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Musilek’s Kindergarten News

November 2, 2018
Ms. Musilek:
Voicemail: 686-8400 Ext. 2137

Learning Targets
Ø I can read the sight word “like and “a”.
Ø I can practice alliteration with the letter S! Sally UPCOMING EVENTS
sings songs Sundays! Next week in Literacy we will practice writing the letters
Ø I can write the letters Tt and Rr! Ii, and Uu, practice alliteration with the letter P and introduce the
Ø I can tell you what letters are vowels! Ask me! new sight words “see” and “be”!
Ø I can identify end sounds in words! We have In Math we will start learning about doubles!
practiced first sounds, middle sounds (vowels) and In Writing we continue to practice writing sentences,
now end sounds! The kiddos are beginning to use using an uppercase letter at the beginning, two finger spaces in
these sounds to blend simple words together! between words, an end mark, and adding details to our
Ø I can draw a picture to match my sentence! Ask me drawings!
what good writers do!
Ø I can write a sentence! We are writing lots of NO SCHOOL FRIDAY NOV.9TH
sentences on our whiteboards! This week we
practiced writing “We like the……”. Have your child
show you at home!
Ø I can sing you the color RED, ORANGE, BLUE
AND BLACK songs. These help me spell the color
words, plus they’re just groovy! J
Ø I can practice writing equations and identifying the
symbols; plus and equals.
Ø I can practice predicting an outcome based on *** Conferences will continue on Monday and Tuesday! J
probability! *** Field Trip to Forney’s Transportation Museum-If you
Ø I can show my reading skills to 2nd graders! We haven’t returned your child’s field trip slip and their $5.00,
went down to Mrs. Butlers 2nd grade class and we
please do so by Monday! Thank you so much!
now have reading buddies! Ask your kiddos how it
***Rest time towels- I am sending home rest time towels.
Thank you to everyone who donated to our Halloween We are finished with rest time towels and have transitioned
Party and came to celebrate with us! What a fun time! I to quiet work at their seats.
appreciate you all so much!