personnel (只提供英文版)
實地考察 有機會深入了解航空業